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Lourdes Invites ‘Gays’ & UPS Mission

Enjoyable Article

Hi Atila,

I really enjoyed reading this article, titled "The Lily & Sword in the Last Judgment," that Marian provided. I have always wanted to better understand the symbolism in pieces such as she presented.

Thank you,

     E.S., Ph.D.


Lourdes Sanctuary Invites ‘Gays’ for Valentine's Day


You have reported some of the progressivist Church's desecrations at Lourdes (here and here). Here is another one, reported enthusiastically by the leftist London Tablet; text is below.


This year (2016) the sanctuary at Lourdes invited couples of all kinds – including gay people – to come and celebrate St Valentine’s Day last Sunday.

“A weekend for couples – come to Lourdes to say ‘I love you’,” read the brochure advertising the event. “The invitation is open to all kinds of couples – married, not married, homosexuals,” sanctuary treasurer Thierry Castillo said.

The initiative was a success with about 250 couples making the journey – but apparently no gay couples were among them.


Moka Urn

Dear TIA-Team,

Funerals in the post-conciliar Church have been notorious for their naturalism and utter lack of piety.

A prime example of this is the funeral mass of the Italian entrepreneur Renato Bialetti, maker of the famous Moka Express coffeemaker. The priest (in post-conciliar newspeak: "presider of the funeral mass") agreed that a percolator be used as an urn!

The photo of this extravaganza is below; the news report in Der Spiegel is here.

Incidentally, there are numerous reports on the Web of cases where traditional Requiem masses were denied to deceased persons by certain dioceses. Just as a side note.

     Kind regards,

     F.W.R., Germany

coffeemaker used as mortuary urn

The ashes of Renato Bialetti's cremated body where placed into a coffeemaker and blessed by a Catholic priest; see more here


Pope on Contraception

Dear TIA,

Re: Pope Francis signals openness to birth control for Zika virus

I can't believe I can still be surprised at this point. I had actually never heard this about Pope Paul VI, even after all my studies on the topic (at the PPVI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction no less!)

Can you imagine how this would sound if Catholics applied this logic at home:

Wife: Honey, I have just been notified that our daughters are being systematically raped.
Husband: Well, I guess we have no choice but to put them all on birth control.

"Let the rapes happen, just make sure they don't get pregnant." This is the policy that Pope Francis now calls to our attention? Perhaps Pope Francis is letting us know ahead of time how he plans to handle all the rapes he knows will occur as Muslim immigration expands throughout the world at his recommendation.

This is it in a nutshell, the utter negligence of papal duty to provide paternal protection. It's almost as if the pope is in direct competition with Satan himself to see who can send the most souls to hell.

     In Maria,

     Dr. P.M.


UPS Plane Mission


Remember the bus in the night with refugees on a secret UPS plane? Here is the follow-up.

It seems that UPS is being hired to bring in Middle Eastern Muslim refugees, bypassing security.

And that the Obama administration has been doing this for quite some time, using NGOs.

The video is here.



Vinyl Recliner


Most of the older Catholics (60+) have been living a life of compromise for so long, they are numb to it. They seem not to see the stark difference between the pre-council Faith and the one that exists today, which is nothing more than a faded replica of the Original.

It reminds me of a cheap brown vinyl recliner I saw in a store. At a distance it looked like an expensive genuine leather recliner, but, as I got closer, the quality faded. When I sat in it, I knew it was just a cheap copy.

If only these millions of older Catholics, who had the True Faith in their youth, could see what it has become… a vinyl recliner.

May Our Lord and Our Lady guide them back to the Original.

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.


Should I Go to a Party on Holy Saturday?

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your website. I have been a regular visitor over the past 5 years.

My mother-in-law, who is not Catholic, is hosting an Easter celebration on Saturday during Holy Week this year. She is doing this because she does not want her celebration to conflict with other Easter celebrations in the family. My husband's family is mostly non-religious and it wouldn't even cross their minds that having a family celebration on Holy Saturday would not be appropriate.

My husband, who is very sensitive to his mother's feelings, would like to attend the family event. I, also, do not want to hurt his mother's feelings, but I think that we are sending a message to our children that our traditions are not important should we attend a celebration on Holy Saturday.

Should my family and I attend this gathering? If it is not acceptable to attend, and my husband would still like to attend, is it the duty of my children and I to go with him?

     Please continue your good works!


TIA responds:

Dear M.E.,

Thank you for visiting our website. Your assiduity is an encouragement for us.

We believe you should not party on Holy Saturday. Amiably explain to your husband that the reason is because you do not want to assist at a festivity while the Catholic Church is mourning the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You should not try to impose your choice on him, but let him decide for himself whether he stays with you in recollection or goes and pleases his mother. If he decides to go, which seems to be more probable, ask him to excuse you from not going with him and to tell your mother-in-law the religious reason that keeps you at home (or at church).

Regarding your children, we do not have sufficient data regarding their ages, situations, etc. to give an opinion on each one. In general lines, those who understand the significance of Holy Week and are closer to your traditional thinking may stay with you; the others may choose to go with your husband.

We wish you a recollected Lent and Holy Week.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 23, 2016

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