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Myth of College, Genazzano & Cristeros

The Myth of the College

Dear TIA,

The article below makes you wonder if college is really so necessary. A good trade for many would be a better alternative. As my mother always said, most girls want to marry, so why rack up those loans for their husbands to pay off? And many who don't marry have to stay in the work force to pay them.

Anyway, I believe most graduates haven’t really learned that much. I talk to many home-schooling moms and they say their education began when they started to teach their children. Many with a college degree – including myself – consider that it doesn’t matter very much and surely we didn’t learn that much.

But I didn’t – and wouldn’t – take out a loan to get it. My family taught me if you have the money, buy it, but don’t take out unnecessary loans. In fact, my dad never had a loan in his life. Someone once told him that was just “un-American”. Well, if so, I think it’s time to become more un-American in this regard, at least.

     In the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary,



1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed

The figures are based on an analysis of 2011 Current Population Survey data by Northeastern University researchers and supplemented with material from Paul Harrington, an economist at Drexel University, and the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank. They rely on Labor Department assessments of the level of education required to do the job in 900-plus U.S. occupations, which were used to calculate the shares of young adults with bachelor's degrees who were "underemployed."

About 1.5 million, or 53.6%, of bachelor's degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed, the highest share in at least 11 years. In 2000, the share was at a low of 41%, before the dot-com bust erased job gains for college graduates in the telecommunications and IT fields.

Out of the 1.5 million who languished in the job market, about half were underemployed, an increase from the previous year.

Broken down by occupation, young college graduates were heavily represented in jobs that require a high school diploma or less. In the last year, they were more likely to be employed as waiters, waitresses, bartenders and food-service helpers than as engineers, physicists, chemists and mathematicians combined (100,000 versus 90,000). There were more working in office-related jobs such as receptionist or payroll clerk than in all computer professional jobs (163,000 versus 100,000). More also were employed as cashiers, retail clerks and customer representatives than engineers (125,000 versus 80,000).

Read more here

Touching Article

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I am very much touched by Margaret C. Galitzin’s article on Our Lady of Genezzano, posted April 25.

This particular article should soften the heart of every reader towards this miraculous image of Our Lady with Her Divine Son, because we all need Her Good Counsel and assistance in our dark days of dis- and mis-information.

Margaret Galitzin is an excellent writer and great asset to TIA, and I would like to congratulate her on another excellent article. Please pass these regards on to her for me.

     In Maria,


Moving Fresco

Dear Rev. Father,

I am truly moved by your story of the fresco of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genezzano.

My Mother attended a Sacred Heart School in Placeres, a small town outside Pontevedra, Spain. The school has a copy of the Fresco. And I always thought the story originated there. The arm was too long, the face was not pretty so the fresco was buried in plaster, to be discovered years later during construction.

I will find out for sure if that is a similar, but true story, or a distortion of the original one.


Why Not Cristiada?


The opening sentence in this review asks why did they change the title of the movie from Cristiada to For Greater Glory. I will tell you why they did that. Christ's name must not appear anywhere. Diabolical.

We have been waiting for this movie for over one year and now we know why. It had to be "politically correct". I am surprised it got this far as it may stir up the masses with its message. The battle goes on. I am sure it will be well received.

      Viva Cristo Rey!


For Greater Glory


I had the opportunity to see the full length movie of the Cristeros movie , titled now For Greater Glory” last week (a marketing focus-group version).

The casting and story-line are excellent. This historical film depicts the Mexican Catholic uprising against judeo-masonry.

It should make the Obama administration nervous, in their continued efforts to undermine the US Catholicism.

The film will be released in theaters on June 1st. Please try to support the film makers by getting-out to see it in the first week of release.

      Viva Cristo Rey!


Emily Post

Dear Dr. Horvat,

May I congratulate you on your excellent article about Mrs. Emily Post. The photographs published would seem to indicate that Mrs. Post modified her views on etiquette to match the standards of the day. Certainly her demeanor on the couch is very different from the demeanor of the modestly dressed, tender and dutiful mother reading to her two boys.Of course standards of etiquette are absolute and must not change with the prevailing fashion.

Talk of "democratising manners" is grossly misplaced, if not, in fact, a veritable contradiction in terms. A propos the views expressed by Mrs Post in later years, one can comment only that they contain views that would be held also by many socialists and feminists.

I was delighted to read of teenage girls being taught etiquette. What wonderful parents we still have! Edifying also to learn of the concerns of one of those parents, that her daughter might be exposed to the evils and errors of Socialism.

I wish you many blessings and graces this Eastertide. As we approach the month of May, I pray that Our Blessed Mother Mary will be beside you in your glorious crusade to defend the traditions of our Church against the enemies raging against it. May Almighty God bless you and all those who work with you.

      Yours sincerely

      C.M., Ireland


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 1, 2012

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