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Dubia, Marriage & End of Priestly Celibacy

Deep Gratitude

Dear TIA,

Enclosed is a donation for your needs. My deepest gratitude for all you do.

May God bless you abundantly in this New Year.




The Dubia Controversy

Dear Atila and the TIA team,

Re: Doubts about the Cardinals' Dubia

Thank you for this article clarifying the seriousness of the Dubia controversy!

We've been hopeful that there are still "men of good" will in Rome, but you steered our thinking straight.

Good fruit doesn't come from bad trees.

     God bless you and may Our Lady continue to protect you.



The Dubia Have Not Changed Anything

Mr. Guimaraes,

Well, it's playing out as you predicted.

Nothing seems to be coming from the Dubia, something the Cardinals obviously knew when they made it.

Please, read this news report:

Vatican 'doctrine czar' German Card. Gerhard Muller has spoken definitively on the topic: German Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the Vatican's top doctrinal official, has said there's no need for a "fraternal correction" of Pope Francis, as suggested by American Cardinal Raymond Burke, because the pope's document Amoris Laetitia is clear in its doctrine. ...

Regarding a possible formal correction, which Burke said he was willing to do if the pope continued to refuse to answer the question submitted last September, Muller stated that “it’s not possible in this moment, because it doesn’t concern a danger for the faith as St. Thomas said.”

Amoris Laetitia, which some believe offered a cautious opening for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion, “is very clear in its doctrine and we can interpret the whole teaching of Jesus on Matrimony, the whole teaching of the Church in 2000 years of history,” Muller said.

The prelate’s words came as he was talking to Italian TV show Tgcom24 on Sunday, a little more than a month after he’d told German website Kathpress that it wasn’t his office’s role to “participate in the controversy of opinion,” but to speak with the authority of the pope.

(Read more here)

So, the Cardinals and Bishop Schneider establish a new False Right, the Pope continues on his path and, really, nothing changes.

Where are the real forces of resistance? I see TIA, not too much else, sad to say.

Keep up the outstanding work.

More analysis in the year of 2017, please Mr. Guimaraes. We are in need of it.



Why Didn't You Speak about Marriage?

Dear Directors of Tradition in Action,

Blessed Christmas and all the best to you throughout this New Year. May the Light of Christ continue shining through you and proclaiming the good news throughout the world...

Thank you infinitely for your beautiful, i.e., truthful work!

I am a Catholic mother of 8 children and appreciate greatly your work in restoring Christianity in our very modern secular world.

I am looking for conferences and books about marriage. I have found none, neither in your books collections, neither in your audio CDs. However, there is a lot of need in this area nowadays. Would you have any suggestions of good resources?

Thank you for your attention,

     In JMJ,

     J.S., Switzerland

TIA responds:

Dear Mrs. J.S.,

We are very appreciative of your encouraging words about our work.

We also thank you for your indirect suggestion for TIA to publish books on marriage. We certainly will take your need into consideration.

Although we did not publish a book specifically on marriage, the book Courtesy Calls Again (151 pages) has four of its seven chapters (more than 100 pages) addressing practical suggestions for the married life in the relationships between husband and wife, father and children, mother and children, how the family should behave at the table and the best way to conduct a good conversation at home. Certainly these ideas can make the marriage life much easier and happier.

Also the book Restoring the Family, which is a summary of a larger work by Msgr. Henri Delassus, presents fundamental principles that should be applied to any Catholic family; it includes a chapter on the role of the father and the mother. It is a powerful indirect way to influence marriage for the good.

If you consider that the first goal of marriage is the birth and raising of offspring, certainly the book A Catholic Manual of Civility, which teaches parents how to raise their sons well, could also be included in the marriage literature.

The same reason would serve for a suggestion to listen to the series by Dr. Marian Horvat on how to raise children and youth in a Catholic home, which you can read about here.

You can find more than 20 other articles on marriage on our page on Morals, here.

For official teachings of Popes on marriage, the classical work is the Encyclical Casti connubii of Pope Pius XI. You may read it here.

Other documents on the topic include:
  • Encyclical Arcanum Divinae Sapientiae of Leo XIII on the Catholic constitution of the family, here;

  • Speech of Pius XII on large families (January 20, 1958), here;

  • Speech of Pius XII on the sanctity of the matrimony (October 3, 1941 - in Italian ) here;
We hope that these suggestions will give you some of the sources on marriage that you are looking for.


     TIA correspondence desk


The End of Priestly Celibacy in Sight


There is some news around the corner about married priests. Francis seems to be preparing a new surprise by allowing married priests in Brazil.

This man just will not stop until the whole Catholic past is destroyed. He is hardly a Vicar of Christ; he looks much more like a Vicar of Satan.

Please, read the dispatch by Associated Press below

     Continue the fight. You are doing a good job.


The Liberal Theologian said the Pope wants to fulfill
a request made by Brazil's bishops

Liberation theologian Leonardo Boff has claimed that Pope Francis may grant a special request by the Brazilian bishops to allow married priests to resume their priestly ministry.

In an interview with German daily Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, the Brazilian theologian who left the priesthood in 1992 and subsequently got married said: “The Brazilian bishops, especially the Pope’s close friend Cardinal Claudio Hummes, have expressly requested Pope Francis to enable married priests in Brazil to return to their pastoral ministry.”

According to the National Catholic Reporter, Boff continued: “I have recently heard that the Pope wants to fulfill this request – as an experimental, preliminary phase for the moment confined to Brazil.”

He added that the fact that Brazil has 140 million Catholics, but only 18,000 priests was a “catastrophe”.

“No wonder the faithful are going over to the evangelical churches or to the Pentecostals in droves, as they are filling the personnel vacuum,” Boff said.

“If the many thousands of priests who have married are once again allowed to practice their ministry, that would be a first step to improving the situation but at the same time also an impulse for the Church to free itself of the fetters of celibacy.”


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 10, 2017

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