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Pedophile Training & Blasphemies

Horror, Rage, Sorrow & Disgust

Dear Tradition in Action,

As a grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren myself, words cannot express the horror, rage, sorrow and disgust at seeing these photos of innocence corrupted.

Questions: Is this pervert still in the priesthood? Why are these nuns helping him? All of them should be stripped of every iota of their religious garments, publicly humiliated and run out of the country.

Also, who took these photos – is the photographer part of this crime or were the photos taken secretly to be shown as evidence in court? Please give us more follow-up information so we can try to do something to bring some justice for these children and their parents, although I fear our Church is beyond repair except by Divine intervention. All of us need to fight and pray.

     Yours sincerely and gratefully,


TIA responds:

Dear Mrs. R.C.,

We agree with you regarding the horror this “game” represents and we compliment you for your healthy reaction.

TIA received  a link to a collection of pictures about this event from a reader. The page is in Russian and contains  a short news report. Since we do not read Russian, we used the Google automatic translate tool. We saved both the original and the translation in our files.

The information we were able to collect is not very significant. The name of the director of the school is Fr. Marcin Kozyra; he belongs to the Salesian Congregation founded by St. John Bosco; the name of the school is St. Dominic Savio in the city of Lublin, Poland. This priest pretended that the game is an “innocent” ritual, which is why some the photos were placed on the school website. Angry parents denounced the priest to the police; he was taken in for questioning, but released by the judge for lack of evidence.

You may find more data in the following postings of this page or in the original documents.

Before allowing our readers to directly peruse the originals, we warn them of two things:
  1. There are immoral photos of women at the top and right side margin of the page where the topic is exposed; If anyone has problems of purity, he/she should avoid opening these files or assume the responsibility for doing so. We do not want to harm the spiritual life of anyone.

  2. In any discussion about the pedophile character of this event, we want to protect the identity of the children. In the original files, their faces are not blurred, because we did not want to tamper with the evidence. So, please, if you want to peruse them, we  ask that you forward them on this page, and not the original document.
For the original in Russian, click here; in English, click here.


     TIA correposndence desk


Initiation Rite? For What? Sodomy

Dear Atila,

The licking episode was one of the worst events I have ever seen.

Randy (Engel)

Some adiitional information from a news report in Italian that was translated to English:

19/09/2012 - The pictures of children on all fours licking whipped cream placed on the lap of a priest.

As soon as the photos are posted on the school website, things broke loose. The Salesian High School St. Dominic Savio (Gimnazjum Salezjańskie) of Lublin is in full storm for what it  meant to be a funny initiation rite and instead has turned into a national event, if not international.

photos of the pedophile initiation rite
They do not have a good impression of [the picture of] those children kneeling in front of a priest and forced to lick whipped cream put on his knees.

THE BAD IMPRESSION - Even if the intention was not morbid, and testimony of this is the fact that the photos were published on the school website without any fear, many have judged that they were in bad taste and tacky, as is surely "Initiation' in its modalities.

DOING IT FOR YEARS - The director of the school, Father Marcin Kozyra, explained that it is a rite practiced for many years and no one has never complained, parents or students, but, in the meantime, he did remove the photo from the site. .

NO CRIME - According to local attorney, there are no evident offenses, no obvious sexual intentions and being in bad taste not an offense. For sure the incident will do no good for the image of the Church in Catholic Poland, a country where for some years the Catholic unanimity has cracked a lot and the percentage of practitioners began to descend sharply, in line with a trend that had been established for decades in the rest of Europe.

Original news report n Italian here.


A Diabolically Sick Man


Re: Pedophile training in Dublin

This, pure and simple, is child abuse by a diabolically sick man evincing nothing of being Catholic, much less a priest, who deserves to be defrocked and arrested for encouraging pedophilia along with all of his enablers who unconscionably continue to allow him to do so with impunity!

     Gary L. Morella


I Cried with Disgust !

Dear Marian,

Re: Pedophile training in Lublin

I cried with disgust! Mother of God, Mary most Holy, I am soooo saddened by this!

Pray for us, Holy Mother of God!

     In Maria,


Divine Mercy


I am indebted to TIA for all of the good information regarding the ‘shaky ground’ surrounding the ‘Divine Mercy’ addition to our Catholic way of life. This wasn't ever even necessary due to the fact that, we have been receiving the ‘Divine Mercy’ for centuries, every time we go to Confession and receive absolution from the priest.

Divine Mercy Sunday seems to emulate the Jewish ‘Day of Atonement’ in my view, and as I stated, we have had ‘Divine Mercy’ all year long, ever since Our Lord gave us the Sacrament of Penance.



Blasphemous Novus Ordo Practice


I wanted to know about something I encountered today in my local parish. I found an empty dark room in which two big red candles burned in front of a picture of Jesus Christ covered with mud. There were hand prints on the mud, showing someone had thrown and spread the mud over the picture.

I was shocked and thought it could be some kind of black magic, I went out and asked what it was all about. They told me the priest had given that task to Confirmation students, to show how our sins slay Jesus.

Is that considered a normal practice within the Church teachings?? I was really shocked when I found it.

     Thank you


TIA responds:

Hello M.A.M.,

As far as we know, this is blasphemy, not a preparation for Confirmation.

It is sad and calls for an act of reparation.

A question necessarily rises: If the Novus Ordo priests recommend that students do this, we do not know what the priests themselves do to the pictures of Our Lord when they are only among themselves.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 28, 2014

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