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Necktie, Rosary & Leaving SSPX

Wearing Ties in Free Time


My question is about Kaede Lira's piece on The History of the Tie, specifically Part II, where she posits some examples of wearing ties without a coat.

I would like to ask what advice she would give for someone who works on repairing and painting religious images in a home workshop as a vocation. Such time spent close to religious imagery would seem like it calls out for some formality and yet one would, of course, be working with paints and adhesives, etc.

     Thank you!


Miss Lira responds:

Hello R.M.,

The work of painting statues may require some special working clothes, depending on the size of the statues. For small statues, however, it seems to me that you could wear your normal suit, taking off your coat and replacing it with an appropriate coverall or apron that would protect your shirt and tie from the normal painting stains that commonly occur in this activity.

By doing this, you would be able to do your job with dignity and still keep a convenient work outfit that corresponds to the religious end of the objects you are dealing with.

I hope this may assist you.


     Kaede Lira


Are There Many Ways to Pray the Rosary?


Has the Church erred by teaching the way the rosary has been prayed one decade daily?

JP2 decided that our Lady needed help by inserting his luminous mysteries. I do not include them. I do wonder if your idea is more accurate than the way it has been taught all these years. Thanks.


TIA responds:


Our Lady asked St. Dominic for the prayer of the Rosary, and in the 15th century she asked that the Rosary should be the 15 decades. This practice has been encouraged by many Popes since the Middle Ages. In Lourdes, Pompeii and Fatima she also asked for the prayer of the Rosary.

To reach the ideal of praying the full Rosary – the 15 decades of the three sets of mysteries – the Church has approved several intermediary practices, such as praying one third of the Rosary every day of the week (that is, 5 decades) or, as you say, praying just a decade every day.

These latter practices, however, should not be considered as ideals, but rather as steps to encourage the person to achieve praying the full Rosary.

So, there are not two or three ideals referring to different types of Rosary, but different steps to reach the same ideal, which is the devotion of praying 15 decades every day.

The Luminous Mysteries introduced by John Paul II made this preparation to say the full Rosary still more difficult, since it added another five decades to it. For a study on how this introduction is censurable, please read the article Luminous Mysteries: Novelty Clashes with Tradition.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Need to Vent


Although the Popes' actions have been unjust to say the least since Vatican II, would it not have been fruitful to take an unjust punishment and offer it up with lots of prayer and penance, since without the Pope's permission, Bishops can't be made, confessions and marriages are not valid, and Masses are illicit? Maybe we Catholics should have just walked away from the error, and refused to be a part of the compromise.

If they took our Mass and sacraments (we still have baptism, marriage and the ability to make acts of perfect contrition till we find a true non-compromising priest), should we not have trusted Our God to have fixed all this along with incredible devotion to Our Lady? Maybe it's not too late to put all our trust in His plan and not our own.

Pride is a dangerous thing. The sacrifice of no non-compromising mass is horrific, but the will of God will not take you where the grace of God will not protect you. There are many of us. Do what they say(church doctrine), not what they do.

Thank you for hearing a soul who needed to vent.




Leaving SSPX

Dear TIA,

Your articles on the SSPX are very interesting. I thought you might be interested in the perspective of a lay person who left his SSPX parish this summer, after being there almost 8 years.

Here, in no particular prioritized order, are my reasons for leaving:
  1. The SSPX model does not work. Their priests are spread too thin among multiple parish assignments and they have no training in the management of a parish. Consequently, parish life is one-dimensional, half-baked, without coherent channels of communication, and in a constant state of chaos and confusion.

  2. Both faithful and clergy of the SSPX have developed a compound schismatic mentality. First, they consistently attract a variety of bad Catholics and heretics such as Feeneyites, sedevacantists, “Benevacantists” and “Resistance” sympathizers. Second, they have succumbed to the conceit that they are the be-all and end-all of tradition, and that other traditional groups are to be shunned as inferior (or worse) – especially diocesan parishes who are attempting to preserve tradition. The attitude behind this conceit, I’m afraid, is that the SSPX is now the true Church, and that everyone else (i.e. Rome) is tainted and Modernist. A very curious mentality, given that the SSPX can’t keep its own house in order and cultivates a dangerous and unhealthy spiritual environment.

  3. The SSPX is completely in-bred, resulting in a xenophobia that exacerbates point #2.

  4. Instead of spiritual nourishment, which was meager at best and superficial lip service at worst, my former parish is constantly preoccupied with fund-raisers. This results in a coarse, almost materialistic spirit. It seems that in this they are following the U.S. District, though, since the District Superior’s newsletters are almost always requests for money.

  5. In addition to attracting laity with various defects of faith, which it does nothing to correct, the SSPX attracts well above its share of infantile, dysfunctional, abrasive personalities, some of whom, unfortunately, are placed in positions of authority, though they are not qualified to hold those positions, and who consequently make life miserable for others on a regular basis.
When I informed our parish priest and two other SSPX priests of my decision to leave, I was greeted with the most embarrassing arguments imaginable – arguments which, in fact, confirmed that I was doing the right thing.

In conclusion, if any of your readers are contemplating attending an SSPX parish, I would advise them against it, except as a last resort. And then, beware.

     God bless your work!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 12, 2017

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