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Occupy, Curtsy & Conversions

Occupy Movement & Communism
People Commenting
Mr. Guimaraes,

I read your article regarding the "occupy" demonstrations with interest, it was spot on as always.

I wonder though, if perhaps International Judeo-Masonry, by means of its control of the most important banks and so on, may bring about a worsening of the depression that this country is already suffering, in order to drive the masses into a similar communist movement, instigating violence, etc., so that they may then have a pretext to declare martial law and impose a communist dictatorship, rather in the same manner in which the Bolsheviks used the chaotic conditions prevailing in Russia after the overthrow of the Tsar to step in and impose their tyranny over the Russian people.

I'm sure that many readers of Tradition in Action would be interested in your thoughts on the probability of such an eventuality.



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The Editor responds:

Mr. Z.M.,

Thank you for your support and consideration.

I believe it is possible that your hypothesis may take place. So much so that after the police banned the Occupy Movement from public places, part of it has been kept alive inside the banks, as you can verify in this video. It is my understanding that the members of the movement could never “occupy” offices and halls in bank and financial buildings without the formal support of their directors.

As far as I can see, in your parallel between the Occupy Movement and the Communist Revolution there is only one point that does not apply: At that time the Tsar of Russia was against the Bolsheviks, but now, the tsar of the United States, President Barack Obama, is quite favorable to this revolution, as you can see here. This obviously does not invalidate your point, but reinforces it.


     A.S. Guimarães
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Kudos to the Curtsy
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I wish to thank Judith Fife Mead for her excellent and edifying article on the "curtsy".

It is good to learn that some American girls are being trained to perfect this beautiful demonstration of respect. We too, curtsied before the nuns at school. It seemed quite normal to show our respect and demonstrate our obedience in this way. This, however, was in the context of a society which was hierarchical; a society where manners mattered; where dress was important and where the Church taught us to do our duty "according to our station in life." As children, we were taught clearly where our place in society was and the behavior demanded of us.

In the industrial school in which I taught later, a girl, on observing a nun approaching, would stand to attention at the side of the corridor with head deeply bowed. She would remain there until Sister had vanished from sight. The same rule applied in the Magdalene Laundry, so even in the manner of demonstrating "obeisance" there was a clear distinction between the social classes. In fact, in these institutions, the residents were trained always to bow their head in the presence of a Sister. How times have changed!

I agree that it would be delightful if this custom was resumed in traditional convent schools, and let us hope and pray that this will come about.

     Yours faithfully

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Curtsy Forbidden
People Commenting

Regarding this affirmation on your article on Curtsy:

“By the time we reach the late 20th century, however, the now reigning Miss Manners by Judith Martin, issues a decree that Americans should never curtsy, especially to royalty, because ‘the curtsy is the traditional gesture of an inferior to a superior.’”

I want to inform you for what it’s worth that American diplomatic protocol forbids members of the U. S. Government, especially the diplomatic service, to curtsy or bow before British royalty.

     Just mentioning.

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Benedict's Evil Eyes
People Commenting

Greetings in Christ.

I wish to thank and congratulate you on the truly informative articles on your site. As a fairly new Catholic (confirmed July 2005), when I first saw a photo of the present pope, my first words were: There is something wrong with his eyes; he looks evil and cruel! As a writer, I surf the web often for my research and have thus happened on your site - I now know it wasn't perchance but that the Holy Spirit directed me.

I would very much like to make a donation but not in monetary form. Will you accept a copy of my just-finished E-book: Mary our Mother, wherein is dealt with the issue of false popes?

Hearing from you soon, I pray that God may bless you.


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TIA responds:


Thank you for your amiable words about our work.

A donation of your recent book will be welcome.


     TIA correspondence desk

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No More Conversions
People Commenting

Nothing harms our Catholic resolve to keep the Faith like ecumenism does.

On the occasion of the Jewish “New Year” on 29 September 2011 A.D., Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Jews of Rome: “On the occasion of the feasts of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, I send you my most sincere wishes, to you, esteemed Dr. di Segni and to the entire Jewish community of Rome, that these most significant feast days may be the occasion for numerous blessings from the Eternal and a source of infinite grace.” (copied from an article in "Resurrection," put out by the followers of the late Abbe Georges Nantes)

Now read that again as a modern conciliar Catholic, and see what it means to you: The Pope must consider these Jewish feasts as important. He calls them significant. He expects the Eternal to shower blessings, even infinite grace, upon Jews as they keep these feasts. Since the Holy Father does not say otherwise, it seems very apparent that he considers Judaism a true, viable religion, one blessed by God. Our Lord bestows upon us Catholics His grace through the sacraments. Clearly the Eternal does the same for the Jews. The Jews are, like us, on their way to Heaven.

Could anyone without the traditional Faith think otherwise? But it takes only another glance to note that the Pope calls God "the Eternal," and of course does not mention Christ - much as crucifixes were removed from a hall in Rome several years ago under John Paul II when the Vatican hosted an event commemorating the Holocaust. And one might wonder why these Jewish feasts are significant, since for Catholics the Jewish feasts now are at best seen as a preparation or a pre-figure of Christian feasts. And if God bestows "infinite grace" upon Jews through these feasts, there is no point in Jews ever converting to the True Faith, ever accepting Christ.

Pope Ratzinger may not intend this meaning. But again and again and again since the Council, Rome has been greeting members of other religions on the occasions of their feasts, and mentioning the Church's respect and esteem for these false religions. If the Catholic Church has high regard for other religions, again, why convert? Why convert? And so much for the apostolic mission of the Church since the time of Christ.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 13, 2011

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