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Fellay Accused of Being a Dictator

TIA received from its readers links to an independent French website, Virgo Maria, which carries a report on how the SSPX negotiations with Rome are being accepted inside its walls. The editorial board of this site is formed by ex-members of SSPX, who closely follow everything that goes on inside and interpret it as a party of opposition - a kind of shadow-cabinet. The present report-interpretation, quite different from the official news, has the advantage of giving a consistent - although quite passionate - picture of the events. We do not take this news as certain, but verisimilar. We translated it into English to offer an alternative source of information so that our readers can make their own inquiries and judgments without having to rely only on the media and “official” sources. The French original is here. The Editor

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At Albano 30 Superiors of the SSPX Rejected
the Doctrinal Preamble - “It Is Clearly Unacceptable”

Bishop Fellay orders a silence on this rejection to hide the reality from the faithful and impose his merger - Virgo Maria, France, November 6, 2011

In order to obtain a modernist personal prelature, Bishop Fellay has transformed the work of Archbishop Lefebvre into a personal dictatorship, assisted by a small circle of a dozen priests inside the SSPX ranks. The founder, who always acted transparently before the faithful regarding his relations with Rome, was betrayed.

Bernard Fellay

Accused of being a dictator
and asked to resign
Increasingly isolated in his allegiance to the Rome of Benedict XVI, and after having silenced the writings of the founder [a lawsuit he filed forbidding the dissemination of the Archbishop’s sermons], Bishop Fellay now censures the two opposed Bishops plus the 30 superiors of SSPX who rejected this anti-natural merge. When will Bishop Fellay and Fr. Schmidberger be deposed, the infiltrated priests expelled, and this politics of betrayal be publicly condemned?

At Albano on October 4, 2011, Bishop Fellay reportedly did not show the text of the Doctrinal Preamble to the SSPX superiors, but only gave a spoken presentation of it. This demonstrates his lack of transparency and his suspicion toward the very members of the General Chapter. Along with his two executives - Frs. Pfluger and Nély - Bishop Fellay seems to want to impose only his processus of merge-betrayal to the other superiors of the SSPX.

Finally, on November 2, 2011, Fr. Morgan, Superior of the English district of SSPX, broke the omertà [submission to mafia rule] of this shameful silence by revealing what the SSPX superiors think:
  • “The Roman commission failed to recognize the rupture between the traditional teachings and those of the Council. Instead, the Preamble upholds the hermeneutics of continuity, affirming that the new teachings include and improve upon the old.

  • ”The doctrinal base for the accord actually contains all the elements the SSPX has constantly rejected, including the acceptance of the New Mass and Vatican Council II, as expressed in the New Catechism. As a matter of fact, the document gives the impression that there is no crisis in the Church …

  • “Consequently, the consensus of those who attended the meeting at Albano was that the Doctrinal Preamble was clearly inacceptable.

  • “… Rome persists in the modern errors.”
With the revelation of this rejection, Bishop Fellay went into panic - it seemed like an apostasy of the SSPX superiors [from Fellay’s goals]. In two hours after the publication of Fr. Morgan’s newsletter, Fellay intervened to censure it, and in Menzingen Fr. Lorans immediately published a denial on the website DICI.org

In parallel and along the same lines of Fr. Morgan, Bishop Tissier publicly confirmed his rejection of any accord with the modernist Rome of Benedict XVI. In his recent visit to Toronto on October 27, 2011, one of the faithful asked him about it and he answered: “No accord, of course.”

In the meanwhile Fr. Guillaume de Tanouran, an accomplice of in-the-game Fr. Célier, just performed his theater role by giving the reverse interpretation about what happened. Doing this, he revealed to us the will of Bishop Fellay and his clan “to impose on all” the anti-natural merge-betrayal.

Henceforth, to the ensemble of 500 priests and 30 superiors of SSPX, this politics of merge-apostasy appears quite clearly as a decision imposed against their will by a small clerical faction directed by Bishop Fellay and controlled by a dozen priests who have infiltrated the SSPX - Frs. Schiddbereger, Lorans, Célier, Pfluger, Nély, etc.

the 30 superiors of the Albano meeting

The Albano meeting where the 30 superiors supposedly rejected the Vatican proposal

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 8, 2011

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