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To Whom It May Concern

Plea to Disband the Marine Corps

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr. - Former Marine, Cpl., 1470086

(This letter was sent to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Quantico, VA.)

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A disgusting article appeared in the Contra Costa Times, on March 5, 2012 (page A6, 3-5-12), bylined by a one Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald columnist. The title of the article is “With kiss of partner, Marine embraces the future.”

Such filth in the article is not fit to print, so this will be short. Sgt. Brandon Morgan, who just returned from Afghanistan, spotted his “honey” (Dalan Wells) who was awaiting him, and the two embraced each other “playing same-sex tonsil hockey.” Journalist Pitts approvingly relates the scene, and scolds the reader with the words, “It is a sign of the times. … There is something bracing in the very publicness and unselfconsciousness of that lip lock … it feels not unlike sunlight and fresh air blasting into a room that has been dark and stuffy for years… get used to it.”

USMC emblem
Reproduced below is an article posted in The Wanderer, January 28, 1993 (p. 1), as a response to former president Clinton, when he was trying to force the military to accept homosexuals. The writer of this article, a Marine Corps officer, expressed the spirit of the Marine Corps at that time, and as of now it should be expanded to promote the bitterness in the ranks of the Corps which the acceptance of sodomites will cause.

The title of The Wanderer article: “USMC Officer to Congress: Abolish the Corps rather than Admit Homosexuals”

“Washington, D.C. No sooner was Bill Clinton sworn in as President than his top aids announced that the military’s ban on homosexuals would be lifted.

"Under a plan worked out by President Clinton and his senior national security advisers three days before the inauguration, Clinton will ask his Secretary of Defense Les Aspin to issue a code of conduct for both homosexual and heterosexual military personnel and an executive order which removes the ban.

"The order is expected to be issued as early as May, after Clinton concludes his consultations with top military officers on how to implement the new order. How the order will be expected among the armed services is not clear, though certainly a measure of the discontent with Clinton’s plan is indicated in the January issue of Marine Corps Gazette.

“Major Arthur J. Corbett, a student at the National War College, said it would be better to disband the corps than see it dishonored and its virtues and values destroyed. In a brutally frank column titled 'Disband the Corps,' Major Corbett said the proposal to open the ranks of the services to homosexuals is the sign of a declining culture … a culmination of banal evils from a progression of noxious ideologies.”

“'If the USMC is opened to homosexuals,' said Major Corbett, 'the Marines should ask Congress to abolish the Marines.'

Uniforms of the USMC

Uniforms of the Marine Corps
“'Perhaps now is the time,' he wrote, 'to recognize that although America might, for the first time actually need a Marine Corps, it no longer wants one. It is true that the future portends many littoral conflicts to which a Marine Corps should respond, but the other services will adapt. They will certainly adapt better to amphibious warfare than the Marine Corps will adapt to recruiting sexual deviants.'

"Marines are an incredulous lot by nature, and brutally honest in their observations and decisions. The young officers who attempt to explain how homosexuality is an ‘alternate’ instead of a deviate lifestyle, will quickly lose the respect of their Marines and a bit of their own honor in the process.

"Sanitized terms like ‘sexual orientation’ may serve to obfuscate the gross realities of a perverse lifestyle to a jaded public, but Marines living in a barracks will rightfully question leadership that discredits by association the sacrifices they are willing to make. The party line will be that homosexuals are Marines, just like you. The cognitive dissonance that this simple, yet official, lie must engender will tug at the credibility and ultimately rend the integrity of our Corps.

"Critics claim that homosexuals already lurk in our ranks. The salient difference between the current reality and the proposed policy is that now homosexuals lie to the Marine Corps. Soon we will find that to accommodate homosexuals, the Marine Corps must lie to Marines, and they in turn to one another. Institutions like the Marine Corps are not built upon deceit.

"It is time to ask Congress to disband our Marine Corps… We should transfer our personnel to another service and don their uniform. It is better to wear proudly the uniform of another service than to see the Globe and Anchor progressively defamed.”

Iwo Jima statue close up

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 13, 2012

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