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Colors, Turkeys & Sex Week at Yale

Display of Colors
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I hope you will enjoy watching this magnificent display of colors [please click here], which help us to contemplate the marvels of Creation and give thanks to our Divine Creator.

May He and His Blessed Mother give you a Catholic Thanksgiving Day.

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Are We Eating Food Sacrificed to Idols?
People Commenting

Customer service representatives from Butterball, one of America's most popular Turkey brands, confirmed to WND that the company's whole turkeys are – without being labeled as such – slaughtered according to Islamic "halal" standards. "Halal slaughter involves cutting the trachea, the esophagus and the jugular vein and letting the blood drain out while saying, 'Bismillah allahu akbar' – 'in the name of Allah the greatest.'

Click here to read the original news report (World Net Daily is a reliable source).

"Stay away from food that has been offered to idols (which makes it unclean) ..." (Acts 15:20)

(Just be sure your Thanksgiving prayer includes a blessing over the turkey).

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Sex Week Banned at Yale
People Commenting

Thought you would like to know the Sex Week at Yale has been cancelled, thanks to a student initiative and articles like yours that make people aware of the stupidities and immoralities being perpetrated.

Keep up the good work.


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Sex Week Banned at Yale University, a Victory for Marriage

Andrea Marcela Madambashi (news report here)

Nov. 20 2011 - Sex Week at Yale University has been canceled after efforts made by students from “Let’s Strengthen Marriage - National Marriage Week,” a national campaign to encourage people to strengthen marriages.

Eduardo Andino, the co-founder of the Undergraduates for a Better Yale College (UBYC) along with other undergraduates, were behind the campaign to remove Sex Week at Yale campuses.

The Sex Week at Yale is a biennial event that was originally organized by students in 2002. Proclaimed to be “an interdisciplinary sex education program designed to pique students’ interest,” the Sex Week explores love, sex and relationship by focusing on how sexuality is manifested in America.

“We need to clean up the universities just the way the police cleaned up Zucotti Park,” reported the students for UBYC organization.

Andino held dialogues among the students on the Yale campus and challenged the Dean of Student Affairs, Marichal Gentry, to raise reflection among students about the “glorious consensual sex.”

“Glorious consensual sex is something given, not taken, something shared not endured: something that makes you smile the next day, not something that hurts psychologically, emotionally or physically,” explained Gentry in an email sent to them.

Despite the removal, it is still considered a small victory because the Yale Administration may let them back in a restructured format.

However, opposing students have revealed their plans to continue to resist any such event.

“We are going to keep up the pressure. A lot of small victories add up to a big victory,” they said in the statement from the BYC press release.

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Happy Roman Catholic Thanksgiving
People Commenting
Dr. Horvat,

Thank You for a Truly beautiful article on the Real First Thanksgiving and if you are ever in Florida do not forget a visit to St. Augustine. If I may also ask you would you send me the link to the article so that I may send out to Many people. I am not to computer savvy.

Thanks again for the article and look forward to your other ones.

Always for The Greater Glory of God,

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Honoring Our Lady of Bethlehem
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I wish to congratulate Dr. Horvat for the beautiful manner in which she related the story of Our Lady of Bethlehem. What shone through for me, was the meticulous research and the great love and devotion to the Blessed Mother, which characterize all the writings of Dr. Horvat. I hope many Catholics follow her call, to establish pilgrimages to Our Lady of Bethlehem, so she may become better known and venerated.

We should be very proud of our missionary past and in particular, proud of the missionaries who served the native Indians of North America. The Franciscan Friars were truly courageous and zealous. It was zeal for souls which motivated the traditional missionaries and not so called "social justice", which seems to be the objective of the Novus Ordo "non missionaries", if I may describe them thus. In truth, our Church has no business agitating for "social justice". Almighty God orders the world in the manner He wishes and this includes poverty, hunger and injustice. These are the scourges with which God punishes the world for sin. Of course Catholic charity invites us to feed the hungry and minister to the poor. We know the real causes; namely a lack of prayer, repentance and obedience to the law of God.

In part four of her article about Our Lady of Bethlehem, Dr. Horvat mentions the strict discipline which the Friars imposed on the Indians. It was strict indeed, but it was a loving discipline, the type a caring father would impose on his errant children. The Indians were required to work seven hours each day with two further hours reserved for prayer. On Sundays there were five hours devoted to prayer and I imagine, some of this time was spent on teaching Catechism. Those who refused to work were refused food. This was a just punishment, as those who were not prepared to provide the food forfeited their right to benefit from the labor of others. A good lesson in self sufficiency which we might think is also appropriate for today. Tardiness for work or prayer, or lack of attention to either merited corporal punishment. Unmarried men and women, boys and girls were strictly separated for their own moral welfare.

That the system was just, is proven by the fact that the best recruiting agents for the Friars were newly converted Indians, who went out and convinced so many of their fellows to place themselves under the authority of the Friars. Over half a century after these missions were destroyed, courageous and zealous missionaries once again went among the Indians and accomplished truly heroic work, saving countless souls from eternal damnation.

This great missionary effort was to be recommended in 1908 by Pope Saint Pius X in a letter in which he exhorted Catholic America to support the residential schools and those on the reservations. Catholic America responded with the utmost generosity and the charity given was quite extraordinary. Much of this effort is recorded in the pages of the "Indian Sentinel", a magazine published by the Society for the Protection of the Faith among Indian Children. In these pages we can read of children making sacrifices, giving away clothes and books and materials for school, in order to help the poor Indian children.

The courage and zeal of the Religious involved in this great work leaves one truly humbled. In one convent, 10 Sisters under the age of 30 died from influenza in one year. We have inherited this legacy, which at times, must move us deeply, such is its beauty. I have no doubt that all who participated are now joined in the Communion of Saints in heaven, Countless souls were saved by the simple, yet astonishing fact, that Catholic Priests, Brothers and Nuns were prepared to sacrifice themselves for the sake and salvation of others.

Let us honor Our Lady of Bethlehem who cared for her missionary children with great maternal love, and let us hope and pray, that real missionary activity will once again prosper and grow. There are zealous and pious missionaries working among the pagans today, so all is not lost by any means. May Almighty God bless them and may Our Lady of Bethlehem extend her motherly care and protection to them.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.M., Ireland

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 24, 2011

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