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Miserablist Inquisition & Heavy Metal Mass

St. Michael's Prayer?

Peace of Christ,

May I ask when you started the mission of trying to get the St. Michael's prayer prayed again?

I have been trying since October 2008 to get bishops and priests to say this prayer after every mass and in every school. I have not been successful but I continue on with what God has asked me to do.

As I have been told Mother Teresa has said: God never asked for you to be successful He has asked for you to be faithful.

     God bless you all and look forward to your response.


Let God arise,
Let His enemies be scattered;
Let all who hate Him flee before His Holy Face - Psalm 67


TIA responds:


We first posted the Prayer to St. Michael - which you can read here, - on April 19, 2004. We posted the long Exorcism against Satan and the Apostate Angels, in Latin and in English, on April 31, 2011. You can read it here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Communicatio in Sacris

Dear TIA,

Isn’t there a dogmatic condemnation against praying with heretics and schismatics?

Would you kindly help me locate it?

I am not sure if it was Vatican I or earlier…

     Thank you


TIA responds:

Dear E. L.,

You may find the canons of the Code of Canon Law Law (1917) condemning Catholics to pray with persons of other religions here or here.

The condemnation for Catholics to take part in inter-confessional assemblies is here.

General condemnations of engaging in ecumenism may be found here, here, here, here and here.

We hope these links to papal statements and the teaching of great Saints will help you in your research.


     TIA correspondence desk


Miserablist Inquisition

Dear TIA,

I could hardly believe what I was reading. It seems that today’s Vatican is more concerned about an expensive residences for bishops than sexual abuse by priests. An inquiry is being made, looking into “luxury bishop" charges in the Limburg diocese in Germany.

This gives us more evidence of the new criteria for ‘abuse’ of the miserablist Church being pushed forward by Pope Francis.


Vatican looks into German 'luxury bishop' charges

Tom Heneghan

PARIS, Mon Sep 9, 2013 - (Reuters) - The Vatican launched a rare review of a German Catholic diocese on Monday following accusations its bishop spent lavishly on a new residence, putting him out of step with the new "church of the poor" promoted by Pope Francis.

The inquiry is officially called a "fraternal visit" to Limburg diocese by Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, the former Vatican nuncio (ambassador) in Berlin, and Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst said in a statement he was looking forward to it.

Limburg diocese, which includes Germany's financial capital Frankfurt, has been in turmoil for months as reports of high cost overruns put pressure on Tebartz-van Elst, 53. A growing number of critics had already accused him of staging pompous church services and communicating poorly.

The visit marks a new willingness by the Vatican to get involved quickly when a bishop's management is under fire.

Mismanagement by bishops and the Vatican's slow response were at the root of the sexual abuse scandals rocking the Roman Catholic Church over the past decade. There are no sexual abuse allegations in the Limburg controversy.

The diocese published a letter to Tebartz-van Elst from Marc Ouellet, the Vatican cardinal in charge of bishops, saying the controversy "strains the unity of the bishop and his people" and "threatens the integrity of your office and your person."

Ouellet noted the bishop had requested an "apostolic visitation," an inquiry often imposed by Rome after a scandal, but said the Vatican had full trust in his management and would instead send Lajolo on a less official "fraternal visit."
(original here)


Marvels of Japan

Dear TIA,

I hope you will enjoy this power-point on the marvels of Japan.

Keep up the good work,

     P.H., Brazil

Heavy Metal Mess


Heavy Reparation Needed – Good luck getting through this mess, I could not bear it. No comment required.

The video is available here.

     Randy Engel

Pagan Manliness & St. Anthony

Dear TIA,

Thanks for the article by Dr. Plinio on Manliness and false patience.

On a similar topic, I think you once published some comments on the deviated devotion to St Anthony (here and here). I am sending you another picture of him by Giotto.

     God bless,

     N.C., India


St. Bernard’s Advice


Here is a text of St. Bernard for your benefit:

“In all his works let him say to himself: if you were now about to die, would you do this?’ In all temptations and occasions of sin let each one ask himself: if I were now about to die, would I commit that sin? Would I speak, act, think in that manner? Would I listen to that talk, look at that object? Would I permit that person to act as he does? And if I should, at the hour of death, wish to have acted in a certain way, let me choose that way now. Perhaps death is actually very near me.

“If I were now about to die, would I not wish that the action I intend doing, the work I am engaged on, the devotion I am practicing were done well and zealously? Would I not wish to have borne this trial, poverty, illness, and tribulation patiently for God’s sake? Truly I would! Therefore I will do so now and suffer resignedly and with Christian fortitude.

“Happy is the man who has death daily before his eyes! He belongs to the number of those faithful servants of whom Our Lord has said in the Gospel: ‘Blessed are those servants whom the Lord when He cometh shall find watching.’ Let us all, then, in future, think and act accordingly.”


Prophet of the Antichrist

Dear TIA,

[Regarding this news report: Pope Francis: Church cannot be 'obsessed' with gays, other bans]

Just a short response, but I fear greatly that in Pope Francis we are looking at the Prophet of the Antichrist. He will minimalize and confuse Catholic teaching to the point where even fewer will want to take it seriously. And the anti-Christian attitudes of the world will grow stronger and stronger. Francis helps to marginalize and ostracize the faithful and the Faith, useful only to the Church's enemies.

And I did mean what I said in the first sentence. I fear that he is the prophet of the great evil one, the Antichrist, whose arrival will be soon. I have never been correct on my apocalyptic rumblings before; I fear that I am correct this time.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 3, 2013

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