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Sisters, Guitar Bishop & Palmer’s Funeral

Sisters in Decline


Regarding the article on Sisters in Crisis, the Pew Research Center recently published an article confirming the shrinking numbers of sisters: See the graph below.

Sad to say, despite these falling numbers, a 2012 Pew Research Center survey found that U.S. Catholics were widely satisfied with the leadership of American nuns and sisters. Half of the Catholics surveyed (50%) said they were “very satisfied,” while an additional 33% said they were “somewhat satisfied” with nuns’ leadership. Only 4% said they were “very dissatisfied.”

It makes you wonder who they are surveying, and if this is the general view, then we are really in trouble.


statistical chart showing the declining numbers of American nuns


Prayer to St. Philomema


Yesterday was the Feast Day of St Philomena the Wonder Worker of the 19th century, although she was martyred many centuries earlier.

Members of our family are in great need of her intercession including myself. So, please say this prayer please, the children too.

     Thank you so much.


St Philomena, child saint of the early Church,
We ask you to help us be closer to Our Lord.
You suffered and died for Him and His Church,
Help us always to do His will throughout our lives,
Especially for the children of our Catholic family
Do we beg you for guidance and graces,
Through Our Lord and His Sacred Heart,
And through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
To whom you were so lovingly devoted.
Oh, Philomena, crowned with the glory of martyrdom,
Assist us on our earthly pilgrimage. Amen


Bishop Joins the Band

Bishop plays guitar

FYI:Bishop joins the band at Medjugorje Youth Fest

There was a musical surprise at Medjugorje this week when bishop Marian Eleganti sat in with the many musicians and singers who provide the international music ministry at the Youth Festival.

The 58-year-old Benedictine, who is auxiliary bishop of Chur in Switzerland, joined the orchestra and choir on the final day of the week-long event that attracts tens of thousands of young people and families from around the world. The festival is now in its 25th year.

     Frank Rega

Fraudulent Priests in My Novus Ordo Parish


I was reading the article on St Paul to Timothy, regarding how to rebuke false teachings. I have doubts regarding how to act in my parish. I was "kicked out" for telling the truth, for confronting the priests because of their extremely deviated teachings and their very low moral standards in their private lives (e.g. seducing women, having illegitimate children, etc).

What am I supposed to do? Walk away and let them get through with getting rid of me? Talk to people in the community? These false priests are really very much protected and defended by the community, even by those who know what kind of lives they lead.

     Thank you for your advice,

      Your friend in Jesus,


TIA responds:


Thank you for the consideration for us you reveal when you ask us this important question.

We believe that you should apply the advice of St. Paul when he teaches us how to deal with a heretic. When we are in face of erroneous stances of doctrine or behavior, he tells us to correct the person once, twice and then, if he does not change, avoid him (Tit 3:10,11).

Applying this to your case, we suggest that you write a polite but firm letter to the priest (priests) of your parish about the errors you see he is making, and wait to see whether or not he answers and shows any possibility of changing. If he does not respond and does not change, you should avoid entering into further discussion with him or the parishioners.

Since we are advising you to write just one letter and not two, how does this apply the advice of St. Paul, who told us to admonish the one who errs two times? We are considering the discussions you reported with the priest and the parishioners as the first admonition. Thus, the letter would be the second warning.

If there is no answer and no change, avoid going to your Novus Ordo parish. Look for a place where you can attend a Tridentine Mass.

This does not mean that you will not find problems in the new place, but at least you will be attending a Catholic Mass as it was conceived by 2,000 years of Catholic tradition, without the flavor of Protestantism of the Novus Ordo.

We will be praying for you to have the courage to take these steps, and for Our Lady to orient and bless you regarding this change.


     TIA correspondence desk


Tony Palmer’s Requiem

Dear TIA,

I have been wondering how much more proof does the average “Catholic” need to see that Rome is becoming (as Our Blessed Mother said) the seat of the antichrist? It was unheard of 50 years ago that a Protestant heretic would get a requiem Mass, never mind be buried as a Catholic bishop. That man was also told by the Pope NOT to convert to Catholicism!

I'm referring, of course, to the Catholic requiem Mass said for the pentecostal protestant 'bishop' Tony Palmer, a "close friend" and collaborator with Pope Francis. In February Francis even sent him an iPhone message calling him "my brother, a bishop brother."

We live in unbelievably abnormal times. Who ever heard of a Pope on the front cover of Sodomy Magazine? (The Advocate) Yes - the Francis Effect is in full swing so I have to keep a supply of barf bags handy.

Satan's mission is the wholesale destruction of the priesthood. He knows that his time is running out so he needs to pull out all the heavy ammunition NOW.

The Tony Palmer affair is just softening people up for the next step on the road to damnation. It's my sad opinion that in just a short time, anybody and EVERYBODY will be officially welcomed to the Communion rail... I mean Communion LINE!

Any priest who does not go along with the new Papal ecumenical order will find himself out on the sidewalk! The others who do go along with this total sacrilege will find their priesthood in serious forfeit with Christ & His Blessed Mother. (My guess is that the majority of average diocesan “Presiders” aren't going to want to give up their salary, benefits, car & especially the good opinion of others). The laity who are sitting on the fence will then have to make a decision!

Also - everyone gets upset about the publicized black Satanic Masses, which, when you think about it, really don't hold a candle to the 50 years of institutionalized liturgical abuse that regularly occurs in the Novus Ordo!

Just look for the Communion hosts in the mud at Papal Stadium Masses/World Youth Day/parish. When the priests are gone, the Blessed Sacrament will be gone also. That is the goal!

The sign over the gates of Hell says: “Hello Suckers!”

     Blessed Mother Mary, save your children!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 12, 2014

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