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Universal Republic & Homo to Lead Army

Pope & Universal Republic


Just on the in case you haven’t seen this item.

On the eve of Francis‘ visit to the USA’, You might want to post this quote from a Pope who lived in the 1920s. He warns the world about an immanent takeover of civilization by a New World Order - NOW.

That he refers to as a Universal Republic.



Benedict 15 on Universal Republic

The quote of Benedict XVI's motu proprio Bonum Sane reads:

The advent of a Universal Republic, which is longed for by all the worst elements of disorder, and confidently expected by them, is an idea which is now ripe for execution.

From this republic, based on the principles of absolute equality of men and the community of possessions, all distinctions would be banished, nor would the authority of the father over his children, or the public power over citizens, or God over human society be any longer acknowledged. If these ideas are put into practice, there will inevitably follow a reign of unheard-of terror.


Maria Bambina Clarification


Thanks for the article re Maria Bambina.

This may seem like silly questions but I would like some clarification if possible.

The article mentions a "waxen image" and the photo shows a statue. Is said "waxen image" and statue meant to be the same object?

If so, is the statue the original? If not, what is the original miraculous image? Is there a decent quality photo on the internet somewhere?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

     Warm regards,


TIA responds:

Hello J.T.,

The picture of Maria Bambina in our article is the original waxen image statue. It is kept under glass to keep it from discoloring, as frequently happens with these waxen images.

This form of art, using beewax to model or mold figures, has been practiced since the Middle Ages, and became more popular in the Itallian Renaissance. Life size waxen images of both the Infant Jesus and the Infant Mary were often made in this period. The statues, like the Maria Bambina, are extremely realistic and worthy works of art, as we can see in the miraculous life-sized Maria Bambina molded by Sr. Isabella Chira Fornari in 1735.

Maria Bambina
As we noted in our article, this statue also suffered the wear of time, and the waxen features gradually turned a dull yellow and gray color. It was on January 16, 1885, that the Sisters noticed an amazing transformation in the image of Maria Bambina, whose features returned to warm flesh hues, looking like the face of a living baby.

Crowds of people in Milan hastened to the simulacrum to venerate the miraculous image, and it is this same wax image - or statue - that is venerated today in the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity, who are today known as the Sisters of Maria Bambina. It became common in Milan to give newly married couples a small wax image of Maria Bambina under glass as a wedding gift. You can still find these charming statues for sale (e.g. here and here). Each year on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary, September 8, the Sisters touch small pieces of cotton to the miraculous image. These pieces of cotton are then distributed as Sacramentals to those who have a devotion to Maria Bambina.


     TIA correspondence desk

Romans & the Crucifixion


Re: The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Great article!

You are indeed most correct: most people, including devout Christians, do not realize how shameful and repugnant to Romans and others in the ancient world was death by crucifixion.

     God bless your work!


Williamson Praises Valtorta, Again

Dear Marian,

Salve Maria!

I was surprised to get this article from Msgr. Williamson praising Maria Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God (click here)  

I had read your book review on the topic and you are correct; it is filthy and perverted.

What is wrong with Bishop Williamson? Why does he promote this?

The few examples you gave are enough to drive those who desire to preserve purity away from this.

Does he think fallen human nature can sustain the Faith without purity of mind and body?

Thank you for your good answer.

     In Maria,



Open Homosexual to Lead Army


Please, read the news report below.

This is the flaunting of the sexual perversion of our Armed Forces by the diabolic fraud in the White House, who's not satisfied with the unilateral disarming of our military materially but also morally, a morale destroyer if there ever was one!

     A Vietnam War Navy Veteran


Obama nominates openly gay man to lead army

Douglas Ernest

President Obama just ensured the Navy will no longer hold a monopoly on jokes about “gay” servicemen.

Eric Fanning has been nominated by Obama to lead the Army. The decision opens the door for Fanning to be the first openly homosexual civilian secretary of one of the military services.

“Eric brings many years of proven experience and exceptional leadership to this new role,” Obama said in a statement, the Washington Post reported Friday. “I look forward to working with Eric to keep our Army the very best in the world.”

Fanning has served as acting undersecretary of the Army since June 2015. He was also acting Air Force secretary for a short time.

“He understands how the Pentagon works and how to get things done in the Pentagon,” said Rudy de Leon, who was deputy defense secretary in the Clinton administration, the Washington Post reported. “He knows what works and what doesn’t work.”

“Outlasting the Gay Revolution” spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values counter attacks on our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience by homosexual activists

Obama’s move continues a trend of making the military more LGBT-friendly. The president signed legislation Dec. 22, 2010, to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which was then officially implemented by the services Sept. 20, 2011.

“I am committed to removing all of the barriers that would prevent Americans from serving their country and from rising to the highest level of responsibility that their talents and capabilities warrant,” Leon Panetta, then-defense secretary, said during a Pentagon news conference at the time.

The Obama administration also acted earlier this summer to allow transgender troops to openly serve.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the decision July 13.

“We must ensure that everyone who’s able and willing to serve has the full and equal opportunity to do so, and we must treat all our people with the dignity and respect they deserve,” Carter said in a statement, Politico reported July 13. “Going forward, the Department of Defense must and will continue to improve how we do both. Our military’s future strength depends on it.”

The Pentagon is currently undertaking a six-month study into the implications of allowing transgender troops to openly serve.

Carter said every job will be open “except where objective, practical impediments are identified,” Politico reported.

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 22, 2015

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