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Covadonga, Compiègne & Exercises for Girls

Catholic Perspective

Dear TIA,

Having been a product of the public school system, I was deprived of ever learning any history from a Catholic perspective. How enjoyable it was to read. about the story of Our Lady of Covadonga, as our 12 year old son sat beside me and explained some aspects of the 700 Years War (a.k.a, the Reconquista) of which I was totally ignorant!

He was especially impressed to learn about the statue of Our Lady of Covadonga, as he related having never heard this part of the story. He went on to say, "I wish I could get history that included ALL of these kinds of details!" (He has been home schooled from a Catholic perspective, and has grown to love his history courses.) I am so thankful to be able to share these types of things with him with the help of your website!

Thank you for this very inspiring story. Can you tell us more about where this statue is now, or what has happened to it over the centuries?


TIA responds:

Dear E.S.,

Thank you for your kind comments about our site. We are glad it is of assistance to you and your family.

The statue of Our Lady of Covadonga is still venerated in the cave in that mountainous region of Asturias in northwest Spain.

Today, there is an imposing Basilica built on the site of the battle in her honor in thanksgiving for the miracle that caused the Catholic victory against the Moors. The first chapel and monastery were constructed by King Alfonso I in the 8th century. It was destroyed by fire on October 17, 1777. The shrine was replaced by a great Basilica that was consecrated in 1901.

In the picture below, you can see, left to right, the large Basilica, a smaller chapel in the cave where Our Lady appeared to Don Pelayo, and the miraculous statue that is venerated there.



TIA correspondence desk


New Vatican Cover-up

Hello TIA,

Take a look at this report and tell me whether or not the Vatican is covering up AGAIN for pedophile priest/bishops.

Now we have Israel giving lessons on morals to the Vatican...

I hope God will step in and stop all this.


Did the Vatican's New Envoy to Israel
Help Shield Pedophile Priests in Ireland?

Yedioth Ahronoth (Israel), La Stampa (Italy), The Irish Times (Ireland)

JERUSALEM - August 27, 2012 - The appointment of Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto as Papal Nuncio to Israel last week has sparked controversy in Jerusalem after it emerged that he was linked to the pedophile priests scandal that hit the Irish Catholic Church in 2005.The country's biggest-circulation daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, has referred to Lazzaroto's appointment by Pope Benedict XVI "an embarrassment and humiliation for Israel".

Archbishop Lazzarotto, who served as the Vatican's ambassador to Ireland at the time of the scandal, was accused of doing everything in his power to protect suspected Irish clerics. He is thought to have spearheaded the strategy not to cooperate with Judge Yvonne Murphy - who was investigating the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic archdiocese of Dublin, explain La Stampa and The Irish Times.

After refusing to disclose information in Ireland, he was appointed Vatican's ambassador to Australia in 2008.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, this "appointment is a slap in Israel's face... Therefore, Israel must demand clarifications from the Vatican and Ireland regarding the archbishop's conduct during the pedophile priest scandal... before his term as ambassador to Israel begins"


Carmelite Martyrs of Compiègne


Is there any writings about this video on your site?

A few days after these 16 holy nuns were put to death by the guillotine, the revolution came to an end. It is believed God received their sacrifice.


TIA responds:


We posted a commentary by Prof. Plinio here on the Blessed Carmelites of Compiègne.


     TIA correspondence desk


Suggested Exercises for Girls

Dear TIA,

Please allow me to say how much I admire and agree with the views of Dr. Horvat on the subject of girls and sport. In my view girls should not play competitive sports, as this can only encourage a competitive and aggressive spirit, thus failing one of the tests proposed by Dr. Horvat.

I too, have seen photographs of girls in traditional convent schools playing such sports, albeit modestly dressed. However in other schools I know that competitive sports are not available to girls. Girls do need exercise in order to maintain a healthy body and mind and this is eminently possible.

Firstly, any girl who performs her household chores diligently, either assisting mother in the kitchen or perhaps, caring for younger siblings, will benefit from the exercise involved. Walking is also a very good exercise and was associated with girls boarding schools for many decades, where the Sunday afternoon walk took place "come rain or shine". Swimming is also an excellent physical activity, but here, one must insist on a private swimming pool or beach and the utmost modesty of attire. There are some websites where modest swimming outfits are available. Mary-like modesty must never be compromised.

No parents would wish their daughter to be an occasion of sin, or to be aggressive and assertive in her manner. Neither would we wish our traditional Catholic girls to be heard shouting and screaming like little savages. Indeed it is advisable that we should not allow our girls even to view or attend competitive sports events.

Finally, may I recommend to parents and teachers in traditional schools, the re-introduction of traditional drill exercises. Such exercises were very much a part of school life in convent schools, up until the late 1960s. They involved elements of military drill and also exercises performed with hoops or poles. They could be performed in normal school uniform and all movements were modest. They were important in developing good deportment and demeanor. In addition to allowing girls to exercise, they were also excellent in teaching girls to listen carefully to commands and to obey them correctly. So exercise and discipline went hand in hand.

It may well be difficult for parents to restrict their daughters in this manner, but as traditional Catholics, we either wish our girls to be truly Mary-like or we don't. There cannot be any compromise on this issue.

     Yours faithfully


ETs & Rumors

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

I just finished reading a book titled UFO's by Colonel Alexander, PhD. This serious book treats of facts and rumors.

Rumors are running amok such as the one that sayest Archbishop Mooney of Detroit was allegedly briefed of Roswell 1947, where two alien bodies were allegedly recovered. About Archbishop Mooney, he died suddenly in mid-October 1958. This sudden death of an elector of the conclave that changed the course of the Roman Catholic Church is fuel to all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Mr. Guimaraes, since you are working on a book on the Council, I suggest that you write something about those "rumors." Our Lord, when speaking of the End Time, spoke of "wars and rumors of wars," and rumors may have been of influence, as per my montage which shows a few new temples being evocative of "space ships."

     Sincerely yours,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 30, 2012

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