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Crystal Cathedral, Merkel & Hepburn

A New Cathedral for Orange County
People Commenting

The Crystal Cathedral, run by Protestant pastor Robert H. Schuller for decades, will soon be the site of a new Cathedral in Orange County California. Some Catholics were for the purchase and others opposed, but regardless all would have to agree that it is a fantastic piece of real estate. Most Protestants wanted the property to be awarded to Chapman University, a well respected college in Orange County, but they have nothing to fear since today there is little or no difference between Protestants and progressivist Catholics services.

The Crystal Cathedral, Orange County
Bishop Tod D. Brown said, “It would have cost us $200 million or more to build a new larger Catholic Cathedral in Orange County. This estimate has increased 100% in past few months, but regardless the savings will be tremendous."

The Bishop also said, “We will get a renowned architect to renovate that building so it will be suitable for a Catholic place of worship. But we have no intention to change the exterior of the building.” If the interior is perfect for the protestant service it will be very suitable for the progressivist Catholics. You don't need to hire an architect to find an obscure corner or closet in the building to put a tabernacle, that reminds us of the future Pius XII quote in the early 1930's, “In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them.”

Will the Diocese of Orange follow Oakland and reject the Mother of God? In Oakland's 21,600 square foot 'Cathedral of Christ the Light,' there is not one sign of Our Blessed Mother. When His Mother is rejected, this upsets the Son, which is not a good idea and might be considered a sin against the Holy Ghost, which according to the Gospels is not forgivable. Since the Diocese of Orange is Catholic in name only, it is almost assured that the Blessed Mother will not be seen in the Cathedral. When was she last seen in any new Catholic Church? The more revealing question is: Will there even be a crucifix?

     Homer Sweeney
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Angela Merkel
People Commenting
Dear Friends at TIA,

The article about Merkel in pants was very astute. Of course she mocks the Church!

As you probably know, she is a communist sympathizer. Her Lutheran pastor parents left Western Germany to live in the East and received not persecution, but help and sympathy from the party. As a young woman she worked as a propagandist for the communists.

Now she poses as the “conservative” party leader in Germany. What a great way to destroy a country from within. Why doesn't anyone question her? To my mind, it comes from the mentality that "no one needs to convert." In the post Vatican II era there are just grey zones - no black and white ones. This way of thinking affects political thought as well. It's a kind of controlled insanity.

Keep up the good work,

    All the best,

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JPII’s Affinities with Muslims
People Commenting
Dear Tradition in Action,

One of the areas that bothered me the most about John Paul II's papacy was his ill conceived attempts at finding common ground with Muslims. Jesus came to earth in fulfillment of the Scriptures and the prophecies of the Old Testament. The Muslims, who deny Christ's divinity and salvific mission, are not worshiping the same deity that we Christians are worshiping.

What John Paul II did not know, or at least did not give any evidence of knowing, was that Muslims in practice basically have two sets of ethics. It is wrong for a Muslim to kill, rape, steal from, kidnap, terrorize, lie about, etc. another Muslim. It is not ethically wrong for a Muslim to do those terrible acts against an “infidel” (non-Muslim). We Christians have a single set of ethical principles that informs us that it is morally wrong to harm anyone, Christian or non-Christian.

One of the greatest things a Christian can do is to lay down his life for God or for his fellow man. Apparently, one of the greatest things a Muslim can do is to kill for his god. It is hard to see how a common ground can be found with Muslims.

John Paul struck me as being too normative, too theoretical, and too much in an ivory tower in his views and pronouncements. His head may have been in the clouds, but his feet were not on the ground. Sorry to say.


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Exposing Heresies
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

The recent TIA citation from Fr. Frederick Faber (here) on the need to show righteous indignation towards heresy was undoubtedly written with Protestants and non-Catholics in mind. In his day it would have been unthinkable that heresies could creep into the documents of the Catholic Church, but that was prior to Modernists’ hijacking of the Second Vatican Council. For example, a dangerous error appears in the document Gaudium et Spes, issued by the Council. It is a seemingly innocuous statement, which simply asserts that man was created by God for his own sake, “for itself.”

But pronouncements of this type were condemned by anathema in the First Vatican Council, since they deny that God created all things for Himself and His glory. I characterize this statement as dangerous because it has been used to justify the creation of the man-centered post-Conciliar “new theology,” including the so-called Theology of the Body.

You may find (here) a recent article which demonstrates why the statement that man was created for his own sake is a true heresy.


     Frank Rega
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Benedict on Same Sex Marriage
People Commenting
To the Editor,

Thank goodness for your website, and insight. We lost complete objectivity when everyone began to fall all over themselves with Benedict's “restoration” of the Church to tradition. Any move in the right direction is welcomed, but it is all too obvious Benedict is moving politically. That’s a whole subject in itself.

Could you please explain why I should fall off my seat because “The pope decries same sex marriage.” To my mind, it’s a case of “a day late, and a dolor short.” He should let loose like a lion and start cleaning house. Then again only a true traditional Catholic with such papal power would express himself with the power of Christ.

     God Bless you and your work.

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Hindu Fundamentalists
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Please do not give the Hindu fundamentalists any publicity whatsoever, even if be in your “Hate Mail” section. For these warped creatures publication equals acceptance of guilt. You will be amazed at the sheer malice and vindictiveness this group oozes.

What they wish to deny for Christian folk at home, they vociferously demand for themselves abroad. And the liberals in the West are taken in, and taken for a ride by them!


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Ph.D. Degree
People Commenting
Dear Mr. Guimaraes,

We are very pleased with the articles written by you and Ms Horvat. We would like to know if Ms Horvat holds a PhD degree in Medicine/Theology ... etc

Thank you in advance for the information.

     United in prayer,

     A.S., India

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The Editor responds:

Dear A.S.,

Thank you for your amiable words.

Dr. Horvat holds a Ph.D. in History.


     Atila S. Guimarães

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Katherine Hepburn Trivia
People Commenting
Dr. Horvat,

Regarding Katherine Hepburn. The pretty blue awning on the Planned Parenthood of the Southern Tier in Corning, New York where Hepburn lived says: The Houghton Hepburn Sanger Planned Parenthood of the Southern Tier.’ This Planned Parenthood is two blocks from the Margaret Higgins Sanger childhood house on West Second Street (Corning, NY)

Houghton was the founder of Corning Glass Works/Corning Incorporated. As you said, “Danced with the Devil." They all did. Do.

     Thank you,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 1, 2011

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