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Crusade, Interview & Americans in WWII

We Need another Crusade


Pope Innocent III called for a crusade against the "perfidious Saracens."

With the Bull Quia maior Pope Innocent III proclaimed the Fifth Crusade in 1213.

"For how can a man be said to love his neighbor as himself, in obedience to God's command, when, knowing that his brothers, who are Christians in faith and in name, are held in the hands of the perfidious Saracens. . . he does not do something effective to liberate them."

Excerpts from Quia maior are here.


     Frank Rega


From Toby Westerman to Our Readers


My interview with Cliff Kincaid is posted here.

Comments, except remarks about how the light reflects on my glasses, are welcome.

     God bless you and yours,

     Toby Westerman


How a Fissure Appears in the Sand


In the link below, there is a two-minute helicopter footage of a fissure (1km long / 8 meter or 24 feet deep) in North Mexico’s desert as a consequence of an earthquake..

A much larger fissure can happen in our cities tomorrow, swallowing parts of them. It is as easy for an Angel to produce these fissures as it is for us is easy to shake a tablecloth after the meal. God can order this to happen anytime.

To watch, click here.

     In Christ through Mary,


JPII in Quito


Greetings from Ireland,

Can you please answer this question for me?

I was wondering, did Pope John Paul 2 on his visit to Ecuador in 1985 (or any other time) ever go to the Conceptionist Convent in Quito where Our Lady appeared to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres?

If so, are there any webpages in either Spanish or English showing him present at the Convent which might help to make the convent and 'Our Lady of Good Success' better known here in Europe.

     Thank you in advance.


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear G.T.,

Greetings Y.K.,

Thank you for your inquiry.

To my knowledge John Paul II did not visit the Conceptionist Convent in Quito during his 1985 visit to Quito from January 29 to February 1. This would have been the time of the novena preceding the Feast Day on February 2.

Instead of doing this, John Paul II visited a shantytown in Quiito to express his “interest, solidarity and love” for the poor. Earlier, he met with Ecuadorean Indians, encouraging them to “say no to exploitation wherever it comes from,” and made an urgent appeal for the government “to seek a greater social equilibrium and to show a greater solidarity” with the poor. In effect, he promoted the growing socialist government and Liberation Theology that continues to sweep over the Latin and South American countries today.

Thus, he pursued his 'preferential option for the poor' and paid no attention to the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success, which predicted a crisis in the Church of great magnitude that would explode shortly after the middle of the 20th century – that is, Vatican II and its consequences.

These prophecies, however, do have the official approval of the Catholic Church and all the Bishops of Quito since the 1600s.

To prove the authenticity of the devotion and truth of the prophecies you can find all the material you need here.

I hope this will be of help to you in spreading the devotion of Our Lady of Good Success in Ireland. Our Lady promised her assistance - both spiritual and material - to those who would spread this devotion in these particular times.


     Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.


La Salette


I thought I saw that you folks had a new offering about Our Lady of La Salette. Do you have a new writing/CD/DVD on this?

Thank you.

I have loved your stuff on Mother Marianna and Our Lady of Good Success... What a great saint!

     Thank you for your time, God bless you,

     Fr. Tim Hende

TIA responds:

Hello Fr. Hende,

Thank you for your kind words on our work.

On Our Lady of La Salette you may read these comments here.

One of our writers, Mr. Gregory Johnson, has started a series of articles on Our Lady of Knock with his insights on the meaning of the apparition as it pertains to our times. Several times he links Knock with the message of Our Lady of La Salette.

The first article is here. TIA will be posting them regularly. We suggest you follow our Updates page, marking it in your favorites, to keep up with the latest articles.


     TIA correspondence desk


Traditionalist Burial



In my city I have no access to Traditional Latin services. If one of my family members dies, what can I do?



TIA responds:


Why don’t you fly in a traditionalist priest to say the Mass and perform the burial service?


     TIA correspondence desk


Photos Hidden in a Trunk for 71 Years


Great pixs. Hard to believe they were just recently found in an old foot locker and were able to be developed.

Robert Banaugh, Ph. D.

photographs of World War II photographs of World War II World War 2 pics - 03 World War 2 pics - 04 World War 2 pics - 05 World War 2 pics - 06

World War 2 pics - 07 World War 2 pics - 08


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 26, 2014

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