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Papal Omission, Invasion & Sweet Cross

Papal Omission


Mark Levin said the whole day (yesterday, September 23) went by and neither Obama nor the Pope mentioned the Christians being raped and slaughtered by ISIS. Yet they were more than happy to talk about Climate Change, something that doesn’t mean anything to the girl being raped by 20 different men every day.

Listen here.


Equality & Liberty

Dear Atila,

Today, September 24, is the feast day of Our Lady of Ransom.

It is interesting to note that in the Novena to Our Lady of Ransom it says:

“Thou alone, O Mary, canst break the inextricable chains, in which the cunning Prince of Darkness entangles the dupes he has deceived by the high-sounding name of equality and liberty.”


     In Domina,

     Patrick (Odou)


Saved from Rock ‘n Roll


Re: The Origin of Rock ‘n Roll, Its Promoters

I missed 'rock and roll' 100%! Yet, it was all around me. I bought one album It's a Beautiful Day because of the violin lines and it was 'heavy' and transcendent somehow. I never danced to rock. I was interiorly ashamed of the movements, the ambiance and the sound. It was 'low'. No one ever told me this: I just 'knew it'. It was beneath me. I listened to a little on the radio when I was a teen. I never went or wanted to go to a 'concert' of it.

How did this happen? About 15 years ago I had an 'insight' about how I missed rock 'n roll 100%. I had Thomas Thallis, Palestrina, Thomas de Vitoria, etc. a magnificent German organ and Mr. Parisi, a renowned classic organist and musician, and The Traditional Latin Mass every day except Thursday and Saturday, with a magnificent massive boy's and men's choir only, and a building that was a massive copy of a Roman Temple. The air would turn to a golden mist as I assisted at Holy Mass, and I was in it and surround by it with my Lord and his Saints.

I realized I was born aesthetically in this environment at 'the top'. And from 'the top' all else is lower than 'the top,' so, why bother?

     God save us!



Bad Papal Counselor

Dear TIA,

I hope you did not miss this news report about a “consulter” in the “select” circle  surrounding Pope Francis. He is the one who chooses them.

Kind regards,


Enzo Bianchi, Papal Consulter or False Prophet?

(Rome) "Mary cannot be the reference point for the advancement of women in the Church." In reality, Bianchi is a layman. He gave an interview to the daily newspaper La Repubblica, which was published last September 9th. Bianchi was appointed by Pope Francis as Consulter in July 2014 of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

Enzo Biachi

Enzo Bianchi

La Repubblica published an interview under the title "The church of the future," of Enzo Bianchi by Sylvia Roochney.

Bianchi explained it: "In the Church there are good intentions, but about there are unreal expectations about women: The model Maria, Virgin and Mother, cannot be the reference point for the advancement of women in the church. The fashionable, subliminally alleged idea that Mary was more important than St. Peter is a stupid idea, just as the wheels of a car would be more important than the steering wheel."

Next, Bianchi said, "We are not yet able to take unequivocal equality between men and women seriously. The path of the Church is still very far, because even all the men are at the decision-levers, while women are restricted to low services."


Muslims Invading Europe


This is the "Isis Unveiled" program: the agents of the destruction of Christianity use Muslim immigration to infiltrate an army of terrorists in Europe and in the U.S. They also are backed by wicked forces in the West.

The Ultimate Nightmare Scenario Unfolds as Sea of Chaos Overwhelms West and Our Enemies Build up an Army Right before Our Eyes.

Check it here.



Minister O'Dowd & the Irish Catholic Hierarchy


Please see the smiling faces of the Papal Nuncio and Bishop McAreavy sitting with the Sinn Fein (Marxist) Minister for Education in Northern Ireland, John O'Dowd. The occasion is the opening of a "Catholic" Grammar school yesterday.

Johm ODowd
O'Dowd has just released documents to all primary schools and secondary schools issuing guidance on teaching sexuality and relationships. The document has been put together with groups like the Family Planning Association (part of the International Planned Parenthood Federation) and Rainbow (part of the international sodomite network) and Stonewall (ditto Rainbow).

For the PRIMARY school guidance see here.

Did you know?

A young person’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity is a central and significant part of who they are and how they see themselves in relation to others. There is some evidence to suggest that children as young as eight years old may begin to question their sexual orientation, and from early adolescence, begin to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual (McDermott, 2010, page 9). Recent research reveals that transgender young people become self-aware that their assigned birth sex is different from their gender identity between the ages of 3–5 years old. However, it is between the ages of 6–16 years old that transgender young people begin to understand their feelings, and can start to talk about them (McBride, 2013)

An excellent book on how all this came about (in purely natural terms, apart from the suppression of The Catholic Church by The Conciliar Church) is The Leipzig Connection, a history of how education went from teaching children as individual souls to teaching children as animals.

     J.H., Ireland


O Sweet Cross!

Dear TIA,

I stumbled upon this prayer in a Catholic novel, translated into English and published in 1878.

It was written by an Italian Jesuit who wrote a novel to outline the sorrows and errors of Freemasonry and the French revolutionaries who had already invaded France and were agitating for Italy.

In this excellent book, a prayer is breathed by a monk that I found to be exceptionally beautiful. His prayer was for Italy; I adapted only a very few words for our day. It is for those who do penance.

Perhaps you will find it as beautiful as I.

     In Maria,


O sweet Cross, thou didst sustain the eternal weight of our redemption, O only hope of a perishing world! Remind Jesus of His mercies and oppose thyself as a shield to the darts of His Justice. I behold misfortunes lowering over the world and our families.

Already I hear the thunder muttering above the ark of God; I smell the odor of the desolating carnage which pollutes the fair fields of the Catholic Church and her families; I hear the neighing of chargers, the clash of arms, the thunder of artillery, the groans of the wounded, the weeping of mothers, the mourning of wives, the sighs of virgins, the affright of old men, the shock of the assault, the terror of towns and cities.

Ah! Holy Cross, behold the divine Blood which bathed thee; again It is warm and smoking; let it but flow over these hapless regions; pour It forth in rivers and torrents. A Drop, one single Drop, would save the universe. Thou dost possess It all; be thou, therefore, Its merciful dispenser.

Consider that if our sins are many and great, the mercies of the Father are infinitely greater. These mercies will efface their guilt; and while man sins let the bees roam the valleys to suck out the sweetness of flowers, and with the honey thereof sweeten the tongue that blasphemes the divine Goodness. Let the grape hasten to grow ripe and produce the wine which will warm and rejoice the hearts that offend their Creator. Let the flowers and fruits put forth their leaves and blossoms to delight the eyes and be savory to the palate of the rebels.

Let the sun warm and brighten, and the rain water and fertilize the fields; let all things announce the goodness of Him Who pardons all offences, and save to lead back the wandering; of Him Who long suspends His chastisements, to await for repentance.

Ah! Cross, our hope, port of salvation, anchor of safety! Let me, poor miserable sinner as I am, in some sort appease the just wrath and imminent vengeance. (perform some penance)


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 24, 2015

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