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De Chardin, U.S. Arming Terrrorists &
American Sniper

Teilhard de Chardin


The article, "Teilhard de Chardin, Precursor to the Council and the N.O. Mass," sure does fill us in on the happenings of Vatican ll and the evolving N.O. Mass.

The late Rev. Fr. Gommar Depauw cut to the chase and spelled out what the N.O. Mass was in the 1975 issue of Truth n Tradition tnt: "The New Mass a Warning," Sacrilegious at its best, invalid at its worst. That is some really strong language - to call the N.O. Mass a sacrilege for those who, held to a higher standard, say it and for those who go to it.

Those traditionalists who have wanted to negotiate the acceptance of New Mass now for many many years would not have found in Father Depauw a sympathetic supporter of their wheeling and dealing.

     St. Pius V, pray for us.



Film about JPII

Dear TIA,

Do you ever watch the movie "Karol A Man who Became Pope"? The movie is about Pope St. John Paul II's life since he was young until elected Pope.

However, there are some immoral scenes (which actually is not important & useless to the whole storyline, but I'm still wondering why the movie had this) in it which is kind of disturbing (yes I had to say this because my father was kind of surprised when he passed by and found me watching this at one of these scene and he said, "What kind of movie are you watching??") & shocking! I say, for a movie about a Pope & a Saint.

I hope you will watch it just to know. If you watched it already, will you please give some comment or review?

     Thank you for your time & attention.


TIA responds:

Dear D.C.,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will keep it in mind. If we watch it, we shall write a movie review about it.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Messenger


Great review of The Messenger! The movie contradicted all that Catholic writings have said of St. Jeanne d'Arc. It is heretic and blasphemous.



U.S. Government Arming Terrorists


Below I transcribe a news report showing that the present day government is arming the Islamic terrorists as long as they are not members of the ISIS.

Check it for yourselves.


BOMBSHELL: Intel Chief Clapper ADMITS
Obama admin arming terrorists but calling them ‘moderates’

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, was interviewed by Council on Foreign Relations last week on Global Intelligence Challenges. During a Q&A session, Clapper suggested that when it comes to training and equipping moderate rebels in Syria, the definition of ‘moderate’ has evolved so that nowadays it really means “anyone who is not affiliated with ISIL”.

If you watch the video instead of just reading the transcript, you’ll notice Clapper using air quotes several times when he says the word ‘moderate’. He even says at one point “whatever that means“, referring to the term ‘moderate’.

So there are some portion of our oppositions who are regarded as moderate. Moderate these days is increasingly becoming anyone who’s not affiliated with ISIL. And so, you know, we are attempting to engage with them, and that’s the whole point of the train and equip proposal—project that the Department of Defense is gearing up for, is to vet, recruit and train and equip oppositions in sufficient size and capability to actually make a military difference.

And so one of our challenges is, again, the recruiting and vetting part. So we picked people that not only are moderate, whatever that is, but also we have to be sensitive to complying with the international rules of law, which in this environment is a pretty tough order.

So this is a very, very complex situation in Syria, compounded by the fact that we are actually not there, which is very different than the situation we have in Iraq, where we are there. And so from an intelligence perspective and for our ability to exert leverage and influence, it’s much, much easier in Iraq than it is in Syria. That’s a long-winded answer to your question but it’s a tough one.

Video of this part and original news report here; full script of the Q & A, here.


Thoughts on American Sniper


My wife and I just returned from watching American Sniper. It's been showing for a while here in State College, PA, and I'm glad to tell you that the theater was PACKED. Everyone walked out in stunned silence at what they had just seen regarding the sacrifices of our military to protect us and what's left of the free world from an enemy rightly described as "savages." It is a magnificent motion picture tribute to our military.

But the term "savages" also applies to those who treat our military like so much dirt by turning it into cannon fodder via PC ROE, which make the self-esteem of the radical Islamist jihadist enemy a higher priority than the lives of our troops. These traitors include the Obamunists and their enablers of all political stripes.

It's pitiful to see what these brave warriors did for us only to see it INTENTIONALLY squandered by a traitor and his minions who are allied with the enemy that our military was fighting and dying to protect us from. This is TREASON per Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution in giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war, and it's high time that the T word starts resonating from coast to coast with regard to what the Obamunists and their enablers are doing, and for which they deserve prosecution to the full extent of the law with the commensurate penalty.

Thank you, Chris Kyle and your fellow brothers-in-arms, for your Service to our country. You will never be forgotten, and it will be a cold day in hell before REAL AMERICANS in MORE THAN NAME only, especially MILITARY VETERANS, allow a traitorous Islamo-fascist masquerading as president to render your sacrifices to have been in vain. Of that, be assured!

     A Vietnam War Navy Veteran

     Gary Morella


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 12, 2015

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