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Olympics, St. Bernard & John XXIII



Regarding the observation someone made in this section that Snopes.com said this or that, therefore, it is true, I would like to remark that Snopes.com is also a very bad source for true information. The site often makes the claim that Catholic miracles are untrue. Not to mention its possible connection to George Soros.

More to follow...


Olympic Ceremonies

Dear TIA,

Another great article from TIA, authored by Margaret C. Galitzin.

May I please provide some excellent links to additional articles supporting her thesis that the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics were indeed occultic and strange. Check here & here.

Great work TIA!


     P.F. Australia

2012 Olympics


Interesting analysis of the 2012 opening ceremony, thank you. It was truly weird and disturbing.

After watching it, it occurred to me that the legions of Mary Poppinses descending from the skies symbolized the Nanny State coming to the rescue,

On the section with the pop musicians, I found it appalling when the big screen displayed the snarling visage of Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, and then the TV camera showed the stony faced Queen. The most famous lyrics in Sex Pistols's oeuvre are from "God Save the Queen":

God save the queen
The fascist regime
They made you a moron
Potential H-bomb

God save the queen
She ain't no human being
There is no future
In England's dreaming

When that song came out in 1977, at the time of the Queen's Silver Jubilee, the BBC refused to play it.


St. Bernard

Dear TIA,

Regarding the Saint of the Day comments on St. Bernard.

It is my fervent hope that many more become dedicated to St. Bernard. I recently read that he wrote the beautiful song, "Oh Sacred Head So Wounded," such a beautiful tribute to our Blessed Lord; a song that I always loved as a child and that has moved me deeply toward contemplation of the great sorrow our Lord must have felt having such a horrible crown forced upon his Sacred Head. May the power of the oath of the Knights Templar, inspired by St. Bernard, be one we take to heart at this time to fight.

     Be courageous, Faithful Catholics!!!


Convenient Lodging in Mugnano

Dear TIA,

Last month my daughter stayed at the guesthouse at the Shrine of St Philomena in Mugnano, Italy. Although this reasonably priced facility can accommodate several people, for some days she was the only guest there.

TIA readers who were unaware of this facility may visit the Shrine's website for further details:

     God bless,

     N.C., India

Query about John XXIII

Dear TIA,

Good day to all of you.

I am a traditional Catholic who also stands in your ideas and faith. Actually I am reading your updates daily.

My first question is "Was Pope John XXIII a freemason"? My references are here, here & here.

2nd: If truly he is, is it "ipso facto" he will be excommunicated?

3rd: If truly he is, were elevated cardinals under him not valid?

My 4th question is "Is this St. Francis prophecy true?" ["...In Those Days Jesus Christ Will Send Them Not A True Pastor, But A Destroyer."]

I hope you can give answers for these questions.

     Thanks & more power to all of you. God bless.


TIA responds:

Dear R.A.,

Thank you for your constancy in visiting our website. It is encouraging to have other persons communicating on the same ideas.

We do not have a serious answer for your first question - Was John XXIII a Freemason? The arguments normally given in favor of this hypothesis are the testimonies of two Freemasons who affirmed that Angelo Roncalli was one of them; also writer Mary Ball Martinez reported a supposition of some French guards that Roncalli was leaving his residence in Paris to go to a Masonic meeting. These facts, in our opinion, are sufficient to raise a serious suspicion, but not establish a certainty. Therefore, so far, we do not know any decisive document closing the question that John XXIII was actually a Freemason. Thus, we cannot answer also your questions 2 and 3.

However, there is a historical precedent for this hypothesis: it is the case of Cardinal Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferreti who was widely known as being a Freemason. He was elected Pope and took the name of Pius IX. Historic books report that on that occasion Masonry, along with other festivities, coined a medal to commemorate the ascension of one of its member to the See of St. Peter. Today a precise document is offered to the public, which allegedly is the inscription of brother Mastai Ferreti into Freemasonry. Other Masonic sources make more allegations in favor of Pius IX being a Mason, here.

So, supposing that these documents are true, we would have a Mason elected Pope. This did not prevent Pius IX, who also was indisputably a liberal, from converting and becoming a great anti-liberal and anti-masonic Pope. No person of sound mind raises a doubt that he was a valid Pope.

Regarding your fourth question - Is the prophecy of St. Francis true? We have to say that our knowledge of this prophecy is quite superficial. Certainly the text you linked to gives an impressive description of the decay of the Franciscan Order and the Church, similar in many points to what we observe around us, which speaks in favor of its authenticity. We are not in conditions, however, to raise any juridical consequence from it regarding the papacy, as is implied by the sede-vacantist site that posted it.

We hope these considerations may be of some help to you,


     TIA correspondence desk


No Crisis in the Church

To Stephen Somerville, Good evening Stephen,

This will be a brief question [regarding the article Crisis in Catechesis],

I count amongst my closest friends and trusted confidants members of the Roman Catholic Faith, and there does appear to be in their lives at present a crisis in the Church they love. You have pointed out that there is [seemingly] a concerted attack on the traditional beliefs and practices of your Community?

Moses is held to be the "Great Lawgiver," at least to be the promulgator of the Laws and Statutes of our Creator, Savior and Redeemer, YaHWeH, who ordered that His Majesty and His Supremacy, through The Child of the Holy Spirit, The Word, be remembered through obedience, not to be changed, added to or diminished in any way.

Through study it can be shown that the very Church claiming to be the visible organization of "God" on earth has abrogated every one of the Majestic Ten Commandments, and claims the authority of Heaven so to do.

How can any amount of close education possibly make any lasting difference to the health of the faith of followers of the Roman Catholic persuasion while there in no evidence of repentance from the error of the vain tradition of men?

Peter may have been given leadership in feeding "His sheep," feeding His lambs and making decisions that were binding on Heaven and earth but never outside the bounds of the everlasting Law of YaHWeH. [I AM YaHWeH, I change not"] You do not need me to draw your attention to the departure from the Commandments. Roman Catholic literature is replete with examples and tradition is cited as sufficient authority, so how is it that now there is wonderment within the Community, in this apocalyptic time, that the Church is becoming in-effectual?

     Thank you for your valued comments,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 23, 2012

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