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Mozart, Immigration & Predicted Times


Dear TIA,

Thanks for the information about the Cristeros; I was not familiar with them, and went to the Wikipedia.org site to learn more about them.

Their heroic story reminds me of the Catholic uprisings in England in the 16th century and in France during the French Revolution.




Dear Marian,

Creatio is excellent, as usual! 10 books down, one to go for the set to be completed. What a life's work.

When the Church revives, Atila's work will continue for centuries.

God bless you and keep you,

     In Maria,

     J.S., Ph.D.


Mozart Music for Study


Here are some hours of Mozart specially put together for study. Thought your readers might like to check it out.



Prof. Plinio & Mass Emigration

Dear Atila,

In the Postface of the edition of Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, which can be found here, I read the following predictions that I think will be of interest to TIA readers.

It was written in 1992. After discussing the Fall of the Iron Curtain and the subsequent rise of the 4th Revolution (Tribalism, anarchism) and the 5th Revolution (chaos, Satanism), he talks about things to come:

“Moreover, the international media continues to publicize the eventual migration of famished semi-civilized – ergo semi-barbarian – hordes to the prosperous European countries living under the regime of Western consumerism.

“Starved not only of food but of ideas, what do these pitiable people understand of the free world, at once super-civilized and gangrenous? On meeting it, would they not clash with it? And what would result from this clash, both in an invaded Europe and, by extension, in the old Soviet world? A self-managing, cooperationist, structuralist-tribalist revolution or an immediate world of total anarchy, of chaos and horror, which we would not hesitate to call the Fifth Revolution?

“At the moment this edition goes to press [1993], any answer to these questions would be manifestly premature. Not that they should not be asked now, for the future is so unpredictable that it might be too late to ask them tomorrow. Indeed, of what use are books, thinkers or remnants of civilization in a tribal world beset by the hurricanes of the disordered human passions and the deliria of structuralist-tribalist ‘mysticism’ – what a tragic situation, in which nobody would be anything in the empire of nothingness.”

In light of the mass immigrations presently being pushed by Francis, apostate Catholic Institutions and the political and economic powers of the world, I think we should take heed of what Prof. Plinio is saying.

     In Domino,

     Patrick (Odou)


The Emptiness of Protestantism


I thought it was interesting to see that some people in the protestant churches are noticing the spiritual void produced by today's popular gospel music and also produced by their lack of acceptance of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist (click this link for full article).

Here is an excerpt from the article: "I think this is one reason why most evangelicals (not just Zwingli's faith descendants) devalue Holy Communion so much. They don't really see the point.

“They don't feel anything. For them, no stimulation equals no worship. But for the historic church, there was no worship without the Eucharist. It was the natural culmination of the liturgy. We take in the bread and wine, and we are poured out into a dry, thirsty creation as participants in the gospel story. Jesus invites us, saying, "Here are my body and blood."

Thanks for your valuable contribution to the faith,



We Are in the Predicted Times

Dear TIA,

Our Holy Mother the Church has been invaded and is now directed by her enemies. As predicted by Our Lady of La Sallete, in the 19th century, "The True Church will be eclipsed" (not destroyed) by a false church for a certain period of time.

Our Lady of Good Success, in the 17th century foretold in detail exactly what has happened and is happening right now, including the attack on Holy Matrimony. She even predicted when it would all begin in the middle of the 20th century... We all know what happened to the Church in the middle of the 20th century: Vatican II and the subsequent unprecedented and uncalled for changes In the Church’s liturgy.

It was the same pattern of all the great reformer/enemies of Holy Mother Church, from Martin Luther to Cromwell: Change the Mass and you will destroy the popish Church. They knew well that the way we pray determines what we believe. The traditional Mass is official prayer of Holy Mother Church. Not the N.O. Mass, designed by an alleged Mason and imposed on the Church by a Pope after Vatican II.

Our Lady of Fatima's , critical message, the famous 3rd secret, was never 'fully revealed'. Only Sister Lucia's description of the vision was revealed in the year 2000. No explanation from Our Lady of this complex vision was revealed... Our Lady felt constrained to explain to the children the obvious vision of hell that she permitted them to see. But not this complex vision??

Even Mother Angelica on her national TV program, interviewing Fr. Fox, commented that if that's all there was she couldn't understand why they kept it a secret for 40 years... And then said "I don't think we got the whole banana". Sister Lucia, prior to 1960 (the year Our Lady wanted the 3rd secret revealed), was asked why Our Lady picked the year 1960. She said that she asked Our Lady the same question and she replied: "It would be more easily understood then". So, why did Pope John bury the 3rd secret (both the vision & Our Lady's explanation)? Did it interfere with his determination to call for Vatican II?

I know that this will fall on many deaf ears, and might even offend some. But the chickens have come home to roost as we now have for the first time a Pope who is truly the bitter fruit of Vatican II. He was raised in the new oriented Church, attended a Jesuit N.O. seminary. Said only the Novus Ordo Mass his entire priestly life and is obviously influenced by Liberation Theology, so rampant in South America. I submit this prayer for him: 'Eternal Father may your most 'Holy and Adorable Will' be done to him, be done by him, be done for him. Be thou pleased to protect him from his enemies and ours, visible and invisible and all erroneous opinion. Amen'

Humanly speaking, the Pope's conversion to true Traditional Catholicism, along with most of his clergy is our hope. But the situation is gone far beyond that, due to the demonic influence that we brought on ourselves since we ignored Pope Leo XIII's warning. We dropped our guard by not saying his prayer to St. Michael. The prayer he commanded the whole Church to say after every low Mass. Hell we even dropped the Mass itself.

And of course we ignored the prophecies, warnings and solutions of Our Blessed Mother. Our Lady of Fatima said "only I can help you" and Our Lady of Good Success said "when all seems hopeless I will intervene ."

     Lord have mercy on us thru the intercession of Mary most holy!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 1, 2016

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