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Organic Society & U.S. Arms to Russia

Being Catholic in the Modern World


Here is my response to Obamacare and Hobby Lobby's fight:

When it comes down to living in this world, those among us who truly follow Jesus Christ on His terms do not partake of the evil offerings available to all.

When offered free porn on our laptop, we delete it. When sin is used as entertainment on TV, we turn it off. If new movies glorifying mortal sin come to the theater, we don't go. If evil things are covered on insurance policies we can't control, we reject them. If our beaches are crawling with near-naked girls and women, we stay away from them. If certain restaurants put women on display as sex objects, we go elsewhere. Avoiding the near occasions of sin is quite necessary in our modern world.

     Keep the Faith, stay strong, never surrender !!!

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.

Catastrophic Pope


Francis the First is to the Catholic Church what Barack Obama is to the US: a Catastrophe. They conquer in the manner of Ghengis Khan, Attila the Hun: take no prisoners.

Jorge Bergoglio is St. Malachi’s Last Pope.

You must re-issue We Resist You to the Face with an update on Francis and the Faux Papal Saints!

The Latin Mass could be going down for the count.

I’m 88. I’m headed for a FEMA re-education camp in time.

     Hang on,


Stats on Vocations - Then & Now


I thought you and your readers would be interested in these statistics posted on Traditional Catholic Priest two months ago:

Mark Stabinski

Before and After Vatican II Statistics Do Not Lie

January 26, 2014 - Here are some more factual statistics about the Holy Roman Catholic Church before Vatican II and after here in the United States. These statistics are from CARA Georgetown University.

 priest to Catholic US statistics

Priests: 1965 = 58,000; 2013 = 38,800
Ordinations to the Priesthood: 1965 = 994; 2013 = 511
Seminarians: 1965 = 49,000  2013 = 3,694
Religious Sisters in the whole world 1973 = 1 million. In 2013 = 721,935.
Parishes: 1965 = 17,637; 2013 = 17,413S
Students in 1965 at 8414 elementary schools = 2.6 million.
In 2013 at 5636 elementary schools = 1.5 million.

mass attendance statistics

Sunday Mass Attendance in 1965: 65 %  2013: 24 %
You can see by this graph, that since Vatican II, 50 % more Catholics have stopped attending Sunday Mass.

marital status in the Church pie chart

Marriages in the Catholic Church have gone down to very few too.

Graph from CARA Georgetown University.


Organic Society & Modern Constitutionalism

Dear Tradition in Action,

I have read with interest some of your articles on organic society, particularly the ones describing the history of how the organic society underlying medieval Christendom was gradually undermined, first by the absolutist monarchs of early modern Europe and then later by the liberal revolutionaries and their successors.

Upon reading these, I have been led to wonder about the differences between an organic society (e.g. as embodied by the feudalism of the Middle Ages) and a modern constitutional polity (i.e. a representative government at least nominally governed by the rule of law as embodied in an explicit constitution - for instance, what is referred to as the “English model”).

Although both, in their ideal forms, seem to share similar features (e.g. insistence on the moral accountability of the government), the tendency of the modern constitutional polity to, among other things, centralize power to the detriment of local regions and groups and unfairly “level” the natural distinctions and privileges of persons within society (supposedly in the name of preserving freedom and equality) seems to place it at odds with the ideal of an organic society.

With the above in mind, I pose the following question: Can the ideal of the modern constitutional polity ever become compatible with the ideal of an organic society, or is it irredeemably flawed?

     Thank you and God Bless,


TIA responds:

Dear T.B.,

We believe that the organic society, different from the English Model, was essentially born from the living relationships of persons. The historians - for example George Duby and Marc Bloch - point to the protection-service bond between the lord and the vassal as the foundation of feudalism. That entire system, which is a good model of organic society, was based upon this bond. Instead, the English Model, as you describe it, is based upon the theoretical acceptance of a constitution.

This is another difference, besides the centralization you mentioned.


     TIA correspondence desk


U.S. Gives Weapons to Russia


This might be a potential international article for your site.

Dr. Frank Joseph

U.S. Gives Russia Free Military Equipment Used By Army, Marines

March 26, 2014 - Behind closed doors the U.S. government is giving Russia free military equipment - also used to train American troops - even after President Obama announced punitive sanctions against Moscow and, more importantly, a suspension in military engagement over the invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

The secret operation

The Obama administration's planned supply to the Russian Federation is a grave mistake given the recent invasion of Ukraine launched by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, the legislators point out. "It is difficult to imagine a worse time to provide military-grade technology employed by the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, and Special Operations Forces to Russia than when it has illegally invaded Ukraine and is violating the intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty," the letter to Moniz says. "To make matters worse, it is our understanding from the budget documents that the Department has been, and continues to propose, providing this technology to Russia free-of-charge."

This is preposterous and borders on criminal if you really think about it. As if we need reminding, Congressman Turner recants Putin's "brazen disregard for the sovereignty and stability of Eastern Europe" as well as his disregard for international law. "Despite this overwhelming evidence that Putin is not our ally, it is astonishing that the Obama Administration would still provide superior, U.S. military technology to an aggressive and advancing Russia," Turner said. "The United States must seriously redirect its approach and immediately terminate all military aid to Russia."

President Obama has already proven to be an international joke for his response to the worsening crisis in Ukraine. Even the mainstream media in this country has blasted the commander-in-chief's foreign policy as based on fantasy. One famously liberal magazine published a satirical article saying that the Obama administration froze Putin's Netflix account as a "major ramping up of sanctions." In a piece published a few days ago, a former veteran congressman wrote this: "The embarrassment of U.S. impotence in dealing with Russian aggression in the Ukraine is only the beginning of what will likely be a series of foreign policy disasters."

Orignal here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 1, 2014

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