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Papal Mohawk Haircut & New Crusade

Is It a New Papal Hair Style?


Look at this photo. It seems that Pope Francis has adopted a Mohawk haircut, doesn’t it? No, he didn't (at least not yet…). It's just an impression caused by the shadow. What he is doing with all the animals lined up alongside him is saying a Mass in Mexico last February and promoting the protection of the animals.

A strange religion, this one that came after Vatican II… Global warming, animal rights, pro-homosexual. The earthly paradise promised by this new religion is actually becoming a hell.

For the full text of the news report, as well as credit for the photo, click here.

     Best regards,


Papal Mohawk hairstyle


Long Sermons

Dear TIA,

Re: Long Sermons Are Intolerable

I would like to send this document to one of the priests who offers the Latin Mass, but he would probably laugh at it. He also does the Novus Ordo and they walk out on him.

     God bless,



Pascal’s Example


Re: Long Sermons Are Intolerable

As I imagine you've heard many times, Blaise Pascal (philosopher, writer, mathematician, physicist, inventor of the barometer, the theory of probability and the first computer) apologized for the length of the first of his Provincial Letters, explaining to his readers that he hadn't the time to make it shorter...

     J.M., Ph.D.


German MP Mocks Political Correctness

Dear TIA,

Steffen Koniger of the conservative German AfD Party addresses a trans-sexual diversity rights proposal from the German leftist parties.

Making a mockery of the politically correct atmosphere of Europe, he addresses some 60 different 'gender identities' in his introduction.

You can watch his intervention, with English subtitles, here.

     Best regards,



Intermezzo Sinfonico

Dear TIA,

You can take some minutes to enjoy this performance of André Rieu with the Strauss Orchestra at Maastricht.

Please, pay attention in the women’s dresses.



‘God Prefers the Worst People’


Here we have Francis in effect preaching the Lutheran heresy: Sin boldly so God can forgive you more.

Only now, it's reduced further: God prefers us sinful and weak...

Impromptu remarks by Francis to crowds of youth gathered for the WYD in Krakow:

“Today, the Lord wants us to feel ever more profoundly his great mercy,” the Pope said in shortly after his visit to the Divine Mercy shrine. “May we never turn away from Jesus!” We may think that we are the “worst” on account of our sins and weaknesses, the Pope told the youth. However, this is how God prefers us to be, in order that “his mercy may spread.” “Let us take advantage of these days to receive all of the mercy of Jesus!”

It sounds like the way to receive more mercy is to sin more. And that God actually "prefers" those who are weak and sinful...

Not a very good message to the youth who have already had their catechism and morals watered down by JPII and Benedict.

You can read more here



Crusades More Actual than Ever

Dear TIA,

Re: Let’s Re-establish the Crusades

While I agree with the commentator that perhaps the Crusades should be re-established, however there are some things to consider.

Firstly, the Crusades were called by the Popes, not just to protect Christian civilization, but also and most importantly to protect the Holy Church, who protects civilization by Her Teachings and Sacraments. It would need another Pope to call one, though I highly doubt Pope Francis would call one, since he thinks that one can appease the Muslims and that we should unseemly prostrate ourselves before them. Also, there are no Catholics princes to come to the Pope’s aid as in the days of yore, since the Vatican now disapproves of Catholic States! I suppose the Pope could appeal to countries on a different level, but again, Francis won’t ever do it.

Secondly, the Crusades were also a spiritual battle. Pope Bl. Urban II (who I recommend we pray to for protection against the Mohammedans) granted a plenary indulgence to any man who died in battle, and subsequent Popes did the same. The only people who would benefit from these indulgences would be Catholics, since only they are in Communion with the True Church.

Though, I would say we should not despair, for Our Lord can work miracles, and if he can call a sinner like me to the Priesthood, He can certainly make the Pope have a reality check. Plus, if Our Glorious Lady defeated the Turks at the request of St. Pius V via the Holy Rosary, then I am sure She would hear our prayers.

     Kind regards,



Confession & Absolution

Good day!

Please answer this question as I am desperate to know if I have received Holy Communion while being in mortal sin.

A few weeks ago I went to Mass at another parish and went to confession. I was in mortal sin at the time, not having attended Mass for a couple of weeks. (I have great concerns over the new "protestant like" mass at my parish; i.e., everyone with hands in the air, singing protestant hymns, (esp. #666), no candles on the altar or bells to alert the congregation that Jesus has descended from Heaven, etc.).

After my confession, the priest did not use the Absolution formula rite to absolve my sins but rather said "Jesus loves you and forgives your sins. Go in peace." He gave me a penance after I said my Act of Contrition. After leaving the confessional, I felt that I was not absolved from my sins, but not truly knowing if the absolution was valid, I received Holy Communion anyway.

Should I re-confess my sins to a priest who will absolve using the formula rite for absolution?

Thank you for your answer.


TIA responds:


Normally speaking, the priests in the Novus Ordo Church still give absolution when they hear confessions. It is a different formula, much longer than the traditional one, which, nonetheless, contains the necessary formula “I absolve you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

When the faithful has a doubt whether the formula was said – either in the Catholic Church or in the Conciliar Church – he can ask the priest whether he said it or not. It is a right the faithful has to avoid this kind of scruples.

In your case, it can be that the priest said the formula in silence and only audibly stated the words you mention. He should not do this since he has the obligation to clearly say the formula of absolution.

From your letter we can see that you first supposed that he had absolved you and received Communion; then, after second thoughts, you reconsidered the whole confession and became insecure.

We don’t believe that you committed a sacrilege. However, if this scruple continues to torment you, look for a traditional priest and make a new confession, telling him that you supposed the first absolution to be valid and went to Communion.

It is a normal practice among the faithful to suppose that they received absolution when they go to Confession, even when they do not listen carefully to the words the priest said. If, by chance, there is objectively an omission or a fault in the formula, the tradition of the Church teaches us that Our Lord supplies and absolves the sinner.

The bottom line is that to avoid these problems, you should stop going to Novus Ordo Masses.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 9, 2016

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