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The Seagull, the Crow & the Doves

A Message in the Attack against the Papal Doves?


Interestingly, the doves released on Sunday (January 26, 2014) by Francis I from the Vatican Palace window were violently attacked by a seagull and a crow. I put together the photos that are being spread all over the Internet. You can find them below.

Was it Divine Providence who sent Angels to instigate those birds to attack the papal doves, sending the message he should stop destroying the militant character of the Church?

I believe the Vatican and especially Francis are abusing the “symbolism” of those tamed birds. I have a strong suspicion that they are trained to land on the Pope’s finger so that he can make a good show and make the naïve believe it is a sort of miracle, with the Holy Spirit guiding those poor birds.

Well, it seems that something is changing in the story line. The simultaneous attacks of a seagull and a crow on the two papal doves can hardly be a coincidence.

     Best regards,


Papal doves attacked


What Hairstyle Should I Use?


I just read your article "What about short hair for women."

Unfortunately, your article only showed hairstyles of European women. I am a Black woman. My hair has never been long and flowing. It is naturally short and very curly. I have been married to my husband, who is a man, for almost 20 years.

What comments do you have about women's hair whose ancestry is from Africa?

     Thank you.


Dr. Horvat responds:


Thank you for your comments. I believe you can apply the principles in the article to women’s hair styles in any particular culture or ancestry. That is to say, that the revolutionary trends, particularly the large Afros of the 1960s, the cornrows of the Hip Hop culture in the 1980s, and tribal looks popular today should be avoided.

You should choose what is traditional and what is dignified and suitable to your face and hair structure.


     Marian Horvat, Ph.D.

Scottish Song

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

The students of the Catholic school at which I teach will be singing "Wha Wadna' Fecht For Charlie?" later this week, thanks to your posting this old Scottish song on your website.

     Thank you very much.

     Patrick O'Brien

Jesuits & ‘Gays’


The Jesuits in the U.S. released a series of videos defending homosexuals. The two priests who talk on the video have the mannerisms of ‘gays’ and seem very much to be homo themselves. Thus, we have one of the most powerful religious Orders in the Catholic Church openly promoting a vice against nature, which was punished by God with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Why are the Jesuits doing that? To follow up on the declaration of Francis that he does not have the authority to judge homosexuals.

So, here we go: A pope, supposedly the Vicar of Christ, approving sodomy in the Church.

With all this going on, how could we be surprised if a chastisement comes from Heaven?

Click here to watch the first video of the series.

     Keep up the good work.


Near Death Experiences

Dear TIA staff,

I came across your site while searching for articles discussing some of Pope Francis’ follies. I have become a dedicated reader. The first article on Purgatory prompted me to write to you to ask you if you would consider writing an article on near death experiences.

These common experiences by all races and religions (seeing a light, being greeted by deceased relatives, etc.) seem to lead most people to conclude that all go to heaven. What is the TRUE Catholic position on these phenomena?

     Thank You,


TIA responds:

Dear C.D.,

Thank you for being a dedicated reader of our website.

The following articles by Prof. Remi Amelunxen clearly opposed the thesis that all go to Heaven (check here, here, here and here). Reading them, it becomes quite clear that very few people go to Heaven.

We are taking note of your suggestion to write on the death experience. When the opportunity comes, our editor will suggest one of our writers to study the topic and share his conclusions with our audience.


     TIA correspondence desk


Day: ‘A Woman of Loathsome Character.’


Since you posted the letter Senator Black sent to Benedict XVI on your site, I thought you would be interested to know he withdrew his candidacy for Congress. The Senator calls Dorothy Day 'a woman of loathsome character.'

I’m sorry about his withdrawal – I guess he has too many not politically correct stands, as you can see in this article, for the Republican party to support him.

National Catholic Reporter posted an article on this topic (here), with a link to TIA, which seems to be the only organization authorized by Senator Black to reproduce a photocopy of his letter.



P.S. - When I went to double check the link to TIA, which was in the first paragraph, it had disappeared... A progressivist newspaper such as NCR could not bear promoting TIA even indirectly.




Given that God has given man freedom of choice, and that man can live either in the flesh or in the spirit and not judge, things will not improve. This is because God’s word prophesies that evil will increase and it will. But we have the hope of Jesus' return to hold on to. Amen.



Divine Mercy Vision

Dear TIA,

My husband and I are raising our children according to Tradition and a subject recently came to my attention that I was wondering if you were aware of. At Sodality this week, some of the ladies began talking about Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska's vision of Jesus' Divine Mercy and the chaplet that is associated with it. Some of the ladies claimed that her apparition and the associated devotion are not fully approved by the Church.

Some claimed that it has a connection of sorts with Medjugorje and the "visions" there. It was also said that Sister Faustina's canonization was "pushed through" prematurely by Pope JPII.

Do you have any information on this subject?



TIA responds:

Dear B.S.,

Last year we posted on our website one article and several comments about the Divine Mercy devotion. The article is the transcription of a sermon given by Msgr. Perez on the condemnations of the Church to the Divine Mercy devotions.

The articles or comments are here and here


     TIA correspondence desk.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 28, 2014

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