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Syllogism, Mailmen & Garcia Moreno

Bad Syllogism?
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I love your website. I was just reading this article and wanted to point out a common mistake made when using a syllogism as proof.

You can never begin a syllogism with the word "all" as it begs the question. Thanks.



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Mr. Arnold responds:

Dear P.F.,

I am glad to start by agreeing with you in one point: As you do, I also love the TIA website. Now, let me answer your statement that "You can never begin a syllogism with the word 'all' as it begs the question."

Your point against the use of the word "all" in the beginning of a syllogism should not be directed to me, but to Aristotle, who crafted the use of the syllogism as it is today. He believed that any logical argument could be explained in standard forms. He divided the typical syllogism into a major premise (all squirrels eat nuts), a minor premise (Fred is a squirrel), and a conclusion (therefore Fred eats nuts). The classical example of syllogism in our Western culture is: "All men are mortal. Peter is a man. Therefore Peter is mortal."

Sometimes a person uses an a priori conclusion as a false major premise, it is a fallacy in logic, called petitio principii, also known as "begging the question." I do not believe that the use of “all” at the beginning of a syllogism can be generally included in this category.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify these points.


     Lyle Arnold
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Mailmen of a Bygone Time
People Commenting

I liked your article on the mailmen vs. mail carriers. Every morning I get irritated seeing our postlady come by in her short shorts and fat legs. Doesn't she realize how bad she looks and what a terrible impression it gives for the USPS service?

a photograph of a Mailman delivering a letter in 1905
No wonder today they are losing money and their reputation. Who trusts the post office anymore?

I found this picture I though you would like - it is of a postman in 1905 - 50 years before the New York postmen you show.

What is amazing is the calmness of life at that time. He is respectable, dignified, also very calm, like the life around him. What a difference!

I think the worst part of the Revolution is the agitation and fast pace it has imposed on everyone and everywhere. I heard a news report this morning of a study done - when they took away the cell phones of teens, they went into a kind of withdrawal. They need the stimulus...

How do we return to that stability and serenity? Can we turn the clock back on the Revolution?



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TIA responds:


Thank you for your comments and the photo. We are on the same page on this topic.

We can return to stability by fighting against the Revolution. Yes, the clock can and will change. The first step is to denounce the revolutionary vices and try to construct the opposite inside our souls, then around us in our families and work ambiences and then, gradually, in society. Our Lady of Fatima gives us her assurance that “at the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph” over the Revolution and its Chief, the Devil.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Increasing Tribalism
People Commenting
Dear Sirs,

I found your article on the differences between the typical mailman of 1955 & the typical mail-carrier of today quite interesting. It appears that if this God permits the world, & this country to continue on for another 50 or 100 years, then the result will be an entire country that will have come to be nothing more than a giant favela, or perhaps nothing more than a great mass of savages rather similar to those inhabiting the jungles of Africa in their general mentality & way of life.

International Jewry is half responsible for this. I say half responsible because I doubt they would have been nearly so successful if the people hadn't enthusiastically accepted the pernicious doctrines & the glorification of vice of every conceivable form & permutation that the Jewish-controlled media have inundated the land with.

Perhaps you could write a series of articles which treat of the Jews' blasphemies against Our Lord & His Most Holy Mother & of the hatred of the goyim that are to be found in the Talmud. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion would be another subject of great interest.

Many persons who are themselves Jews, such as Professor Israel Shamir & Henry Makow, writer of numerous articles on feminism &. admit the authenticity of the Protocols. One may easily perceive that everything contained in them has been steadily & stealthily implemented & imposed on the remnants of Christendom for the last 100 years. This is not to say that Mahometans pose no threat to Catholic people, only that they are very often merely the knife, which is held & directed by a Jewish hand.

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Remembering Garcia Moreno
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Thank you indeed for your excellent article on our great Catholic President of Ecuador, Gabriel Garcia Moreno. Strangely, we students of the Irish Christian Brother's School (Roman Catholic) in New Delhi were never taught about this great man and his role model that could have been the inspiration of many of us Catholics. I am very touched by your article and will distribute this to many Catholics in India. I am really looking forward to your next articles in connection with the search of grave of President Garcia.

Sorry to say, but your great articles on our great Catholics and great Catholic Faith have only increased my hatred towards the Freemasons, their cronies and their philosophy of Modernism. May God forgive me.

     In our Beloved Jesus and KING

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Be Ecumenists!
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

The Lord is calling you to become Ecumenists!! It is a moral imperative. You are giving in to temptation. We need the "ecumenical formation of new generations." (Good Grief! Pope: Ecumenical Pessimism Is Lack of Trust in God)

Say a prayer for me, because this Sunday, before I attend a legal Traditional Mass (or perhaps my Eastern Rite Ukrainians) I hope to sing in the choir of the close-at-hand CMRI chapel. I am at about the breaking point. Either that, or I'll kill a chicken with the Santaria African/Brazilian cult, while invoking Allah at the synagogue with the Episcopalian bishop.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 22, 2011

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