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Dirty Glasses, Wedding Gown &
FSSP Contradictions

Dirty Lenses
People Commenting
Dear Sir,

I was looking for a quote from OLGS and so I clicked on the link on the home page.

I was horrified to read 'OLGS invites you to come closer to Her'. Whereas one can understand the same in the spiritual sense, it appears a cheap line like from the spam mails you get time and again from repulsive sites, or the cheap ads in the media.

Our Blessed mother doesn't need such cheap publicity stunts!

There is another OLGS website which uses a quote from the proper of the Mass out of context, which gives a similar literal meaning. That person also refuses to correct the same!

Is it the devil who is using his wiles to distort/mar the Prophecy for the present times?


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. G.N.,

We are sorry we could not answer your e-mail before.

We believe your critique of the words - “Our Lady invites you to come closer to her” - posted on our Our Lady of Good Success page shows that the problem is in your mind, not on our website. When one wears glasses with dirty lenses, he sees everything as sullied.

It is absolutely normal for any loving mother to invite her son or daughter to come close to her. If a person does not understand this, it is because he was raised without any maternal affection or he deeply rejected the affection he received. To correct this lacuna, he or she should pray for the restoration of the innocence he lost long ago.

If you take that appeal as a sexual appeal, how can you understand any of the appeals Our Lord makes for us to love Him without imagining it also as a sexual invitation? Again, the problem is not in those appeals, but in your mind.

The best thing to do is not to delete our page, but to pray for you to cleanse your criteria. Try to be less concessive to the Freudian patterns increasingly accepted in this world. Try also not to frequent those filthy Internet sites that are changing your Catholic sense.

For your information, the appeal you mentioned with that picture and background is a reproduction of the cover of a a TIA brochure offering the books on Our Lady of Good Success. TIA printed and sent 50,000 copies of that brochure; it was very well accepted. We received many eulogies, telling us how touching it was. This is the reason we copied and posted it as the portal for our page on Our Lady of Good Success. Only a few persons did not like it. None, however, alleged that it represented a cheap or sexual appeal. This comparison may give you some food for thought.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Wedding Gown
People Commenting

I'm trying to find or have someone make a gown like Our Lady. Any suggestions?

I want to honor the Blessed Mother in her colors of Our Lady of the Snows.


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What about the FSSP?
People Commenting

Please give me your thinking on the FSSP.


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TIA responds:


Perhaps these answers (here and here) may respond to your question.


     TIA correspondence desk

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FSSP Contradictions
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I noticed that in a recent “What People Are Commenting Feature,” you included an email from a reader praising the FSSP parish in Omaha. I too was a member of Immaculate Conception in Omaha between 2006 and 2008 and am not able to lavish the same praises this reader has. You have written before of the price one pays by going to an FSSP parish, for example here and here, and I can assure you this particular parish is no exception.

I was a sacristan at Immaculate Conception in Omaha during the time it was transitioning into an exclusively Latin Mass parish. As a courtesy to the Novus Ordo parishioners who were being displaced, Archbishop Curtiss required that one Novus Ordo Mass be said at the parish every weekend from the time the FSSP assumed responsibility of the parish in August, 2007 until the end of December, 2007. One of the responsibilities I was given as sacristan by the FSSP pastor was to rearrange the sanctuary both before and after the Saturday evening Novus Ordo Mass.

The two FSSP priests staffing the parish at the time, who did not wish to say the Novus Ordo themselves, would pay a stipend every week to an outside priest to say Mass for the parish’s residual Novus Ordites, who were still, canonically, their own parishioners. After about a month into this four to five-month transitional period, the pastor, who was going to be out of town one particular weekend, asked me to perform an additional step he had been performing himself thus far in preparation for the weekly Novus Ordo Mass, unbeknownst to me.

He showed me some hosts in an out-of-the-way drawer which were slightly larger in size than the ones we always used for the Traditional Latin Masses and asked me to switch out the smaller ones with the larger ones in the hosts cabinet. Without my asking for an explanation, he told me that the visiting Novus Ordo priest “prefers the larger ones.” While I was quite ignorant at the time of these kind of sensitive pastoral issues faced by so-called traditional priests in “full communion” with the Vatican,

I knew his explanation did not make sense, especially since there was a different visiting Novus Ordo priest every week. Certainly, not all of them preferred the slightly larger hosts, or could even be so particular as to care about such a minor difference in size. Nevertheless, the pastor wanted me to perform this extra step every week, and was so concerned that this be done that I even found him once double checking to make sure I had done it.

It was approximately a year later, long after the obligatory weekly Novus Ordo Mass had ceased at Immaculate Conception parish, that I asked the pastor why he had me switch the hosts every week for the Novus Ordo. He did not recall the reason he had originally given me a year ago and awkwardly remained silent. I then asked him if it was due to doubts about the validity of the Novus Ordo hosts that he had this system in place for distinguishing between which hosts were said at which Mass, just in case there was some kind of emergency, perhaps someone in need of Holy Viaticum and he did not want to take any chances with there being an invalid host. Seeming to be relieved that I had provided him an answer that he could not utter on his own, he emphatically confirmed my hypothesis.

This naturally upset me when he told me, and I proceeded to tell him that this upset me, because he had given me some of these larger hosts for Holy Communion at the Traditional Latin Mass. He then elaborated that he personally believed they were valid but had made a quiet arrangement with some concerned parishioners that they would be guaranteed the smaller hosts if they approached the right side of the communion rail. Unfortunately for me, I normally approached the left side, and therefore was often liable to receive hosts whose validity he did not deem worthy to defend from other parishioners.

While I believe his story about the clandestine arrangement between him and some concerned parishioners, I also believe that the very fact he is willing to be party to such an arrangement, whatever “pastoral” justification it may have, is itself a concession on his part that there is reason to doubt the validity of the Novus Ordo hosts. I am certain that if his own mother had been on her deathbed in need of Holy Viaticum, he certainly would not have given her one of the larger hosts he did not hesitate to give me at the communion rail.

I relay this story about the priest telling me to switch hosts under false pretenses and then subsequently giving me hosts about which I can only conclude he harbors some doubt, because I believe it is symbolic of the duplicity, the compromises, and the contradictions which are endemic to so-called traditional groups in supposed “full communion” with the modernist Vatican.

When it came time for me to move out of the Omaha area and relocate to a place where an FSSP-like parish was not available, this same FSSP pastor advised me to go to Novus Ordo Masses (the same Masses producing hosts whose validity he will not defend from his own parishioners) rather than go to an independent, traditional SSPX-friendly chapel. This was after he told me he could not in good conscience say the New Mass. My response to him was that Christ’s sheep know His voice, and that I did not hear Christ speaking through him when he was telling me to shoulder a heavy burden he himself would dare not touch.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 2, 2011

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do not necessarily express those of TIA

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