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Rifan, Fellay & Carmelite Decay

Beating His Head against the Wall
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Dear TIA,

Thank you for all the excellent food for thought I found in your website.

As far as Bishop Fellay is concerned: I wonder why he keeps beating his head against the wall. Everyone in the universe except Bishop Fellay knows that he MUST accept Vatican II to reach any agreement with the present den of thieves in Rome. The Vatican is utilizing all of this passing time to create turmoil in the SSPX. Good Communist strategy. What an unmitigated disaster.

Bishop Fellay should adopt the following position:

"To the Vatican betrayers of Our Lord: The present time is not good for an agreement. We will wait for a better time, when the Church returns to the Truth. In the meantime, we accept the 'excommunication.' We will wait patiently for the end of your mortally-sinful apostasy."

     In Maria,

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Deserting the Fight
People Commenting

If you are still using your brain, you can see that the original fight for the faith has sadly become a struggle for the SSPX to receive some sort of recognition. Bishop Fellay has not given us any guarantee about the future of the SSPX & SSPX faithful.

What happened to "until Rome converts to the Faith"? What happened to saying NO to the wolves who run the Vatican?!!! Now it's a political dance with the enemies of Christ the King.

I ask: "Has the SSPX castrated itself?" I believe it is not just a crisis of faith but a crisis of manhood. Where are the men to defend the faith & our altars. Where are the real men who will restore all things in Christ???

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Rifan First, Fellay Next
People Commenting
Hello TIA,

I am sending you this analysis that Bishop Fellay made some time ago of Bishop Rifan, showing that the latter's symptoms of apostasy started with his taking small steps toward an unification with progressivist Rome.

Is not something very similar happening today to Bishop Fellay himself with his small steps to accept Vatican II "in the light of Tradition"?


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- Excerpts -

I just would like to give you some steps on one person who is the head of Campos. Before he was consecrated a bishop, Fr. Rifan, just a few months before, said in Rome to the Vicar General - who repeated it to Fr. Schmidberger, so we have it from a direct source - "I have no problem with celebrating the New Mass, but I don't do it because it would cause trouble to the faithful." So when Rome consecrates Rifan a bishop, they already know that he has no objection to celebrating the New Mass. I think it is important to see that. That is the first step.

I may say that there is even a step before. Before that, he takes part in the diocesan Corpus Christi procession, and he says to those who oppose it, "If we had not done that, we would have jeopardized the agreement with Rome." It shows you the direction.

The next step will be the jubilee of the Diocese of Campos. For that occasion, of course, the local bishop is having a great ceremony, and Rome invites Bishop Rifan to go to that New Mass, to be there. And Bishop Rifan goes there. He does not participate in the sense of concelebrating the Mass, but he is there present in all his ecclesiastical ornaments, with a surplice, and so on. He is really there at this New Mass.

The next step is the Requiem [i.e., the Novus Ordo "Resurrection"] Mass for the bishop who had kicked them out, Bishop Navarro. At that Requiem Mass, Bishop Rifan is there, and also the nuncio. The nuncio invites Bishop Rifan to go to Communion, and Bishop Rifan receives Communion at this New Mass.

The next step is the Mass of Thanksgiving of the new Cardinal of Sao Paolo. This time, Bishop Rifan is there again present at that New Mass; he is in the choir. He is not in his surplice; nevertheless, at the time of consecration, with the other priests and bishops celebrating, he raises his hands and says the words of consecration. A seminarian saw him.

And now, the 8th of September of this year [2004], we have photos and even a video of the Mass concelebrated by Bishop Rifan on the occasion of the centennial of the coronation of Our Lady of Aparecida, who is the patroness of Brazil. He is concelebrating the New Mass, a New Mass where you have really scandalous happenings: ladies giving Communion in the hand, a ceremony of coronation where, among all the cardinals and bishops, there is a lady who is crowning our Lady, and so on. Trying to defend himself, he said "But I did not say the words of consecration." I may say, that makes it even worse, because that means he is cheating.

That's the evolution: After two years as a bishop, and he is already concelebrating the New Mass. You see how it goes, and that is the natural development which was announced from the start by the officials in Rome, Cottier, now Cardinal Cottier and Msgr. Perl. At the time of the agreement between Pearl and Rome, Cottier said: "Now they have recognized the Council. The next step will be the new Mass." He even said, "There is a natural, psychological dynamics." And you see in Bishop Rifan a real, natural, clear demonstration of this phrase.

From Bishop Fellay's talk (Kansas City, MO) on November 10, 2004 about Bishop Rifan.
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Rifan at New Cathecumenal Way Meeting
People Commenting

I want you to know that Bishop Fernando Rifan attended an ecumenical meeting in Madrid promoted by the New Catechumenal Way during the World Youth Day 2011 [see photos below]. A partial video of the event can be watched here, a longer coverage is available here.

     In Xto et Matre,

     R.B.A., Brazil

Bishop Fernando Rifan attending a New Catechumenal Way meeting

Bishop Rifan attending a New Catechumenal Way meeting in August 2011

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Carmelite Decay
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

The article on the Carmelites shows the first group appearing properly attired, but the following groups, communities etc. are really so bad it is quite depressing to look at them.

How uninspiring they are.

     In Our Lady,

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Exploited by Satan
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Thank you for the very instructive photographs, showing the corruption of the Carmelite way of life by Progressivism. I really enjoyed the photographs of the Sisters from the Convent of Carrión de los Condes, Spain and the kneeling Sisters from Colorado Springs.

Thank God for them. What strength of character, what loyalty, what zeal and what forbearance these Sisters display. We must pray that Almighty God will continue to give them the strength and courage required for the disciplined Carmelite way of life. Too often we ask our Religious to pray for us, forgetting that they also need our prayers and sacrifices to sustain them.

As for the other photographs displayed, I believe they are not worthy of comment, except perhaps, as a reminder to all of us, that any relaxation of discipline will be exploited by Satan.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland
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Prayers Requested
People Commenting
Hello TIA,

I just wanted to request prayers for my desperate family.



Blason de Charlemagne
Follow us

Posted September 20, 2011

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