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Inquisition, Satanism & Subsidiarity

Kudos for Inquisition!


I wanted to say thank you for your write-up on JPII’s apology for the inquisition (also what you offered regarding the inquisition, and what you offered on criticisms of the modern thinking on the inquisition).

I’m about to write a blog post on the Inquisition. Since most of my research on it was done in the late 80s, I’ve been refreshing and updating my knowledge in the interests of providing up-to-date and accurate information. I usually go to the web as a sort of “cherry on top” to my research, because when dealing with Catholic topics, the internet can be somewhat confused as far as accuracy and details. I trust books more.

At any rate, I got a couple of bits of information from your write up that I didn’t have before. And I’m grateful for that. What I’m most grateful for is that you wrote the piece at all. It’s accurate, trustworthy, very well written, is seasoned with passion, and it reflects the TRUTH.

     Thanks very much.

     May God be with you!


Satanic Symbols in Catholic Cathedral

Dear TIA,

I just want to tell you that the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption [in San Francisco], in which I am still a registered parishioner, has many disturbing symbols: The most visible is a giant Satanic Cross that stands above the ceiling.

It is made of modern art stained glass. This Satanic Cross is also known as the “Protestant Cross”, a perfect “+” (plus) sign. The satanists claim that the “+” shaped cross represents the four elements of the universe which are air, earth, water, and fire, with the spreading in the four directions of the arms of the Cross being to receive the four said elements. The satanists thus claim that Christianity stole “their Cross”.

cros San Francisco Cathedral
Naturally, there is no permanent Crucifix above the sanctuary, but a mere modern cross hanging by wires, suggesting that Jesus Christ Our Lord was just a dream, an invention, or as the satanists say: a “concept”.

In all, we have a gigantic satanic symbol in the cathedral that is the head of seven dioceses spreading from Fresno, CA, to the Oregon border, and going as far East as the State of Utah.

The Cathedral of San Francisco was built by Nervi, a famous Italian architect who was highly favored by Pope Paul VI. This cathedral was also visited by Pope John Paul II. It is to be said that in spite of this fame, the parish’s cathedral is not able to have more than about a thousand parishioners.

One more, less visible, but more shocking symbol of this cathedral, is a bronze that represents the Visitation. The bronze shows the Virgin Mary bare foot and pregnant, serving St Elizabeth and Zachary. Zachary reads an obvious sacred book, and St. Elizabeth looks at the belly of Mary. Above by the window are doves looking at the whole scene. One unavoidable detail of this bronze represents a matrimonial bed, and more ironically, of the queen-size.

The symbol of this bronze is that it represents a ménage-à-trois, an unspeakable heresy that insinuate to the public that the Blessed Virgin Mary was made pregnant, not by the Holy Ghost, but by Zachary. The suggestion that Mary was made pregnant by the father of St John the Baptist, and thus that Jesus and John were half-brothers is naturally satanist, but also in line with the Koran of the Mohammedans.

This e-mail is important, by the nature of its accusations which are substantiated by hard evidences. I have written to many of the clergy about this subject, but with no result.

I hope that your website, which is not timid at exposing many evils, will make a piece on this subject.

     In Christ, yours very truly,

     Denis Fleury

Bad Moods on Subsidiarity


Mr Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s article today about subsidiarity is exuberant, so I hope he can balance the topic with historical background on both sides, the negative too.

About adult children remaining at home, for example. Any possibility that it was a common practice of the time? Were houses bigger? Were these houses that also employed domestic help by any chance? Then these houses were like businesses. Much to do and much to manage. Adult children would be extremely useful, so to speak. As the psalmist has said, a man who fills his desire with [sons] will not fear to meet his enemies at the gate.

The idea of saving capital by remaining at home is a true bonus, but if the times normally expected adult children to remain in the household, they were undoubtedly raised to expect to do that. Were they “just there to save money”? I don’t think it can be so simple. Maybe these adult children were heirs to people of property?

What were conditions like for the rest of the population in those times?

Circumstances of any time period are dynamic, but can beneficial practices of one time be placed in another?

Such can be done by anyone who chooses to emulate such balance in his own microcosm, but expect subsidiarity to be welcomed in this age of crony capitalism, eternal war, and executive order? In this age when not even the rule of law is upheld (man’s laws, let alone God’s law)?

I enjoy reading the posts on the TIA website. The posts on good behavior & manners – replete with current day examples of bad – are spot on, but the general population has no concept of the topic, and our diverse population would resist it to your face! Flash mobs assaulting and looting, the media hiding the facts on these cases such as the race of the “youths” ... Bankers manipulating the economy for their gain and our ruin, and only the small thieves are prosecuted while the taxpayer must bail out the big fish with no reckoning to face?

I don’t see any ground out there in which we can plant the seeds of subsidiarity. It puzzles me that it’s even being brought to the table.

Written this day of the discovery of the True Cross,


TIA responds:


That article you read was the first of a series of seven. You may read the others here (234567) and redo your assessment.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 19, 2012

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