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CRS, Future for Children & New Denzinger

Immoral Catholic Relief Services


Just a note to readers not to fall for the rice-bowl trick. Money to Catholic Relief Services is not just buying rice for hungry children, but funding contraception and abortion programs in those poor countries. And they are giving big time money as you can see in this article by Lepanto.

     Thanks for your valiant efforts.



CRS Supports Same-Sex ‘Marriages’


Beware of those seemingly innocent rice bowls being passed out at our Churches. They're not what they seem per this news report forwarded to me by a Catholic friend.

Gary Morella


Your Children Belong to the State

Dear TIA,

I want you to know what has been publicly said in television shows.

In this link you can watch MSNBC host Melissa Harry-Perry telling whoever wants to hear that families have to forget that their children belong to their parents. She stresses very boldly that our children are not ours, but they belong to the “whole community,” which means the State.

So, in our country we have people defending what was a characteristic of the Communist Regimes. The State owns everything and everyone. The family is considered only a center of reproduction, not so different than cattle.

It is not taking a war to conquer the American mind. Better said, it is not taking a conventional war. We are being the target of a “psychological war” for many decades. The weapons of mass destruction this war are the educational system, the media and the entertainment industry. The generals are their bosses.

How can we defend ourselves against this war, if we don’t want to believe in it?

Well, America was always family-centered. Now, even this is changing…

I believe TIA is one of the few organizations that takes this psychological war seriously and counter-attacks in the same field.

     Keep up the good work.



Minions – Hollywood Induces Children to Satanism

Dear TIA,

I am forwarding to you and your readers this short review of the movie Minions. I found it here.

In Maria,


Doesn't it feel good to be evil? This is the message repeated in Minions, a movie from Illumination Entertainment. Minions teaches children they are androgynous widgets whose only purpose in life is to serve an evil master.

Humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult, Kabala Judaism. Hollywood deserves much of the credit. This movie demonstrates how, in a satanic cult, evil is made to appear good, and members are corrupted and sickened, and thus controlled and exploited.

"You're a minion," ZWO teaches children in Hollywood's most blatant example of Androgynous Global-Slave Programming....

Dictionary.com definition of a minion: "a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power."

Think it is a coincidence that Zio-Hollywood has over the past few years introduced the 'cuddly' little characters called minions in the "Despicable Me" movies, now being followed-up with a full length movie all their own called, what else, Minions.

The movie was released in 2015. The basic plot of the movie reveals the whole ball-o-wax: The 'minions', who live only to happily serve an evil master, find themselves without an evil master to serve, so they set off on a quest to find a new evil master to serve. That's it. Minions seeking an evil master to serve – how blatant does the new-world-order brainwashing get? And, make no mistake, your children are the direct target.

Minions are "an androgynous mass of servile worker-drones." Minions are mindless, genderless, with no individuality – all dress the same, all look the same, with the exception that instead of two eyes some have only a single 'illuminati eye-of-horus' – to be expected of course coming from Illumination Entertainment.

"Because you're a minion..." What is all this really about? The answer is actually very simple:

From the Jewish Talmud: "Only the Jews are humans, the Non-Jews are not humans, but cattle" (non-Jews aka "goyim" = human cattle) – Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a

"When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews" – (Erubin 43b)

Watch a trailer here.

"A really efficient totalitarian State would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude." – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World


Denzinger's Omission


“Scratch That”: 1965 Edition of Denzinger omits condemnation of Religious Liberty!

I got this some time ago from this website.

I believe you will be interested in knowing it.


"The popular and authoritative collection of papal and magisterial documents, Enchiridion Symbolorum (in its original Latin title), or The Sources of Catholic Dogma (in its English title), edited originally by Heinrich Denzinger, has gone through over 40revisions and updates since the first edition was published in 1854, adding Church documents that followed over the course of time.

"The 30th edition (1954) is back in print, and that is the one most often used throughout Catholic traditional circles to refer to authoritative texts and decrees of the Popes and the Magisterium of Holy Church, as it is the last available English edition before the death of Pope Pius XII.

"In 1965, a revised edition of “Denzinger” — as Enchiridion Symbolorum is popularly called — was issued to include some of the documents promulgated under John XXIII (1958-1963) and some of the very first issued under Paul VI (1963-1978).

"In 1965, the pseudo-Catholic Second Vatican Council decreed that every human being has the right to religious liberty, a doctrine strictly condemned by Pope Pius IX (and the Popes that followed him, until Pius XII, who died in 1958). What, then, did the 1965 edition of Denzinger do with Pope Pius IX's encyclical (“Quanta Cura”) which condemned religious liberty? It simply cut out the portion where the Pope condemns what Vatican II approved..."


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 3, 2016

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