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Empty Crib, Genesis & ‘Gay’ Saints

Europe's Empty Crib


I came across this article in a blog that typically talks about US Navy and military affairs:

Analysts have been foreseeing the "death of the West" for almost three decades, and if Europe's childless leadership is any indication, that death is getting closer.

Most remarkable is that this population decline happened without a high-casualty prolonged war. "The pill" became main stream barely 50 years ago, and yet the effects are far more drastic than even the most bloody of conflicts. Throw abortions into the count, and anyone who is paying attention can see what the West has lost. Of course, there is the problem.

No one is paying attention – we are far too distracted by all the free time and luxury that the childless West has enabled. Is it hyperbole to say that false freedom leads to slavery?

The West may soon find out when its diminished numbers come under the heel of those cultures that are not contraception their way to destruction.

I enjoy your site. Keep up the great work.



First Chapters of Genesis

Dear Sir,

Can you please help me? I am a traditional Catholic - a convert; I find it almost impossible to find what the REAL and true teachings of the Church are on Biblical inerrancy and how much of the Bible (especially Genesis and the Old Testament) is to be literally accepted as being true?

I have tried to read so many different books and essays and they all seem to "fudge" the question. All the Fundamentalist protestant writings take the Bible as being literally and historically true - do traditional Catholics become "fundamentalist"?

Finally, you rightly criticize and fairly comment on many traditional organizations and groups, is there one - an order or society which you can really recommend or do we have to be "lone wolves" ?

Can you send an e-mail reply /and/or put it on the website?

     Thank you and may our Lord Bless your work. In our Lady Immaculate,

     A.R., England


TIA responds:

Dear A.R.,

Does a serious sickness change the human nature of a person? No, it does not. When the sickness ends, he continues to be what he was before.

Analogously, the Church does not change her nature or her doctrine because of the crisis she is suffering today – the contamination of Progressivism throughout her entire body.

So, what was doctrinally sound before this contamination continues to be valid now and forever.

Below is what the Biblical Commission at the time of St. Pius X (June 30, 1909) decided, on behalf of the Pope, on the interpretation of the first chapters of Genesis.

Presented with questions, the Biblical Commission answered each one with a simple Yes or No.

Question I: Whether the various exegetical systems that have been proposed to exclude the literal historical sense of the three first chapters of the Book of Genesis, and have been defended by the pretense of science, are sustained by a solid foundation?

Answer: Negative. (DR 2121)

Question II: Whether, notwithstanding the nature and historical form of the Book of Genesis; the peculiar linkage of the three first chapters with each other and with the following chapters; the manifold testimony of the Old and New Testaments; the almost unanimous opinion of the Holy Fathers, and the traditional sense which, transmitted by the Israelite people, the Church always held, it can be taught that the three aforesaid chapters of Genesis do not contain the description of events that really happened, that is, that correspond with objective reality and historical truth; but rather that those accounts are fables drawn from the mythologies and cosmogonies of ancient peoples and adapted by a holy writer to monotheistic doctrine, after expurgating any error of polytheism; or they are allegories and symbols, lacking a basis in objective reality, set forth under the guise of history to inculcate religious and philosophical truths; or, finally, they are legends, historical in part and fictitious in part, composed freely for the instruction and edification of souls?

Answer: Negative to all parts. (DR 2122)

Question III: Whether the literal and historical sense can be called into question, where it concerns facts related in the same chapters that pertain to the foundation of the Christian religion: for example, among other things, the creation of all things wrought by God in the beginning of time; the special creation of man; the formation of the first woman from the first man; the oneness of the human race; the original happiness of our first parents in a state of justice, integrity and immortality; the command given to man by God to test his obedience; the transgression of the divine command through the devil's persuasion under the guise of a serpent; the casting of our first parents out of that first state of innocence, and also the promise of a future restorer?

Answer: Negative. (DR 2123)”

This is the immutable doctrine of the Church: The first chapters of the Genesis must be interpreted literally as they were written.

The fact that some Protestants think the same and that this strict interpretation is now called fundamentalism do not change the essence of the Catholic doctrine.

If you find it difficult to agree with this, we recommend that you cleanse yourself from the radioactive dust of Progressivism that has been falling over the West for the last 50 years, which is affecting your criteria and judgment.

Regarding whether there is a group we can recommend for you to join, we are pleased to inform you that we know one. It is called Tradition in Action. You may be a part of it by accessing this website daily, sending your questions, articles or documents that can be posted to help our fight against Progressivism, and donating from time to time or regularly.


     TIA correspondence desk


‘Gay’ Saints

Dear TIA,

Regarding the article transcribed bellow: What does a pervert have to be gay about?

LGBTQs know unconsciously that their incredible existential guilt has to be sublimated and denied with an outrageous 24/7 harangue, so that supposedly none of us will ever find out about their guilt, as they jam their multiple perversions down our throats.

But we do know. We might borrow one of their infantile phrases and say: “Of course we know, silly goose”. What disgusting paganism, as they stand in the pot with the frogs oblivious to the increasing heat of Hellfire.

Jorge talks about mortal sin as if it doesn’t exist. If he does not wake up soon to the absolute Truth of Christ and the Church, we might be witnessing one of the longest spiritual suicides in history.

     In Maria,

     J.S., Ph.D.

Some Catholic saints 'were probably gay,'
controversial Vatican consultant says

Pete Baklinski

Father James Martin — a Jesuit priest appointed last month by Pope Francis as a consultant to the Vatican’s secretariat for communications — said some saints “were probably gay.”

Martin’s comment was part of a Facebook thread he began Friday about a bishop who led a prayer at an LGBT Catholic gathering, which Martin called “another sign of welcome and building bridges.”

After one commenter wrote that “cannonized [sic] saints would not be impressed,” Martin fired back saying, “Some of them were probably gay.”

“A certain percentage of humanity is gay, and so were most likely some of the saints,” Martin said. “You may be surprised when you get to heaven to be greeted by LGBT men and women.”

Reactions on the thread to Martin’s assertion were mixed.

“Good for you, Fr. Martin,” Lorraine Cheli wrote. “I have some beautiful friends in that community and feel so sad for what is happening now after some real gains.”

But Erick Gonzalez called out Martin as a “Judas” and asked him, “Do you believe in hell?”

Martin — who last month compared the United Airlines passenger dragged out of plane to Jesus Christ suffering on Good Friday — is no stranger to controversy.

He accepted an honor in October from an LGBT-affirming Catholic organization, New Ways Ministry, which has been condemned by the Roman Curia and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. In his acceptance speech, Martin said the church should embrace homosexuality’s “special gifts” and “lay to rest” language about the “objectively disordered” nature of homosexual inclinations and acts, LifeSiteNews reported.

In late February, Martin said transgender people should be free to “use whatever bathrooms they choose” because they have to “endure so many indignities already.”

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 18, 2017

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