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New Photos of the Collection Celebration

After three months, the professional photographer sent us his photos and videos.

It is another opportunity to revisit that event and its cordial atmosphere, which kept many good memories.


A general view of the event as the guests arrive


Mr. Patrick Odou explains the history of the Collection to friends


Mrs. Catherine Croisette greets Fr. Joseph Colletti while Mrs. Laura and Mr. Monte Cote observe the scene


From the left, Mr. Anthony J. West, Mr. Rene Widman and his wife Mrs. Lisa Widman with Dr. Marian Horvat, in the background, Mr. Dave Schroeder


Miss Lisa Plummer and Mrs. Chris Frontino enjoy themselves while, in the background, Dr. William Mitchell analyzes the quality of the Portuguese white wine


Mrs. Charlotte Lear, center, with musician Rene Widman and Mrs. Chris Frontino


From the left, Fr. Paul Sretenovic arrives early and is greeted by Mrs. Betty Mitchell, Mrs. Lyn Miller and Mrs. Donna Sullivan Emami


Mrs. Chris Frontino and Prof. Remi Amelunxen receiving Msgr. Patrick Perez


Mrs. Judy Mead and Dr. Marian Horvat speak with journalist Homer Sweeney


From the left, photo 1: lawyer Jackson Eskew buys some books from Mrs. Lyn Miller and Miss Alexis Reyes; photo 2: Judge Michael Kurz, author Atila Guimarães, Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Gaylene Schroeder


Electronic engineer Bruce de Witt, left, with software engineer Jason Runkle


From the left, businessmen David Mericle and Frank Scanlon, Dr. Joseph Shaara and Mr. Jason Magat listen to an opinion of Mr. Atila Guimarães


From the left, photo 1: Dr. Marian Horvat, Mrs. Yolanda Isley with Mr. Jackson Eskew; photo 2: Mrs. Antonina Quintana with Fr. Paul Sretenovic, in the background, Dr. Joseph Shaara and Dr. Marian Horvat; photo 3: Mrs. Betty Mitchell with Sister Marie Augustine


Financial advisor Donald Meccia and his wife Mrs. Patti Meccia with Msgr. Patrick Perez, in the background, Judge Michael Kurz


Left, Miss Alexis Reyes discusses with Mrs. Gaylene Schroeder; background, Miss Sarah Khan and lawyer Joseph de Clue


Mr. Frank Scanlon with Mrs. Yolanda Isley; background center, Dr. Pamela Dettman


From the left, photo 1: Mrs. Kathleen Sweeney, Mrs. Donna Sullivan Emami, Mrs. Diane Hamilton with Mrs. Lyn Miller; photo 2: Dr. Marian Horvat with Mrs. Thelma Escaro


Writer Anthony J. West with writer Atila S. Guimarães and Mrs. Gigi Kurz


Foreground from the left, Mrs. Lyn Miller, Mrs. and Dr. William Mitchell; background left, sommelier Collin Hubbard and master in archives Phillip Mericle


Foreground from the left, Mr. Frank Scanlon in a hot exchange of ideas with Judge Michael Kurz; background right, Mrs. Bonnie Pleier with Mrs. Chris Frontino


Above top row from the left, photo 1: Mrs. Gigi Kurz, Dr. William Mitchell, Dr. Marian Horvat; photo 2: Prof. Remi Amelunxen, Mrs. Donna Sullivan Emami; photo 3: businessman Jason Rishel with construction engineer William Dettman
Above bottom row from the left, photo 1: Mr. Anthony J. West with civil engineer Robert Sullivan; photo 2: Sister Marie Augustine with Miss Lisa Plummer; photo 3: Mr. Rene Widman with Mr. Homer Sweeney, background left, teacher James Palsa


Partial view of the audience while Mr. Atila Guimarães delivers his speech


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 4, 2017

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