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Lyle Arnold, EBooks & Forms of Address

He Was a Catholic


I am very sad to hear of the death of Mr. Arnold (here andhere).

I will remember him in my daily morning offering prayers for the repose of his soul. I enjoyed his columns very much. He was a Catholic!


     Gary Morella

Polemic on Logic

Dear TIA,

I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your good friend Mr. Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

That's very sad news.

I think I had a discussion with him once via email regarding logic.


     Peter Farrell

Excellent Testimony of Suffering


You have my sympathy on recent loss of one of your fine writers, Mr. Lyle Arnold. He was, according to "The Beauty of Suffering," an excellent testimony to one who, with the divine assistance of God's grace, knows how to offer up suffering for Our Lord's greater honor and glory and to save his soul. Also he gave a real frame of reference to the words - if you are not suffering, the Lord is not working in your life.

Additionally, he gave a fine example of what it means to fully trust Our Lady.

     May his soul rest in peace.

     Stephen Majchrzak


He Was Faithful

Dear TIA,

We were so saddened to read of the passing of Mr. Arnold. He was faithful. One could see that in his writings. What a loss! It seemed sudden. Had he been ill?

Our prayers certainly are for him and with his family.

     Christine Fitzgerald


Kneeling Bishop

Dear TIA,

I thought you might be interested to see this photo of a Novus Ordo "bishop" kneeling in front of a Protestant woman who seems to be "laying hands" on him. Disgraceful!

Or you can go to this link.


A bishop being blessed by a protestant


Texas First Thanksgiving

Dear TIA,

According to the online Texas Almanac, the first Thanksgiving in what is now the United States was celebrated by the Spanish explorer Juan de Onate and his expedition on April 30, 1598, almost 24 years before the Pilgrims.


TIA responds:

Dear W.M.,

Thank you for your observation. It is natural that the Texas Almanac would claim the first Catholic Thanksgiving to be in Texas. We acknowledge Don Juan de Oñate’s epic expedition in this article.

Chronologically, however, St. Augustine, Florida seems to have had an earlier Thanksgiving on its soil, which you can read about here


     TIA correspondence desk


The Church-Garage

Dear TIA-Team,

Re: En masse desecration of Churches in Italy

The wrecking crew that was once the clergy of the Catholic Church doesn't bother about how church buildings are being used as long as they can get rid of them in a hurry.

     Kind regards,

     F.W.R., Germany

Annihilation of Christians


Go here and scroll down to the article entitled: “Annihilation of Christians.”

This is a must read article and contains much useful information concerning the true present state of the world. R.B.



Dear Tradition in Action,

I cannot believe that you actually publish Toby Westerman’s biased nonsense regarding Russia (here andhere). Please tell him to first look at his own American leaders.



Eternal Family Meeting


I was thinking at Mass this morning while praying for my family: Will all of my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren make it to Heaven?

Family reunions are always important events. Probably, the two main reasons to attend are to see the new arrivals born since the last reunion and to enjoy the company of the oldest members who might not be here for the next reunion. I would like to suggest to all married couples from newlywed to golden anniversary and beyond, a special request to make to Our Lord and Our Lady while praying the family Rosary.

This is the request: That all of your children and their descendants until the end of time receive the graces necessary at the hour of their deaths to attain the glory of eternity in Heaven. So at the end of the world, you will begin your greatest reunion ever.



Dear editors,

Do you already have your books published online, or, if not, are you planning to?

I will be most appreciative of it, because I do not have much room left [for books], and even if I had, my wife is already scolding me.

Thank you in advance for your help.

     In Jesus, and Mary, the Theotokos,


TIA responds:

Dear R.N.,

No, we are not planning to publish our books online.

We do not follow all the novelties of the Internet. The main reason for this is that our staff is very small and extremely busy trying to accomplish all that we have to do: To update our website every day with new material and to publish on paper the books we are committed to disseminate.

For an analogous reason we are not on Twitter and Facebook. We try to make the Internet serve us for the good of our cause; we do not intend to be servants of the Internet.

We are sorry if this policy is not convenient for you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Forms of Address

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your very helpful discussion of forms of address for PhDs. It prompted for me the related question about how one who holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) degree should be addressed. As a member of the legal profession, I can relate that one is never addressed as Doctor, and generally does not sign one's name with "Esq." following it, except perhaps in cases where the designation might help the client addressee to assert the attorney-client privilege.

Further to this, here in Houston a state district court judge was widely laughed at when he insisted that counsel should address each other as he did, as "Doctor." The judge was not re-elected.

So, is there a distinction to be made from the PhD case based either on the different courses of study (no dissertation being required for a JD), or perhaps just different social conventions?

In any case, keep up all the good work.

     Yours in Christ,


TIA responds:

Dear W.J.,

Thank you for your comments.

We have noted that lawyers in South America receive a different treatment than those in the North America. In the Latin countries, lawyers - as well as engineers and physicians - are commonly addressed as Doctors,

Here, unfortunately, there is no distinction given to lawyers in the spoken address. In the United States only physicians - or those with a Ph.D. - have the privilege to be addressed as Doctors. It is a social convention.

We would suggest that you do not reserve usage of the designated formal title just for formal correspondence or legal papers, but use it in regular correspondence and in your e-mail signature (Joe Brown, Esq.).


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 8, 2014

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