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Sea Monster & Bergoglio’s Validity

Sea Monster in Spain


I just saw the headline and perused the article for which I have provided a link here.

It reminded me of the account in Blessed Mother Mariana's life when she was sailing to Quito and the devil tried to stop the foundation of the convent there. I thought if you hadn't heard about it, that you would be interested in it.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with blessings,


Olé to Mexican Customs


Regarding Mexican Customs & Manners in the U.S.

GREAT article! I truly loved reading it. Those Mexican Customs & Manners need to be ingrained in all Mexican American families!

We should always look upon rudeness, and disrespect two VERY "un-Mexican" habits!

     Muchas gracias,


Mass Attendance


Regarding Attending Masses

Beautifully done response to letter. Clear thoughts in this age of chaos. Will send to others.

     Thank you,


Pyramid Church


Not sure if you've seen this one yet: Sacred Heart in Weston Favell, UK


Exterior and interior of the pyramid shaped Sacred Heart Catholic Church


Acrobatic Deacon Hits the Wrong Spot

Dear TIA,

Deacon Greg Kandra performing an acrobatic dance in this video. He is a Roman Catholic deacon serving the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York.

Deacon Greg now serves as the Multimedia Editor of Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA).

Hard to believe this is a man who had won many Catholic awards and is praised highly for his liturgical dancing.


TIA's Note: This video is not of Deacon Kandra, please, check this link.


GUIDES: a Catholic Scouting Alternative

Dear Tradition in Action,,

My name is Dr. Andrew Ellis DVM, and I am 1990 graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville and 1995 graduate of the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2003 I created a boys group called GUIDES for our local Catholic home-school group as I was not satisfied with the other offerings available.

It centers on Catholic virtue teachings and learning bush-craft skills. The goal of GUIDES is to be a solidly, unflinching, Catholic boys group and teach practical outdoor skills that build confidence and ingenuity in a world that seems to constantly draw boys away from the natural world into the virtual world.

After 10 years we are still going strong, and due to the recent membership policy change in the Boy Scouts and the encouragement of my wonderful wife and good friends, we have decided to make the program available to other Catholics and/or parishes. GUIDES has been such a blessing to the boys here in our home-school group over the years, and we wanted to share that with others. Our website is here.

May I invite you to view my site, and, if after viewing the site you feel encouraged by what you see, would you comment on the group on your website?

I appreciate your time and any consideration or assistance.

     To Him be the Glory,

     Dr. Andrew Ellis, DVM

Precisions on Muslim Gatherings


Here are some observations on a message and photos sent by L.C. that you recently posted.

1. This is a forwarded email with attached photos that says the pictures are that of Muslims in prayer on the streets of New York City. It also says that every Friday afternoon traffic is stopped so Muslims can gather at the corner of 42nd and Madison to pray.

2. The photos were taken in New York City but this is not a weekly event. Once a year the Muslim Foundation of America organizes a Muslim Day Parade event that includes a gathering of Muslims at the corner of Madison Ave and 41st Street for Zahur prayer. This has been an annual event since 1985 and the 25th annual event is slated for September 26, 2010.

I would appreciate if you could inform your readers of the truth on those photos.

     Thank you,


No to Conversions


Pope Francis says the following in a news report:

Jesus 'wants pastors, not combers of sheep,' Pope Francis says :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) Vatican City, Jun 18, 2013

“He emphasized, Christians should not proselytize, or to seek to convince others. ‘The Gospel is a like a seed,' he said, but the sowing must be done with both word and witness.'The word alone is not enough, not enough. The word without the witness is air. Words are not enough.’”

My comment - I have long believed that Paul VI was THE Anti-Christ as no man can do worse than what he did by taking away the Mass.

This further confirms my thoughts as this Pope [as some of the others] has effectively called for the cessation of conversions.


Validity of the Bishop of Rome

Dear TIA,

I have always appreciated your clear explanations and logic in your articles. Your articles have provoked me to think deeply, use my brain, and have allowed me to have an accurate understanding of what our Catholic Church once taught.

What I currently ask your assistance with is this:

It is my understanding that any Catholic man can become Pope, and if he is not been ordained before becoming Pope, he quickly goes through the Sacrament of Holy Orders and becomes a Bishop. Thus he becomes “Bishop of Rome” and Pope.

But our current Pope Francis was ordained under the new Vatican II rite so he’s not really even a Priest under the traditional Sacrament of Roman Holy Orders; also he was ordained under the new order as a Bishop as well. Since both of his ordinations seem suspect in validity, how can someone be “Bishop of Rome” when he’s not even a Bishop? I’m not promoting sede-vacantism - the position that the papacy is currently vacant because of heresy - but I ask the question: If one is not a valid Bishop, how can he be the Head “Bishop of Rome?”

I ask this in all sincerity.

     Yours truly,


TIA responds:

Dear R.T.,

We do not believe the succession of the Apostles has ceased with the takeover of the Catholic Church by Progressivism.

Since the Middle Ages, it has been an invariable position of the Catholic Church that the Greek Schismatic Church - improperly self-named “orthodox” - although separated from Rome and holding several heresies in its doctrine, maintains the succession of the Apostles. In other words, it has a valid transmission of the Sacrament of Orders and the other Sacraments.

If this is the judgment of the Catholic Church on the Schismatic Church, whose errors and heresies have been known for near 1,000 years, with more reason we should consider that the Conciliar Church also has maintained the succession of the Apostles. So, the transmission of the Sacrament of Orders and the other Sacraments also occurs in the New Church.

We believe that neither the New Church's support of heresies nor possible errors of form in the official administration of its Sacraments necessarily imply that its Sacraments are invalid. Improper official formulae of these Sacraments cannot be declared invalid until a due religious authority - a future Pope or a Council - will declare it so.

Those who hold the position that the support of a heresy necessarily implies the invalidity of the Sacraments do not have the capacity of distinguishing the dogmatic field from the canonical field that rules the Sacraments. Further, when they declare null or invalid this or that Sacrament, they attribute to themselves an authority they would only have if they were a Pope or a delegate of a Pope, which obviously they are not. Therefore, their conclusions are the fruit of a lack of discernment in the intelligence, added to a great moral arrogance in the will. Anyone who truly has Catholic sense avoids these two positions.

With these presuppositions, we believe Jorge Mario Bergoglio was validly ordained priest and consecrated bishop. Thus, your question is without basis.

We hope these considerations will help you not to fall into one abyss to avoid the other.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 27, 2013


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