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Trump, Carol & Our Lady of Good Success

Blue & Red Billionaires


TIA's recent article Love for Putin and S-300s leads us back to history. First it was the Masonic Capitalist that financed the Communist Revolution in Russia. Then, it formed a partnership with Stalin in WW ll in order to spread Communism. Later, it sold grain below market costs to communists when they needed it over and over again. Roosevelt and Truman continued along the same lines. But they saw the Americans, who paid for that aid, calling Stalin a mass murderer.

Mr. Trump reportedly has a fortune of around 5 billion dollars. An amount of money no man can ever really need. In ancient Rome the poets used to say that in every great fortune amassed, a great crime accompanied it.

Mr. Putin himself, has also billions... The Communist Cuban Castros - just to name a few of the communist dictators past and present - are multi-millionaires.

As we say here in the U.S.: Go figure...

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.



Maria Walks amid the Thorns

Dear TIA,

I am looking at your sheet for music for the carol Maria Walks amid the Thorns, and was wondering where you found this rendition and if this is the only arrangement you have for this composition.

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear P.R.,

The rendition provided on our website was performed by the Vienna Boy's Choir, and is a part of the 2007 album titled "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas." While this is the only version of the song that is currently in TIA's possession, "Maria Walks Amid the Thorns" (German: Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging) has been a beloved medieval Advent carol since at least the 16th century. Evidence suggests it was popular long before it was formally written down.

Though the original author was anonymous, the piece was translated into English by Henry S. Drinker in the 1950's. Several different renditions are available online for a fair price. A quick online image search also suggests that there are different sheet music arrangements that are suited to different voices, although they generally seem to follow the same pattern and melody.


     TIA correspondence desk


Prayers Requested


I believe TIA and its readers would like to pray for this lady. I found this request on this blog.


Please be generous in your prayers for the following person:

Marilyn Matt, mother to Michael Matt of The Remnant, was afflicted with a stroke during an operation on her heart valve January 12th. The early prognosis is not good, but at 86 she is strong and has always been a fighter with an incredibly strong faith. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


Thank You for Spreading Our Lady of Good Success Message

Dear Dr. Horvat,

I just wanted to send you a quick message of gratitude for all which you have done to propagate devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her glorious title of "Our Lady of Good Success." Recently, I purchased the first book you wrote upon this matter, and the second book wherein you elaborate more regarding the miracles of Our Lady under this auspicious title. I plan to purchase your other works in the future.

Seeking a thaumaturge to whose patronage to have recourse in present times of terrifying anxiety, I am gladdened and humbled that Divine Providence has led me to the greatest thaumaturge of all: the great Mother of God, whose first "good success" ("buen suceso") was to bring to fallen man the Eternal Word of the Father, whilst remaining a perpetual Virgin; only to have the work of maternal co-redemption, which she had began at Nazareth and had continued at Calvary, to be gloriously manifested to her children of this age by her miraculous statue at Quito, Ecuador.

May the great Mother of God vouch safe you, together with each of your loved ones, all the graces necessary for salvation and perfection, most especially holy perseverance in the fulfillment of the sacred vows of Baptism.

     Thank you and God bless you,


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear E.M.,

Thank you for your kind words about my work on Our Lady of Good Success. I am very glad you found this devotion, one that offers hope and clarity for these dark and confused days.

May Our Lady and the Divine Infant guide and protect you.


     Marian T. Horvat


Warm Support

Dear TIA staff,

Thank you for your prayers and sacrifices. May God and Our Lady continue to bless all you do.

God bless,



New Reader, New Friend

Dear Friends at TIA,

I am new to Tradition in this past year, and quickly found your website and visit it daily.

Thank you for all you do and God Bless you.

Wishing you all the best this New Year,

     In Christ Jesus,



Msgr. Patrick Perez' Issues with Divine Mercy


Thank you for the insights of the Msgr. on the Divine Mercy Devotion. There are a couple things he took issue with that may be easily explained. For instance when Christ says to Saint Faustina she is His favorite creature, He could be talking of those living on earth at the moment and not of all time. Also, when He says what you said is saccharin, so is the Song of Songs. Also as to her judgment, it would seem God could have made His judgment and knew she would enter heaven and that she needn't fear facing Him at the end of her life and that was all He was conveying to her.

It seems clear that the Divine Mercy devotion has been abused already. In reading the whole diary it was clear to me that the message was that NO ONE need fear approaching God and asking for His mercy BUT that what He intends at that meeting is an OUTPOURING OF GRACE to overcome whatever separates us from God. This part of the message is being ignored or deceitfully withheld so that people are not hearing the message in context. Our work to cooperate with that grace and continue seeking it is required. This is the work of our conversion and would entail penances.

I hadn't taken offense at the picture of Divine Mercy, but understand your concerns. Thanks again for informing us about the previous Pope's concerns and your insights.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 21, 2016

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