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Anacondas, Ruthenian Rite & Marvelous Trees

Obama Salutes Military with a Paper Cup


I'm a 68-year-old Vietnam War Navy Veteran and share the general outrage about the despicable-beyond-belief Obama who despises our military. I come from a family with a proud military history in time of war, with my father in the Army Air Corps guarding planes in the Aleutians during WWII, an uncle in the Army in the Philippines, two uncles in the hell that was Iwo Jima with the 4th and 5th Marine Amphibious Divisions, another uncle in the Navy during Korea, and an uncle in the Air Force during Korea. All have passed on now, and all, to a man, would be livid to the point of vomiting at what the TRAITOR Obama has been allowed to do to our military and, by extension, our country by doing everything possible to render the sacrifices of the fallen to have been in vain.

Americans in more than name only cannot allow that to happen. We owe the fallen that much for securing our God-given unalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence that no man, to particularly include a tin-horn Islamo-fascist loving commie masquerading as president, can take away!

News report here; video here.

     Gary Morella

President Obama saluting soldiers while holding a coffee cup


Prayers & Donation

Dear TIA,

Please accept my humble donation to help defray the cost of reprinting the books on Our Lady of Good Success.

I'm always praying for you and your apostolate.


Our Lady of Good Success Appeal

Dear TIA,

I made a contribution as requested.

Can you please pray for all my intentions.

Thank you,

     P.F., Australia

St. George and the Dragon


Regarding the article of St George and the Dragon you posted recently:

When the Spaniards came to the area which is now Mexico and Texas, they found rattlesnakes 25 feet long, large enough to swallow a man (Rattlesnakes by Frank Dobie). It is possible there were very large dragon-like creatures in Europe in the early days. As civilization spread, those creatures, like New World rattlesnakes, could not live long enough to grow so large any more, or were exterminated.



TIA responds:


Thank you for your commentary.

Confirming what you affirmed, in Brazil there are still some species of snakes (sucuri or anaconda and jiboia) that can reach about 40 feet long. Depending on their size they eat calves, pigs and other animals after suffocating and smashing them. They could easily eat a child or a even short woman or man.

Some photos follow.


     TIA correspondence desk

Sucuri or anaconda eating a calf

From the top, first two rows, a team of road workers catch a 39-foot-long anaconda; third and fourth rows, two other anacondas suffocating and smashing a deer and a calf; last row, firemen haul one in after it has swallowed its victim


Attending the Byzantine Mass

Dear TIA,

I have a question concerning the Filioque at the Byzantine Mass. I am very distant in location from the Latin Mass and can attend when possible a Byzantine Mass. There is reverence and the worship of God that is missing in many of the Novus Ordo Masses, and charity and love of God that is lacking in a clique culture  that sadly I have found prevalent at the SSPX chapel an hour drive from my location and lack of shepherdly care with the priest present only on weekends.

The question I have pertains to the Ruthenian removal of the Holy Ghost proceeding Christ, God the Son, which I have seen was not a part of their Creed in the liturgical book used prior to the year 2006 or so at this one Byzantine Church mentioned. I ask if you at TIA know of any reason a Catholic cannot attend such a Mass if the person says to himself the Catholic wording of the Creed when it is prayed, and if there are any issues with receiving the consecrated host. I would be praying with the Latin belief in the Creed - offsetting the Byzantine recent declaration of Orthodox views of the Trinity, not present in the earlier liturgical books.

I know the history of the various branches of the Byzantine Churches and that this particular branch used the Orthodox version at the outset of the unification with Rome at Brest and changed to the Roman form, or the Ukrainian Byzantine, in time.

The Mass book mentioned used in this particular Byzantine Church I have attended has bothered me. It actually has ink crossing out "proceeds --- from the Son," as the Protestants removed mention of the Pope and saints from their missals and Office books during the Protestant revolt.

Thank you for your consideration of this issue which has plagued many Catholics who, with the crisis in the Church and sacrileges and apostasy since Vatican II, are attending Byzantine Churches for Mass and Sacraments (in this case attending for Sunday obligation).


TIA responds:

Dear M.K.,

As far as we could verify, confirming what you stated, the Ruthenians were incorporated into the Catholic Church in 1595 in the Union of Brest, and were allowed to keep their Creed without the Filioque. In 1720 the Synod of Zamosc included the Filioque in the Ruthenian Creed, although not exclusively. (originals here and here)

So, to this day both formulae are being said in Catholic Ruthenian Rite Masses, with the approval of pre-Vatican II Rome.

It seems very much that there is no reason for you or other Catholics not to attend those Masses and receive Communion. This is so especially since you are aware of the dangers and say in silence the complete Creed.

We hope this answer will help you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Marvelous Trees


I am sending you and your readers this collection of tress.

I hope you will enjoy them.


Marvellous tress - 1Marvellous tress - 2Marvellous tress - 3

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 25, 2014

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