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Art, Heretics & Muslims Killing Catholics

Cathedral of Art

Dear TIA,

Three weeks ago my family and I visited the newly re-opened Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. I am enclosing a photograph of one of bright yellow notes I saw in the Museum. The note tells the history of the Museum and the purpose for which it was built.

You and your readers might be interested in this. The notes are attributed to Mr. Alain de Botton.

Thank you for your work. I read your site every day.

     Sincerely yours,


This museum was designed in the nineteenth century to function as a replacement for the old cathedrals. It was to be a cathedral of art. Culture was to replace scripture. The ambition was huge: art would bring us meaning, consolation, direction and comfort, just as the pages of the Bible once had.

We in the modern world still love art - but in a different way: more modestly, more tentatively. If you started crying in front of a picture in this museum, you would be thought a little odd and perhaps led outside by a guard. It is perhaps symptomatic of this cooler modern approach to art that this hall was literally white-washed beginning in the 1920s. It was a way of brushing off too close an analogy with religion - especially in a Protestant country where the de facto State religion was Calvinism (and the over-ostentatious 'cathedral of art' had been designed by a Catholic!) It was, moreover, a way of saying that art should be kept free of ideology, and removed from day-to-day life and issues of redemption and meaning. Art should be enjoyed 'for art's sake.'

Some of us are starting to realize that this was a terrible mistake. This show is a symptom of that collective realization. We are learning to appreciate once more the old ambition that art might heal our souls and show us how to live. In restoring this Great Hall to its original design, the museum has restored the memory of a grand and very important ambition.

Art can tell us how to live. It should heal us. It isn't an intellectual exercise, an abstract aesthetic arena or a distraction for a Sunday afternoon.

A photograph of a note for the Amsterdam Rijks museum

the Amsterdam Rijks museum

The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, above; it is called the "cathedral of art" and it was meant to make people abandon religion


Nuns & Dürer


Regarding: Sisters in Crisis

You quoted: "non-hierarchical relationships of inclusivity; transformation of ethical and political systems; and diversity of images for the Divine.”

We have here at the Cleveland Museum of Art a magnificent show of prints of Albrecht Durer. Two rooms. In one room all work is about Mary. The female curator consistently offers descriptions of Mary as a "woman of power." Imagine the numb, non-comprehending, perplexed, bewildered, look on the faces of Mr. Durer and all standing around in the 1500's if they read these texts.

It never ends.

We have noticed very often much tangent Catholic bashing over the last years in shows of Catholic art works here at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and in the docents teaching in tours. Subtle, but it's there. Some has been out right mocking.

Am taking photos of the St. Philomena statue as requested. Digging it out from the neglect around it. Will send soon. I too am 'charmed'. Still saying the litany.

Daily gratitude for your work,

     Thank you,


Real Art

Dear TIA,

This is a 4 minute video with some insights on what art is supposed to be. I hope you will agree with me and enjoy it.

The link is here.


Chameleon Club


It was really refreshing to read the article by Patrick Odou on Roberto de Mattei's book The Second Vatican Council, An Unwritten Story. While the book does show who were usually the bad guys and who were the good guys, Mr. Mattei does indeed, as Mr. Odou proves, want to save Vatican II, a Council that was so bad that the head of one of Italy's dioceses said: "Vatican ll is the worst event to take place in the history of the world."

Mr. Mattei also has the support of what some consider quasi-traditional publications such as Catholic Family News. They sell the book as does The Remnant. I could go on, but... Mr. Mattei is in my view a chameleon and unfortunately he has a chameleon club, all those who support his book to whatsoever degree.

We need to be on guard in the battle we are waging these past 50 years and counting; there are those who fight on our side for a time, but are not on our side, they are playing on our side until…

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


Dialogue Mass

Dear TIA,

I really appreciate all of the work that Dr. Byrne has conducted to assist a better understanding of how the changes to the Mass were made, and what influenced the massive reform that took place in the creation of the Novus Ordo "mess".

     Thank you,

     E.S., Ph.D.

Are Protestants Still Heretics?


I am surprised.

I have been reading an article on your website about how to address members of religious communities, as I am doing research for a book. As I believed we were all now supposed to be Christians supporting Christians, and not disrespecting each other's doctrine, I was quite shocked when I read than one should not refer to, say, a lutheran preacher as reverend, "because that would confer legitimacy on his preaching."

So, does this mean that the Catholic Church still believes the Protestant Church and other Christian denominations to be heretics? Non-Christians? In a time when I believed that we all serve the same Lord, I find this puzzling and rather sad. Since we believe Catholics are part of Christ's family, it is rather disappointing to see that you do not officially feel the same way about us.

I would be most interested to receive your reply.

     Blessings in Christ,

     Loretta Livingstone, author


The Editor responds:

Miss Livingstone,

We Catholics have always treated people of false religions well as far as urbanity is concerned. We also follow the example of the Good Samaritan who, in an emergency, assisted someone of another religion.

However, true love for neighbor can only proceed from the love of God, and one does not love God if he does not keep His words and is faithful to the sole true Church He founded: the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.

God is one, the truth is one, the Faith is one and, consequently, the Church is one. When it comes to questions of Faith and truth, our obligation is to please God first, not men. So, we must treat those who are in error differently from those who follow the truth, otherwise we would be committing an injustice against God and His true followers and preventing those in error from converting.

Protestants are as wrong today as they were at the time of Luther, Calvin & Henry VIII. Those who rejected their heresies converted and entered the Catholic Church. Therefore, we should not call Protestants and other heretics Christians. Christian is synonymous with Catholic.

The Faith is today what it was 2,000 years ago. It is always the same. It does not change with the fashions of the time, as you seem to consider when you ironically manifest surprise that we do not follow the Vatican II fashion of ecumenism.

For more on this topic, please check here, here, here, here and here.


     Atila S. Guimarães, editor of TIA website


Infidels: Take Notes

People Commenting


These are the type of people our President traded and negotiated with for a deserter.

If this doesn't drive home what is happening in the real world and the risks we face in preserving our values and way of life, then nothing will.

It shows how cheap life is to these animals and anyone who does not embrace the Muslim faith.


WARNING: this video is graphic, it has scenes of murder and blood.

Do not click on the video below if you do not have strong nerves.

To watch it click here.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 17, 2014

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