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On the SSPX Merger

‘We Support & Promote the
Cardinals, Bishops & the USCCB’

What the SSPX Website Is Saying

A parishioner of one of the Chapels of SSPX in the United States, who is also a frequent reader of TIA website, sent us this letter for publication. It deals with the change of approach toward the progressivist Church Hierarchy that the organization is already making while the terms of its agreement with the Vatican continues to be concealed.  The Editor



I am writing this message on April 30th, the Feast Day of St. Catherine of Siena, of personal significance as I have prayed for her intercession that Our Lord might direct me further toward His service. I thank her for hearing my prayers and I ask that she remain by my side as I write this information so timely to the present tribulation and apostasy in the Church, specifically as relates to the SSPX and its faithful.

It is important to ensure that the truth is presented so that the SSPX faithful, after receiving the news from the pulpits that the SSPX rejected Rome’s offer, should know that it now seems that there is an agreement/contract that Bishop Fellay authored, signed and presented to Cardinal Levada.

For the faithful who have complete faith in Bishop Fellay, and believe that he has and will be spiritually guided through this time, we must recognize that there are those among us who believe unequivocally that Vatican II, its teachings and the Novus Ordo cannot exist separate from each other. Rejecting one without the other is the compromise and is denying truth. Making things even harder for us is the news that the Vatican will not even acknowledge “errors” [in Vatican II] but only “abuses” - further distorting the truth.

Quest for truth

My heart broke a bit as I learned what follows about the SSPX. In fairness this is due to assumptions I made about it, and not being diligent in following its U.S. district website or DICI. I relied totally upon the experiences at my church.

The following statements were put forth by the priest from the pulpit about the SSPX / Vatican II situation: The Vatican accepts that in certain circumstances “abuses” occurred; we are in no way compromising; we will not be under direction of the local bishops as they do not want us anyway; we will continue the traditional Mass and will not accept or conduct the Novus Ordo; and we anticipate a decision will be reached in the next several weeks. Please do not worry about anything, but pray and trust in Bishop Fellay.

Not comfortable with this sudden change of events or the secrecy surrounding the actual document, I had the immediate urge to find out more information from the SSPX website. I was not quite prepared for what I was about to read.

The website reflected a strong partnership between the SSPX and the Vatican. I was most distressed by the posting of a dissertation by a Dr. John Lamont, a conciliary theologian. Even more disheartening than a conciliary source being featured without rebuttal, was the text that appeared in the document. I thought surely someone was sabotaging the website. The following text is from Dr. Lamont’s ‘Is Recognizing the SSPX Questioning the Council.’

“The SSPX does not reject Vatican II in its entirety: on the contrary, Bishop Fellay has stated that the society accepts 95% of its teachings.”

On April 25, 2012, I called the U.S. District Headquarters, Regina Coeli House, and spoke to the editor of the SSPX website. I share the following points that resulted from our discussion:
  • The SSPX and Bishop Fellay, as had Archbishop Lefebvre, never considered themselves separate from the Vatican II, not even during the excommunication.
  • They have and will continue to promote and support the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and the USCCB and related activities through their media.
  • Confirmation was provided that some years ago Bishop Fellay stated that he accepts 95% of Vatican II teachings.
  • The SSPX is completely knowledgeable of what led to Vatican II and that Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church, and it is aware of all of the atrocities being perpetrated by the Vatican and its religious.
I was provided historical doctrinal information. I never received an adequate response to any of my concerns or request for clarification of the 95% issue (except the confirmation that he said it). I was told that if I had so little faith in the SSPX organization and Bishop Fellay, perhaps I should go elsewhere.


Of course, the SSPX has always been part of Vatican II, but many regard this as referring to it not being sedevacantist, and its strength lies in its steadfast rejection of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo. I defer further observations on this to the experts familiar with the history of the SSPX and its leadership from its inception.

Pilgrimage Rome 2000

SSPX led by their Bishops to merge with progressivist Rome; above a pilgrimage in 2000

To promote the religious and activities of Vatican II, while denying the errors and rapid pace of progressivism being orchestrated by the same, is a contradiction. Doing so gives legitimacy to the convictions of both sides, and this always leads to compromise.

Acceptance of 95% of anything is almost complete acceptance. How could Bishop Fellay only reject 5% of something of such complexity? Are we to believe the Novus Ordo, with all of its errors and negative influences, represents the 5%? In 2006, Bishop Fellay stated that he had to accept Vatican II in the light that it was a fact that it had occurred.

In 2009 Fr. Basilio Meramo was expelled from the SSPX for his strong objection to, among other things, the 95% issue. I recently read his passionate letter of Good Friday, April 9, 2009, to Bishop Fellay regarding his expulsion. To my surprise, my reasons for steadfast disapproval of alignment with Vatican II, its teachings and resulting errors in their entirety were all in this letter.

Claiming to understand the origin of the cause of the errors, yet accepting the cause itself, is yet another contradiction. It takes from the SSPX the strength that comes from unification in purity, guarding it from being subtly infiltrated and finding itself in the same position as every other Institution aligned with the Vatican. Compare it to what the priests have told us from the pulpit that the mere attendance at a Novus Ordo could influence one toward the Protestant error. It seems they are not applying the same logic to this situation.

The aforementioned has resulted in: mixed messaging to the faithful causing confusion among them; the appearance of ominous support of Progressivism at the superior levels; the defection of priests who can neither condone nor be part of half truths; and the expulsion of priests who object to all of this.

Conclusion - A moot point

Without Bishop Fellay’s clarification of his acceptance of 95% of Vatican II teachings, there is a lack of transparency coupled with the appearance of smoke and mirrors. 

I bring you back to St. Catherine of Siena, one who converted thousands through her extraordinary virtue and immense goodness. The most traditional saints accomplished conversions, not by compromising, but by adherence to the Lord’s truth in its entirety. They spoke the Word of God and teachings of His Church in its purest truth, converted many and risked death as the only alternative to not succeeding - never compromising.

In closing I want to express my sadness that all of the aforementioned appears to indicate that these talks with the Vatican may be nothing more than distractions. I certainly conclude that whether this agreement/contract is signed or not signed, it is a moot point.

I pray for the weight of the burdens the SSPX priests and religious vocations must suffer as many will not make it through and for the anxieties of some of the faithful who are lacking the truth, and that the results from any errors made by SSPX superiors will be in the hands of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Please join me in praying: Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee and those who do not have recourse to Thee, with special intentions for the consecration of Russia and conversion back to The Most Holy Apostolic Church of Our Lord and Savior. May we all remain in the protection of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 3, 2012

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