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Deicide, Papal Books & Praying with Heretics

People Commenting

[Regarding the article on Deicide]

Hands down, you have, in my opinion, the best traditional website going.

The late Rev. Fr. Feeney in his Point magazine circa 1952? to 1958 often referred to the Jews in our days as blood cursed. He attributed this to their calling down the blood of Jesus - actually a prayer request according to the Rev. Leo Haydock Bible - on themselves and their future descendants.

Dom Prosper Gueranger in his Liturgical Year, says the same thing. He said the Jews are a Deicide race. Has this been a traditional understanding of the Church down through the centuries until it was repudiated in the Nostra Aetate document of Vatican Council ll?

Saints who were on Calvary the day Jesus was crucified, pray for us.

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On Pope’s Books
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

When a man becomes pope, or bishop, or even priest, for that matter, he should broadcast no private opinions which differ from the Church's teaching. So, even the idea of a pope writing about matters of the Faith as a "professor" is strange.

But in the modern Church with its cult of the pope-personality, there is a market for whatever Benedict XVI and the John Paul II think, however it contradicts what they should teach as pope. In the true Catholic Church a priest who proclaimed novelties from the pulpit might have ended up in hot water. But now a pope announces novelties to the world, and somehow the Church has to accept them as authentic teaching.

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JPII Beatification
People Commenting
Dear Sirs,

I am really very disappointed with the fact that your website has not mounted a petition against the totally scandalous beatification project of this flagrantly liberal modernist papacy.

The entire scheme [of beatification] is tainted with favoritism and corruption. To even claim the last pope was holy is a complete injustice inflicted on those who have truly defended The Faith and died in genuine holiness in The Roman Catholic Church.

He was certainly idealistic and doctrinaire in the post-conciliar ecumenical & interreligious sense. However, as your site and others have illustrated admirably and poignantly, he has scandalized faithful Catholics throughout the world on countless occasions. The mere fact that his public liturgies contained numerous illicit behaviors should provide ample evidence against the subjective hypothesis of holiness. This whole process has become a mass-produced sham and demonstrates yet further how misled the Church has become.

The writings of the Holy Fathers in the pre-conciliar era; the writings & lives of the truly canonized and beatified Roman Catholic Saints and Holy Scriptures expose the illegitimate nature of the beatification enterprise.

Moreover, the wreck of the gutted sanctification process by John Paul II himself in 1984 attests that this has become a manipulated and fraudulent procedure.

Please consider activating a petition. I am sure many of us are ready to sign it. We must not allow the Vatican to think it can get away with such a criminal act of betrayal.

     In Christo Domino et Maria


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TIA responds:


Thank you for your letter. We responded to a similar request recently here.


     TIA correspondence desk

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They Did Not Pray With Protestants...
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

In view of the Pope’s upcoming trip to Assisi to meet with the false religions and pagans, I cannot help but notice this contradicts the teachings of the Saints.

Here are some examples taken from Butler’s Lives of the Saints:

Blessed Margaret Clitherow (English wife and martyr): “When she arrived at the place of execution, she knelt down to pray and some of those present desired her to join them in prayer. She refused, as Blessed William Hart had done almost exactly three years before. ‘I will not pray with you nor shall you pray with me,’ she said. ‘Neither will I say amen to your prayer nor shall you to mine.’” (January February, March, p. 682)

St. Cuthbert (7th century Anglo Saxon monk): He gave this message to his brethren when he was dying, “Be of one mind in your councils, with the other servants of God. … But hold no communion with those who err from this unity of the Catholic Faith.” (Ibid., p. 640).

Blessed John Duckett (English priest and martyr): “Duckett spoke little except to give his blessing to the many who asked it and to say to the Protestant minister who would address him, ‘Sir, I come not hither to be taught my faith but to die for the profession of it.’ (July, August, September, p. 506)

The Catechism of the Council of Trent is also very strong on not even entering Protestant churches.

It is no wonder Catholics today are confused, when we have been seeing Popes – since Vatican II – contradicting this teaching regularly.

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Updated Plan
People Commenting

I think that in the 20th century Satan convinced many of us that there is no Hell... He seems to have a new plan for the 21st century... convincing many of us that everybody goes to Heaven!!!

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.
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Confused about Confession
People Commenting

I am a longtime Novus Ordo Catholic who is in the process of waking up. I have looked at many sites, and find that with yours, I feel on safe ground. I feel I can trust that what you say is Catholic and right.

I was quite upset by an article on confession published on Catholic Online. I have the feeling it will mix up many persons, some of my friends have already commented on it.

Would you please write something on the topic? I know that it would clear up the confusion.

     Thank you.


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TIA responds:


Thank you for your trust.

Perhaps you may benefit of a series on confession by Fr. Stephen Somerville that we posted here, here, here and here. They were written to clarify confusion like that which you pointed out.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 28, 2011

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