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St. John’s Miter & ISIS Latest Massacres

Where to Find Gregorian Masses

Dear Friends at TIA,

I need help in finding a traditional priest who is willing to say the 30 day Gregorian Masses for a deceased nephew. Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated.

     God bless,


TIA responds:

Dear S.M.C.,

You may follow the two links indicated here and see if there are priests available for the 30 Gregorian Masses you need.

We hope you will be successful


     TIA correspondence desk


At Knock Why Did St. John Wear a Small Miter?

Dear Mr. Johnson,

At the end of your last article [about Our Lady of Knock] you indicated that you would be following it up with another, and I am really looking forward to it. …

I have a quick question to ask you. Someone told me recently that the miter that Saint John was wearing at the Knock apparition was a bishop's Miter of the Eastern Branch of the Church rather than, as we would have expected, of the Western branch. Have you come across this idea? And, if you have, have you any opinion about the miter, and about whether, if it is indeed Eastern, this might be relevant in some way?

I much look forward to hearing from you.

     With very best wishes,


Mr. Johnson responds:

Dear M.C.G.,

Thank you for your interest in my articles on Our Lady of Knock.

The answer to your first question is yes. I have come across this idea in my readings on Knock and I would say that the miter worn by St. John was probably Eastern.

Even at the Knock basilica, the statue of St. John shows a "small miter" as described by witnesses Patrick Hill and Judith Campbell. Dominick Beirne (Senior) said, "There was a miter on St. John's head, nearly like to that which a bishop wears." However, this is to be expected since St. John was the bishop of Ephesus, which is in modern-day Turkey, i.e., the East.

It should be emphasized that Eastern can only refer to the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church. There are many Eastern Rites of the Church; the Ukrainian Rite, the Maronite Rite, the Armenian Rite, etc.

The Apparition at Knock is certainly not referring to the Eastern so-called Orthodox, who are schismatics and heretics. The faithful generally refer to such sects as Eastern Schismatics, Eastern "Orthodox" (using quotation marks) or Eastern so-called Orthodox (because they are not orthodox). This point is important to remember in this chaotic and ecumenical time of religious relativism.

     In Jesus and Mary,

     Gregory Johnson


ISIS Bakes Its Victims


This is the ISIS that the TRAITOR Obama refused to let our pilots destroy when it was out in the open, providing inviting targets with this vermin guilty of crimes against humanity dead to right in their sights! This is the blood that is on the hands of Obama and his minions, including Hillary Clinton, who enabled the farce of an Arab Spring that spawned diabolic ISIS by removing whatever little stability there was in the Middle East.

It was Obama who encouraged takeover of that region with the Muslim Brotherhood marching to the drums of the Caliphate, leaving a trail of death and persecution. ISIS destroyed all those who wouldn't kowtow to Shariah Law, resulting in the burning of Christian Churches, their congregations, and the brutal torture and killing of thousands of innocents, making Herod seem like Snow White in comparison!

Read the news report below, please.

     Gary Morella

Syrian Mother: Islamic State Baked Christians,
‘Kneaded’ Children in Bakery Machines

Frances Martel

25 Oct 2016 - A Syrian Christian mother shared her story of escaping the Islamic State terrorist group in a suburb of Damascus while losing her son, George, after he refused to identify himself to the terrorists by a Muslim name.

The woman, Alice Assaf, said that she had heard that her son, who was beaten and shot to death, was spared a much worse fate: being baked in the ovens of the local bakery or “kneaded” to death in the bakery’s industrial-sized mixer.

Assaf told her story to Roads of Success, a human rights NGO with a focus on the rights of women and Christians in the Middle East. The group has provided testimony of the plight of Christians and Yazidis persecuted by the Islamic State to the House Foreign Relations Committee and regularly publishes video interviews with ISIS attack survivors. The Christian Post picked up the story and video interview, in which Assaf narrates the final days of her 18-year-old’s life.

Assaf says her suburb was targeted two years ago by Islamic State jihadists. She and her children hid in the home of a Muslim neighbor when she first heard that ISIS had come to town to kill its Christian population.

“Later on, we heard that the militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine,” she said.

When the army of dictator Bashar al-Assad arrived to quell the ISIS uprising, the jihadist began throwing children off of balconies and roofs in an attempt to scare the soldiers away. “The oldest was 4,” she recalls.

The killing, “in the beginning… was against Christians,” but they later started killing anyone who they believed affiliated to the Syrian army. Assaf and her family were betrayed by the Muslim neighbor who hid them. She pleaded with her eldest son, George, to use a Muslim name and deny his faith. “I don’t want to hide myself,” Assaf says her son said, “you are the one who taught me to follow what Christ said: whoever denies me before men, I will also deny them before Heaven.”

“They took him to the backyard to shot and kill him… they killed him because his name was ‘George,'” a Christian name, she notes. George was buried in a mass grave, and Assaf does not know his whereabouts.

While Assaf managed to escape, many Christian communities in Syria and Iraq remain under siege. One of the largest regional Christian population centers – Mosul, Iraq – remains under Islamic State control, with a coalition of Iraqi soldiers, Kurds and Shiite militias working to liberate it. There is no guarantee that Christians will return to repopulate those areas.

Roads of Success has profiled those Christians who insist on staying in Iraq and Syria and, perhaps even more dangerous, proselytizing their faith.

“The great thing is that despite all the destruction around us, there is still life, hope, and joy,” Father Michel Noman tells the NGO in a video posted last week, showing classrooms full of Christian children living their lives in Syria.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 3, 2016

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