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Christmas Wishes, Bad Clothes & St. Louis’ Will

Joyous Christmas

Best wishes for a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Daily readers,

     R. and R. C.


All of God’s Blessings

Dear TIA,

I wish you all of God's Blessings for another year. May His Angels and Saints watch over and guide you for another year in your earthly pilgrimage.



Walking the Narrow Path

Dear TIA,

When you asked for a donation from your readers you said: "If you benefited from our work, are recognizant of our efforts and desire that we continue a similar fight throughout 2017, please, give us a financial contribution."

Your website is helping me to walk the narrow road and hopefully leading to eternal life in the beatific vision of Heaven. How can I place a price upon eternal life?

I know I've sent a contribution already but God has laid it on my heart to send an additional donation. Enclosed is my donation to you.

     Dominus vobiscum – the Lord be with you.



Dominant Bad Clothing

Dear TIA,

I wanted to thank you for having such a wonderfully informative website. Among other things, I was impressed with the response given to the women who responded to "Three photos tell a story" with fashions. Being a man nearly 60, I remember when women dressed like women even though they were becoming more like men.

Honestly, things have deteriorated to a very bad way with the rise of yoga pants and tight leggings as standard wear for women, children and even men anymore. I have actually seen "painted on" yoga pants on women and in one case a woman with no attire at all below the sports jersey she was wearing. This, to me, is the logical conclusion to tight clothing which is transparent and revealing such that any sort of clothing below the hips is unnecessary.

It's virtually impossible to find a modestly dressed woman in my area. Women no longer wear skirts or dresses of any decent sort – their idea of a "dress" is a shirt over leggings or yoga pants.

Sundays are no measure of anything for those women who I see in church on Sunday quite often wear modest attire for that day only and I see them during the week in yoga pants. As a man, I can only turn my head so much or close my eyes so much lest I run into something or cause a danger to myself or others.

So, with prayer and determination, I have had to view women in general as unattractive, broken creatures and find them to be despicable overall otherwise I would fall into lust very easily. I feel bad for young men who are resisting relationships and marriage because women ceased being women and now men are ceasing to be men.

We cannot go on like this forever.

I can only wonder when God will have enough.




The Last Will of St. Louis of France


A happy and blessed new year! May Our Lord bless you and Our Lady keep watch over you always and everywhere in 2017!

My 2017 wishes for all men and women and their respective governments: that they may all receive the graces necessary to profess 'Christ The King.'

Catholic France, first daughter of Holy Mother Church at the apex of its historical glory! May that Nation, as well as this Nation, be restored to the fullness of their once Traditional and Christ-centric pasts. May the next President of France and our own President Elect ever look to imitate the Catholic ruling of King St. Louis IX, whose brief biography and 'Last Instructions To His Eldest Son, Phillip III' follow below.

     Mark Stabinski


King Saint Louis's Last Instructions to his Eldest Son, Philip III – Excerpts

1. To my dear first-born son, Philip, greeting, and his father's love.

2. Dear son, since I desire with all my heart that you be well instructed in all things, it is in my thought to give you some advice through this writing. …

3. Therefore, the first thing I advise is that you fix your whole heart upon God, and love Him with all your strength, for without this no one can be saved or be of any worth.

4. You should, with all your strength, shun everything which you believe to be displeasing to Him. And you ought especially to be resolved not to commit mortal sin, no matter what may happen and should permit all your limbs to be hewn off, and suffer every manner of torment, rather than fall knowingly into mortal sin.

5. If Our Lord send you any adversity, whether illness or other, … thank Him for it, … you should think that you have well merited it, … because you … have done many things contrary to His will.

6. If Our Lord send you any prosperity, either health of body or other thing you ought to thank Him humbly for it, and you ought to be careful that you are not the worse for it, … for it is a very great sin to fight against Our Lord with His gifts.

7. I advise you that you accustom yourself to frequent confession, and that you choose always, as your confessors, men who are upright and sufficiently learned, and who can teach you what you should do and what you should avoid. …

8. I advise you that you listen willingly and devoutly the services of Holy Church, and, when you are in church, avoid to frivolity and trifling, and do not look here and there; but pray to God with lips and heart alike, …

9. Have a pitiful heart for the poor, and for all those whom you believe to be in misery of heart or body, and, according to your ability, comfort and aid them with some alms. …

10. Maintain the good customs of your realm, and put down the bad ones. Do not oppress your people and do not burden them with tolls or tailles, except under very great necessity. …

15. Let no one be so bold as to say, in your presence, words which attract and lead to sin, and do not permit words of detraction to be spoken of another behind his back.

16. Suffer it not that any ill be spoken of God or His saints in your presence, without taking prompt vengeance. But if the offender be a clerk or so great a person that you ought not to try him, report the matter to him who is entitled to judge it. …

18. If you come to the throne, strive to have that which befits a king, that is to say, that in justice and rectitude you hold yourself steadfast and loyal toward your subjects and your vassals, without turning either to the right or to the left, but always straight, whatever may happen. …

21. You should seek earnestly how your vassals and your subjects may live in peace and rectitude beneath your sway; likewise, the good towns and the good cities of your kingdom. And preserve them in the estate and the liberty in which your predecessors kept them, redress it, and if there be anything to amend, amend and preserve their favor and their love. For it is by the strength and the riches of your good cities and your good towns that the native and the foreigner, especially your peers and your barons, are deterred from doing ill to you. I will remember that Paris and the good towns of my kingdom aided me against the barons, when I was newly crowned.

22. Honor and love all the people of Holy Church, and be careful that no violence be done to them, and that their gifts and alms, which your predecessors have bestowed upon them, be not taken away or diminished. …

23. Moreover, I advise you to love dearly the clergy, and, so far as you are able, do good to them in their necessities, and likewise love those by whom God is most honored and served, and by whom the Faith is preached and exalted. …

26. I advise you to bestow the benefices of Holy Church which you have to give, upon good persons, of good and clean life, and that you bestow them with the high counsel of upright men. …

28. And if it fall out that it is needful that you should make war … whatever the reason for which it is necessary for you to make war, give diligent command that the poor folk who have done no wrong or crime be protected from damage to their vines, either through fire or otherwise, for it were more fitting that you should constrain the wrongdoer by taking his own property (either towns or castles, by force of siege), than that you should devastate the property of poor people. And be careful not to start the war before you have good counsel that the cause is most reasonable, and before you have summoned the offender to make amends, and have waited as long as you should. And if he ask mercy, you ought to pardon him, and accept his amended, so that God may be pleased with you.

29. Appease wars and contentions, whether they be yours or those of your subjects, just as quickly as may be, for it is a thing most pleasing to our Lord. …

31. Always be devoted to the Church of Rome, and to the sovereign pontiff, our father, and to bear him the reverence and honor which you owe to your spiritual father. …

34. Take care that the expenses of your household are reasonable and moderate, and that its moneys are justly obtained. And there is one opinion that I deeply wish you to entertain, that is to say, that you keep yourself free from foolish expenses and evil exactions, and that your money should be well expended and well acquired. …

35. Finally, I conjure and require you that, if it please Our Lord that I should die before you, you have my soul succored with masses and prayers, and that you send through the congregations of the kingdom of France, and demand their prayers for my soul, and that you grant me a special and full part in all the good deeds which you perform.

36. In conclusion, I give you my blessing … and I pray Our Lord Jesus Christ, by His mercy, by the prayers and merits of His blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, and of angels and archangels and of all the saints, to guard and protect you from doing anything contrary to His will, and to give you grace to do it always, so that He may be honored and served by you. And this may He do to me as to you, by His great bounty, so that after this mortal life we may be able to be together with Him in the eternal life, and see Him, love Him, and praise Him without end.

And glory, honor, and praise be to Him who is one God with the Father and the Holy Spirit; without beginning and without end. Amen.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 3, 2017

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