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Illiterate Pope, Valtorta & Satanic Temple

Ramblings of an Illiterate Pope


The Pope said. “I’ve seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations, and I am sure that this is a real marriage, they have the grace of a real marriage because of their fidelity..."

So if you are faithful to the one you are shacking up with, you are sacramentally married? Is that what Pope Francis is saying? Sounds like it.

But he has already said that the great majority of marriages are invalid. So you have perhaps a better chance at being sacramentally married if you cohabitate than if you exchange vows in a Catholic church.



Johnson's Series on Apparitions

Dear friends,

I have been very much enjoying Mr. Gregory Johnson's ongoing series and hope that the next segment will be available soon.

I would like to convey to Mr. Johnson that we might also consider the under-appreciated apparition of Pontmain (1871) -- especially in view of so much that connects La Salette, Lourdes, Knock and Fatima.

Is it possible that I can be in touch with Mr. Johnson? I have researched Pontmain (and also La Salette) in depth, and in French – with sources that I do not believe are available in English. I have a book from France about Pontmain which translates into "Woman in the Cosmos" – which I believe is extremely significant in view of apocalyptic and cosmic events that now seem extremely close – and which have been repeatedly foretold by Our Lady.

Can you forward my email (or information) along to Mr. Johnson, perhaps for his consideration?

      Thanks so much.


TIA responds:

Dear M.F.,

We agree with you that the series of Mr. Gregory Johnson is very important. We are sure your comments will be an encouragement for him to continue that series.

As you asked, we are forwarding your message with your e-mail address to him so that he can contact you to discuss the points both of you have in common.


     TIA correspondence desk


One of Churchill’s Best Lines...


This is not a joke; it is historical fact.

An obnoxious woman said to Churchill: “If I was your wife, Mr. Churchill, I'd put poison in your tea.”

“Well, madam,” replied Churchill, “If I was your husband, I'd drink it.”

He did have a few zingers !!!



Irish Yoga

Dear Atila,

That was a very humorous post of yoga pictures. You strike just the right balance and will always be my favorite writer.

In Maria,

     Dr. P.D.


Williamson & Valtorta


In Bishop Williamson's St. Marys, KS, conference he recommends the Valtorta again.

He believes it is true, authentic and a gift from God. He says, if you read it to your children they will learn their religion and ask all kinds of questions. He said something true..."they will ask all kinds of questions". I bet they will. He said the book is not for everyone. He thinks it was made for our times. It is more detailed than Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich's book and Venerable Mary of Jesus of Agreda's book . Their books were made for their times.

When a question was asked about the book being on the forbidden books index, he made the excuse that the devil had a part in that. When pressed more at the end of the conference about the book being on forbidden books list, he said he doesn't know anything.

     Cor Mariae


Mockery of the Sacred Victim

Dear TIA,

I recently stumbled on this video of an Australian "priest" mocking Our Lord by abusing the Sacred Victim.

Viewers of a pious nature should be warned: it contains desecration, mockery and blasphemy to the highest degree! Only watch if your piety can stand it. This is no joke! It is the highest degenerate abuse of the Sacred Victim I have ever seen!

     Kind regards,



Satanic Temple Joins Planned Parenthood


I am sending you this new reports (below) on a very significant merge between two evil institutions.

Check it out and disseminate it if you think it is worthy.

     Mark Stabinski

‘Satanic Temple’ Joins Planned Parenthood in Pro-Abortion Crusade

Thomas D. Williams, PH.D.

Jun 17, 2016 - In the face of growing pressure on Planned Parenthood after revelations that it was selling human body parts, the Satanic Temple has launched a pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of America’s largest abortion provider.

The Satanic Temple, an organization that combats Christian influence in American society, has staged a series of counter-protests at pro-life rallies and filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri on behalf of one of its members who had to wait 72 hours to get an abortion due to Missouri state law.

According to reports, legislators have passed nearly 300 abortion restrictions in the past five years, resulting in the closing of “hundreds of clinics.”

In what free speech advocates are calling a victory for freedom of the press, David Daleiden, the intrepid investigative reporter who unearthed Planned Parenthood’s misdeeds, has been exonerated from the charges brought by the abortion giant.

In a ruling earlier this week, Judge Diane Bull dismissed the charges against Daleiden after it was revealed that the office of District Attorney Devon Anderson was in collusion with Planned Parenthood in targeting Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

Similarly, many pro-life advocates have called for the resignation of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who in April ordered the raid of Daleiden’s apartment, on learning that Kamala had received tens of thousands of dollars in political donations from Planned Parenthood.

In an interview this week, Daleiden said that “Planned Parenthood and their business partners know that the baby parts issue is the biggest scandal that they have ever faced and it’s the scandal that could take them down.”

Along with its counter-protests against pro-lifers, the Satanic Temple has launched a campaign against “informed consent” laws, which require that women seeking abortions be provided with informational materials regarding abortion. They urge women to claim exemption from “informed consent”materials, alleging a religious right not to receive such information.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 23, 2016

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