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Apostasy, ‘India Is Burning’ & Priestesses

The Ecumenical Catholic Church

Dear TIA,

It was quite disturbing to read on a recent "People are Commenting" page (here) that Cardinal Pell stated that the story of Adam and Eve is "sophisticated mythology," and just a "religious story." In addition, on that same web page we again read about the denial by Benedict XVI that Heaven is an actual place, by characterizing the biblical description of the Ascension as merely "theological language."

If heaven is not a place, then where does the glorified humanity of Jesus, and of Mary, reside, and what about our glorified bodies at the end of time? They may be glorified, but they are still bodies and not completely spiritual. Bodies exist in a place - yes this is Thomism, and we know Benedict rejects Thomistic logic.

When Church leaders defect from the traditional faith and call Adam and Eve a myth and deny that Heaven is a place, one has to wonder whether the "Conciliar Church" still professes Roman Catholicism. Perhaps the proper name for the official Vatican II Church should be the Ecumenical Catholic Church, while the indefectible Roman Catholic Church still exists in the minds and souls of the remnant who profess in its integrity the true Apostolic Faith.


     Frank Rega

Message from the Franciscan Provincial in India

April, 20, 2012 - This message was forwarded to us by Fr. Gonzalez-Llorente, SJ. (Casa Manresa). He sent it in Spanish and I have taken the liberty to translate it. It reads as follows:

Message from the Provincial Superior of the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans) in India: “Pray for the Church of India. Buddhist extremists in India have set on fire 20 churches last night. This afternoon they have planned to destroy 200 churches in the province of Olisabang. Their intention is to kill 200 missionaries in the next 24 hours. Right now Christians are hiding in the villages.

Pray for them and send this email to all the Christians that you know. Ask God to have mercy on our brothers and sisters in India. When you receive this message I beg you to re-send it urgently to other people.”

In all things, to love and serve God

     Josefina R. Chirino,



Our Lady of Genazzano

Dear Rev. Father,

Sub: Prayer Card, Crucifix/Medal touched to Our Mother of Good Counsel's Miraculous Fresco.

She is amazing and touching, transforming one from despair to hope, darkness to light, with a desire to throw ourselves in the holy and protective arms of Mother Mary with our spiritual weaknesses and sinfulness. She inspires a great desire to become a new creation, to want to live a saintly life as Mary's child.

I praise & thank God for giving me an opportunity to know the Mother of the Good Counsel. While browsing for something I came across this great Devotion, something happened in me deep inside spiritually when I read this.

Please send me the Prayer Card & (Relic) Crucifix/Medal touched to Mother Mary's Fresco (original).

My son Joe and Mich have been married for 10 years but no children; they are praying for the gift of a child with bleeding hearts. I want this Relic for them. I know in my heart this miraculous Fresco of Mother Mary will bless my daughter-in-law with the gift of a child. I am also suffering from severe lung infection since age 4; I am unable to breath, at times I am too sick. My husband is suffering from diabetes, high BP and also trembling of the hands.

Please, dear Rev., for the love of Mother of Jesus & our Mother, help me in my desperate need.

     G.F. India

TIA responds:

Dear Mrs. G.F.,

First, let us clarify that we are not priests. TIA is a lay organization that has good and respected friends who are priests. They at times write for our website, but they are not members of our organization.

We have a great sympathy for your needs and those of your family, but we have neither medals nor prayer cards nor photos touched to the original miraculous painting of Our Lady of Genazzano. We only carry a photo, which we are sending to you in the address you provided.

To find what you are requesting, you may contact the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Italy. The website is here.

The address is this:
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Genazzano
Corso Cardinali Vannutelli 2, Genazzano
00030 Genazzano RM

Meanwhile you may read some comments on Our Lady of Good Counsel on our website, which can be found here, here and here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Was Sister Lucy Killed?


About entry 265 in the Carmelite register of deceased members:

Sister Lucy made her profession as a Carmelite on May 31, 1949. Previously, she had been a Dorothean (here). However, the register lists May 31, 1949 as the date of death. So then, it would be a clerical error and no more.

She did communicate with her confessor, Fr. da Silva and gave an interview with Fr. Fuentes of Mexico in 1959. After that, she was silent, then reappeared in the 1960's as the new sister Lucy who disavows the Fuentes interview.

This is neither here nor there, but Most Holy Family Monastery in Fillmore, NY claims to be in contact with a Portuguese woman who is a convert out of an illuminati family and she claims to have heard from her family when she was a little girl, that Sister Lucy had been killed by them around 1959. Can this be verified?


Priestesses on their Way

Dear TIA,

Below is a summary of an article of the French publication Riposte Catholique.

There is an acceleration of events. The abominations are everywhere, and are in the open.

May the prayers of Our Lady of La Salette retain the arm of her Son!

Sincerely yours,


In the photos below, first row, you see "Father" Maria Thorthon McCain receiving the baise-main (kissing of the hand) while holding her shopping bag with her left hand.

"Father" Maria Thorton McClain (71-years-old, a nun for 15 years, married for 31 years) was ordained on April 15, 2012, by "Bishop" Maria Regina Nicolosi, second row, in the temple of the Friedens United Church of Christ of Indianapolis, IN.

Those unfortunate old ladies are from now on members of the Roman Catholic Women-priests, or perhaps Priestesses of the Church of the Antichrist.

It is to be remembered that Mary, Mother of God,  never demanded the priesthood. As Our Lady of Good Success in Quito she made the modest request to become the Abbess of the Convent there.

Priestess in Indiana

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 26, 2012

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