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Titles, Independent Chapels & Dances

We Have Lost the Sense of Propriety

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for a most wonderful instruction on the dreadful trend towards egalitarianism in our society. Whatever happened to Mr. and Mrs. indeed! Whatever happened to Priests being addressed as "Reverend Father" or children standing to rigid attention when their teacher entered the room? Why do so many people now embrace instead of politely shaking hands?

It seems we have lost our sense of propriety, our sense of appropriate distance. As you so correctly explain, this is linked to a lack of respect for authority and for our superiors.

Many years ago, while leading laundry penitents in the Most Holy Rosary, I became aware of a young penitent kneeling on a wooden board in a corner. When I enquired about her offence, I was told she had raised her eyes to one of the Sisters. This young "lady" was learning a lesson in hierarchy. God bless your efforts to restore Catholic Civilization.

     Yours faithfully.

     C.P., Ireland

Thirty Gregorian Masses

Dear TIA,

Is it acceptable on every level to have the FSSP say the Gregorian 30 for you?

I would like to have them said for my deceased Grandmother.

I refuse to use the Novus Ordo but I am running out of options.

Thank you very much for your help.


     P.F., Australia

TIA responds:

Dear P.F.,

We believe the Masses said at FSSP churches are valid.

We congratulate you for your refusal to use the Novus Ordo Masses for the Gregorian Thirty.


     TIA correspondence desk


Independent Chapels

Dear TIA,

Can a Catholic, in good conscience, attend an independent traditionalist chapel that either:

a. Tolerates sede-vacantism (e.g. by allowing clergy to openly preach about it), or,

b. Have clergy who may not have valid orders (e.g. clergy ordained by “Thuc bishops”)?

     Thank you and God Bless,


TIA responds:

Dear B.T.,

Thank you for your question.

We have responded to a quite similar question here. We hope this reply will be of some help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Our Lady of Good Success

Dear TIA,

You should be glad to know that you are being largely quoted by a gentleman who makes his point on a curse Our Lady made.

It is video that can be watched here.


Not Approve of Dances? You Are Jansenist!

Dear friends at Tradition in Action,

Wishing you our Lord´s Peace and blessings!

I firstly want to thank you for such a wonderful website! I recently discovered it and am learning so much that is just not available anywhere else and am so grateful for it! Thank you so much!

During World Youth Day, there was a dance performed by the bishops who were attending the event. I had shared some information from your website concerning what the Cure of Ars had to say about dancing (my understanding is he was very opposed to it and we should not do it if we care about our souls) with some friends.

One of them from the SSPV said that her book, My Catholic Faith, says that some dances are OK and that if I want to make the interpretation not to dance at all, then I am not a Catholic at all, but am a Jansenist and that it is scrupulous to take such a stance.

I am fairly new to traditional Catholicism, having come from the Novus Ordo, but do try very hard to apply God´s will to my life and have made many changes to live more in conformity to His Will. I have never heard of the book My Catholic Faith and am unclear why it carries such an important weight, and cannot believe it would contradict the writings of the Cure of Ars.

I do not know what a Jansenist is, but I surely do not want to be called "Not a Catholic" because I am only trying to take this teaching of the Cure of Ars and apply it to my life. If you would be so kind to write to me and help me in my confusion, I would be so grateful. I certainly hope I am not doing anything that would brandish me with the title, "Not a Catholic," and would be so appreciative of any advice you could provide.

Thank you so much and may God richly bless the wonderful work you do!


TIA responds:

Dear R.R.,

Our opinion is that on dances you should follow the principles taught by the Curé of Ars and Cardinal Segura, which can be read here and here.

Unfortunately, lax Catholics have always existed in the Church. Even in the time of the Curé d’Ars, they existed and had a strong influence. The proof is that when the Saint denied absolution to girls who went to balls and did not repent, they would go to other liberal priests who would absolve them without any problem. When this practice became common and it was reported to the Saint, he simply said, “Those priests will have to give an account to God for that.”

If opposition to Catholic Morals was so widespread at that time, it should come as no surprise that today, even among the traditionalist clergy, there are priests who approve dances and absolve youth who go to balls. To try to disguise their lax morality, they accuse those who adhere to Catholic Morals of being “rigorist,” “radical” or Jansenist.

A short parenthesis for clarification: Cornelius Jansen was a bishop who preached a puritanical doctrine, quite close to Calvinism, in which there is no place for pleasure. So, a Jansenist is often used to describe a bitterly virtuous person with a puritanical spirit.

We believe Catholics who apply Catholic Morals consistently to their customs should not be afraid of being called rigorists or Jansenists by these liberal priests and their followers. We stand with St. John Baptist Vianney and we repeat what he said: “Those priests will have to give an account to God for that.”

Continue to hold the good position. Do not be intimidated by those liberal priests. Pray for them, but do not follow them.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 22, 2013

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