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Understanding & Misunderstanding
Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlemagne

Dear Dr. Horvat,

I have read your excellent article about the "Je suis Charlie" movement in France.

Can we hope that Our Lord will raise from among the sons of France a hero who will lead a triumphant crusade against these savage Saracens? Out of the "Je suis Charlie" movement, can we hope that a man will rise courageously and exclaim, "Je suis Charles Martel"? Or even "Je suis Charlemagne"? In the spirit of these great men, these heroes of the faith, will a French Catholic hero rise to combat against the Saracens and conquer them?

Yours in Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady Mary.

     E.J., Australia


Note from the Editor:

It came as a surprise to me that some readers took yesterday’s article by Dr. Marian Horvat, Ph.D., which analyzed the Je suis Charlie reaction in France, as an implicit support for the editorial line of the weekly tabloid Charlie Hebdo. Actually, it is not, just as TIA’s position opposed to the attacks against Jewish Parisians does not mean we are favorable to Judaism. This criticism seems to me as absurd as one that would consider someone who condemns the crimes of Jack the Ripper a supporter of the bad lives of the women he murdered.

No, neither Dr. Marian Horvat nor Tradition in Action is favorable to the editorial line of that tabloid. Quite the opposite: We strongly reprove its blasphemous, pornographic and atheistic line.

Nor do we believe that the immense majority of the French people who protested against the recent acts of terrorism in Paris should be considered favorable to the views of that tabloid.

What the motto “Je suis Charlie” means is: “I am against Islamic terrorism, and if you – terrorists – want, come against me as well, I am here to face you.” It reflects a rebirth of the French panache challenging Muslim terrorism, as French Catholics have often done during long periods of their history. So, this wave of indignation of an entire people may well be considered a call from Divine Providence to France to take up again the torch of its glorious past and restart a new Christendom, as it once did with Clovis.

I am sorry to observe that some readers, like the three whose messages are transcribed below, did not understand this, which is obvious for millions of people. Notwithstanding, we respect their positions and reproduce their bitter reprimands about our supposed mistake.

     Atila S. Guimarães, editor


Blasphemers of the Holy Trinity

Dear TIA,

I was saddened to see Dr. Horvat laud the protests of the “Je suis Charlie” movement in France in solidarity with the blasphemous (in the true sense, not in regard to Islam) publication “Charlie Hebdo”. Mocking Muhammad was certainly not the only thing they did. I will not link to their blasphemous caricatures, suffice it to say that one Traditionalist blog was asked to take down a drawing mocking the Most Holy Trinity posted as an example.

I hope Dr. Horvat will dedicate more time to research when writing on such issues in the future. If anything, this protest movement is another proof for the incredible New World Order mainstreaming of society.

     God bless,


PS: PEGIDA is NOT a Neo-Nazi movement, even if the media portrayed it as such.


Je Suis Charlie?



I do not do pornographic satire. I do not publish hate filled smut. Nor will I ever defend the right for some one to do so under the banner of 'free speech' no matter how much I disagree with the religious belief of the intended target.

I am a Catholic who wants the public discourse to be at an elevated tone and not one that would inflame passions causing violent reactions.

Europe is a tinder box with the large number of Muslims who have no regard for Charlie Hebdo’s brand of free speech. The last thing I would ever want to do is to throw gasoline on it and dare any one to light a match

     Alberta Trafficante


Mossad In Action

Dear TIA,

Re: Paris events

The whole story IS a Mossad operation.

C.E., France


Female Altar Servers


Happy New Year! May you who work at TIA be blessed and your work likewise in 2015.

The first thought that came to my mind upon viewing the pictures "Francis receives girl altar servers at the Vatican" was one by St. Alphonsus Liguori: A priest who takes a immodest dressed female into the sanctuary for a Mass commits a sacrilege.

Before Vatican ll an acolyte was considered one of the four minor orders that were steps to the priesthood. The fact that altar girls are allowed is an implicit statement that females may be Catholic priests according to pre-Vatican ll understanding.

     St. Pius V, pray for us.



For the Greater Glory

Dear TIA,

I rented 'For The Greater Glory' this weekend. I am so glad I did. Even though the movie was based on an erroneous idea of religious freedom and omitted the role of Freemasonry in the battle, it was a very good movie. Eva Longoria's role was too minute to be offensive.

We were pleasantly surprised and I now understand you not objecting to it.

May TIA and its followers remain under the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



Prayer to St. Philomena


Re: St. Philomena Statue which was liberated New Year 2015, see photos below.

St. Philomena Wonder Worker .bless all who work at and with Tradition in Action with health, funding, and all that is needed to resist and live in a heroic militancy for Truth. as you have done for so long, in 2015 and on... Please, help soon! Send TIA more people to help! Hurry!

St. Philomena, it was nice seeing your statue yesterday January 1, after so long, after the long cold walk through the old Rockefeller Estate behind your statue. I stepped on the ruins property and surprisingly heard myself say spontaneously, "Hello, beautiful St. Philomena!"


a statue of St. Philomenaa statue of St. Philomena


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 13, 2015

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