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Funeral, Jews & the Suspect Bishop Noonan

Should I Go to this Funeral?

Dear Tradition in Action,

You have supplied so many wise answers to other’s questions. I hope for an answer to a very painful question. My 101 year old (ELCA Lutheran, Eastern Star) Grandmother is in a nursing home and is dying. My husband, our children and I are the only Catholics in our family (we became Catholic 9 years ago in our mid 40’s). My (ELCA Lutheran, Eastern Star) Mother is planning to cremate my Grandmother. My Mother and Father are divorced… both remarried and my Mother is now divorced and dating (Don’t we want her to be happy?).

All of my siblings have divorced and remarried or are living with someone. My Mother supports them all. We have been ridiculed and ostracized for not supporting the multiple marriages and adultery by everyone. My Mother is very angry with us for being “intolerant and unsupportive” and she is opposed to the Catholic faith. We live on the West Coast, she and my Grandmother live in the Midwest.

My siblings are not speaking to me until I support them, and I don’t know if we should fly out for a cremation and Lutheran funeral or “celebration of life”.

Should Catholics go to this funeral/service? I can only imagine the uproar that will ensue if we fly out, but do not go to the funeral service. I have been asking her not to cremate for a few years after reading about it on your website, but now my Mother is upset if I bring it up. She plans to keep the ashes at home until she can drive them to the mountain state where Grandpa died.

I thank you for your website, I read it every day to help my family stay focused on a Catholic way of life.

     Your friend in Christ,


TIA responds:

Dear O.S.,

First, we want to compliment you for continuing to be faithful to the Catholic Faith in such a hostile environment. Do not give up ever. Continue forward. If you have not done so yet, read the Treatise of True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis Grignion de Montfort and talk about it to your husband and children.

Regarding your question, we suggest that you not travel to the funeral of your Grandmother. It will be an occasion of constant confrontation without any predicable fruit. You can tell your Mother that you decided to stay home and pray for the eternal rest of your Grandmother’s soul.

While your Grandmother is still alive, try to find a way to send her a Miraculous Medal and ask her to wear it. This is the best way we can think of to help her. We believe that only a miracle can save her.

You can count on our prayers for her and for you and your family.


     TIA correspondence desk


40 to 1 and Counting


During WWII, Italians opposed to the German occupation of Rome ambushed and killed 33 Nazi SS officers. Adolph Hitler ordered that ten Italian civilians were to be executed for every German who died. On March 24, 1944, 335 Italian civilians were secretly executed in the Ardeatine Caves outside of Rome, and the caves were sealed using explosives to hide the atrocity. Only after Rome was liberated by the Allied troops were the bodies found and given a proper burial. (check here)

As of this writing, about 130 Palestinian civilians have been killed in retaliation for the deaths of 3 Israelis (80% of the over 170 killed have been civilians). This is a rate of over 40 to 1 under Zionist leader Benjamin Netanyahu, compared to German leader Adolph Hitler's 10 to 1 ratio of retaliatory killings.

This eye-for-an-eye mentality, carried out on such a massive and disproportionate scale by the institutionalized Jewish state, indicates that Pope St. Pius X may have been right in not supporting a state for the Jewish people. Pius X said that since they have not recognized Our Lord, we cannot recognize the Jewish people. He added that the Jewish faith has been superseded by the teaching of Christ, and we cannot admit that it has any validity. (here)

And truly, an eye-for-an-eye has absolutely no validity, as Christ taught.

     Frank Rega


Protestants Are Not Christians

Hi Dr. Horvat,

I like your article Please, Don’t Call Protestants Christians . Fr. Michael Muller articulated very well your same position in his book The Catholic Dogma: Extra Ecclesiam Nullus omnino Salvatur:

"That protestants, that so-called orthodox protestants at least, profess to hold, and claim as belonging to their Protestantism, many things that are also held by Catholics nobody denies; but these things are no part of Protestantism, for the Catholic Church held and taught them ages before Protestantism was born. They are part and parcel of the one Catholic faith and belong to Catholics only. Protestants can rightfully claim as Protestant only those things wherein they differ from the Church, which the Church denies, and which they assert that is, what is peculiarly or distinctively protestant...

“Nothing is theirs in fact but their denials. They are pure negations, and hence Protestantism is purely negative, and consequently is no religion, for all religion is affirmative.

“Nor is this all. We have seen that the Protestant denials, in both their logical and historical developments, lead to the denial of all dogmatic religion, of all objective truth, and reduce the truths of reason and of revelation to mere personal opinions, and therefore involve the denial of those very doctrines which protestants profess to hold in common with us. The immense majority of protestants will give up these doctrines, or consent to hold them simply as opinions with no objective authority, sooner than desert the Protestant movement or reject the denials which are the essence of Protestantism, if we may speak of the essence of a negation, which has no being in itself or elsewhere.

“A few of the laggards may be occasionally captured, but most of them will quicken their pace and close up with the main body. Individual conversions, indeed, are made, which in the aggregate are considerable, but which are little more than the dust in the balance compared with the whole number of Protestants, and are by far outnumbered by the Catholics who lapse, here and elsewhere, into Protestantism or infidelity.

“It is obvious, then, that to carry on a controversy with Protestants as if they were Christians simply erring as to some portions of the Christian faith, can effect nothing. They cannot be convinced by argument, for they hold firmly nothing which can serve as the basis of an argument. It seems to us much more important to strip them of all Christian pretensions, to deprive them of their prestige and the power of seduction which their Christian profession gives them, by showing them up in their utter nakedness as down right infidels, than to labor to make them accept the Catholic doctrines they avowedly reject. Infidels they are, and it is of no little importance to let it be seen that no man can be a Protestant and be at the same time a Christian or a follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“We owe this to uninstructed or imperfectly instructed, and especially to our worldly minded Catholics, who are exposed to Protestant influences and seductions, and who would recoil with horror from open and undisguised infidelity or denial of the Lord who has bought us, and yet be tempted to fraternize with Protestants who pretend that they are Christians, and hold the essentials of Christian faith, if they find that Catholics themselves concede that Protestants are Christians, though heterodox Christians." (Fr. Michael Muller, The Catholic Dogma, pgs. 61-63)

     Thanks, TIA, for all the good work,


The Suspect Bishop John Noonan

Dear Atila,

Given the announcement in February, 2014, of Orlando's Bishop John Noonan to be the representative of the USCCB's Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and New Vocations as well as liaison to the National Assn. of College Seminaries, I have some concerns that I believe may tie in with the article just written by Dr. Horvat regarding the changing vocation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia.

I do believe that the article written by Dr. Horvat is another confirmation of the on-going conspiracy to hijack Catholic education at the University level, as evidenced by the ideas being taught by Sister Gloria Schaab at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida, not to mention the progressivist seminaries in the country. Let's connect the dots to see if there is any credibility to the notion that what is going on is a diabolical stratagem to continue the destruction of the Catholic priesthood and religious communities by corrupting the Catholic educational system at its core.

I pose the question: Who is Bishop John Noonan?

(Bishop) Noonan attended and graduated from St. John Vianney Seminary College in Miami and was ordained after completing his studies at St. Vincent de Paul Seminary in Boynton Beach, Florida, in 1983.

(Bishop) Noonan was the Dean of Men at the St. John Vianney Seminary in 1989-1993.

(Bishop) Noonan was the Rector/President of SJV from 1996-2005. This is a timeframe where there was active homosexual activity on the part of the seminarians and professors. (See "Miami Vice" report put together by a group of lay Catholics called "Christifidelis" and sent to Rome in 2005) It was shown that the screening of candidates favored homosexual individuals, excluding most manly candidates. Spiritual discipline was non-existent.

(Bishop) Noonan was made Auxiliary Bishop under Archbishop Favalora in 2005 and worked with him until 2010.

Under the leadership of Archbishop Favalora over 70 % of his priests were practicing homosexuals. Archbishop Favalora was a homosexual himself, and under his watch blasphemy, sodomy, theft of Church funds and corruption was rampant. Archbishop Favalora was finally taken out before his 75th birthday, and Bishop Wenski (Orlando) was made Archbishop of Miami.

At that time Auxiliary Bishop Noonan who had spent all these years under Archbishop Favalora, was assigned the post of Bishop in Orlando, Florida, to replace Bishop Wenski.

As it relates to the above facts and the article written by Dr. Horvat, are we seeing a continuum of profligate decisions made by a Catholic Hierarchy that act more like fief lords than spiritual leaders? The Hierarchy dauntingly continues to manifest a cavalier disregard of facts presented by priests and the laity. One can't help but wonder at the questionable assignments and excessive tolerance being given to men and women that have a track history of permissiveness, and if not criminal negligence, at least criminal omission in upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church and the integrity of its holy priesthood and religious communities.


     Jim (James Ward)


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 15, 2014

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