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Choral Music, Bathrooms & Freedom in Russia

Support My Sacred Music

Dear Sir,

I was wondering whether Tradition In Action might support me in my sacred choral music by putting up the video presentation of four of my sacred choral pieces illustrated by paintings by Fra Angelico.

It is difficult for me to make sales of my sacred choral music simply because nominal Catholics who are in a position to help me do not help me when they easily could. All my sacred choral music has been written for the Catholic Church’s liturgy and for Benediction. High quality scores are available to purchase from me and I give good discounts for bulk orders.

Here is an overview in “Ars Pulchra Magazine” with the video presentation which you can use free of charge. It might just help me with a few sales if you do, as well as give your readers some sacred choral music to enjoy:

My web site is here.

     Best wishes,

     Nicholas Wilton


Genderless Bathrooms


I received the following message, from the president of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins,  which I am asking you the favor to disseminate.

Thank you,


Dear J.J.,

If you thought the Obama administration would fade quietly as the president's term expired, think again. Now, they've ramped up their radical redefinition of reality to an entirely new level.

The Departments of Justice and Education are once again exceeding their lawful authority by sending a letter to every public school district in America threatening loss of federal aid if local districts do not adopt genderless bathroom policies, which would allow self-identified transgendered students to use facilities such as restrooms, showers and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex.

Under the guise of "protecting students from discrimination," these federal agencies are using the bully pulpit to strip parents and local school districts of the right to do something as simple as have separate restrooms and showers for boys and girls. In the eyes of the president, parents and local schools entrusted with teaching our children can't be trusted with setting bathroom standards.

If the American people do not speak up now on an issue like this, there's no limit to what President Obama's administration, or future liberal presidents, will be emboldened to do. Please join me in signing the petition below urging Congress to take action.


     Tony Perkins, President

Petition to U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan

The Obama administration's overreach in bullying parents and local school districts by threatening the loss of federal dollars if they do not follow its guidance in allowing students to use facilities such as restrooms, showers, and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex is both unlawful and dangerous to our children.

This has gone too far. The U.S. Congress is still the voice of the American people. It is past time that Congress stands up to the unlawful actions of this president. If Congress will not resist President Obama's overreach into the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms of our nation's schools, then who will? I, the undersigned, strongly urge you to take action to protect our children and stop the Obama administration's radical overreach.

To sign click here

Arab Spring, ISIS & Military


The enclosed article was forwarded to me by a Navy Buddy whom I served with in the Security Group Command during the Vietnam War.

ISIS could have been taken out in a New York Minute with a commitment on the part of an American Government that supports freedom worldwide as opposed to the traitors in office who oppose it.

It was Obama's sham of an Arab Spring - enabling more chaos in the tinder box that was the Middle East - that spawned genocidal ISIS, with its resulting crimes against humanity. For these crimes Obama and his enablers are equally guilty because they are directly responsible for propagating the same by, for example, refusing to let our pilots destroy ISIS out in the open, presenting targets of opportunity that the diabolic Islamo-fascist loving Obama denied them.

The trail of the heads of the innocent including the youngest of children per their brutal torture and killing speaks to this seminal fact! Obama IS RESPONSIBLE for these moral atrocities BIG TIME because he DID NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE TO STOP THEM when he could have by crushing the militant Islamists and their military arm responsible. Instead, the TRAITOR Obama opens our borders, putting out the welcome mat for terrorism in our own country by telling our Border Patrol to stand down.

You don't reduce your Military when threats like this are happening around the world. People who do such things hate freedom and are allied with tyrants. You promote freedom with a firm commitment to destroy those threats ASAP - before they come home to roost, which they have already done in spades worldwide!

On how our troops levels are shrinking read the article here and watch the video in it

     Gary Morella


Check the Great Freedom in Russia Today

Hello TIA,

I just came across a video of a manifestation in Crimea this past May 6, 2016, with a group asking for the Cossack Academy of Cadets to be reopened. One man in a formal Cossack uniform, some other Cossacks in camouflage uniforms, along with several ladies and youth were peacefully displaying their placards and symbols to the public when a large unit of Russian police arrived, asking to see their bureaucratic permit. After a while, an order to disperse/stop the manifestation came.

The Cossack official was treated with brutality as if he were a criminal. He was pushed back and forth, dragged to the police car, and, when he resisted, he was thrown onto the ground and finally roughly shoved into a cage in a police van. Another retired Cossack soldier in a camouflage uniform came to his assistance, but was soon immobilized by six police, he was also thrown to the ground, his face smashed down on the asphalt.

This shows the brutality with which Russians treat the population of Crimea, a part of Ukraine, which Russia invaded, breaking all the international laws. Here we have a good example of what is freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate in Russia.

I suggest you to pass on this video to your readers, but also to those who pretend Putin is a great man and that we Americans should look at Russia as a model for our society.

I am sending you the video along with photos I took from it [shown bellow].

     God bless and keep up the good work,


Fredom of speech in Russia - 1Fredom of speech in Russia - 2Fredom of speech in Russia - 3


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 17, 2016

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