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Blasphemous Virgin, Nativity & Muslim England

The Old Ways

Dear TIA,

I'm writing to ask what resources you might recommend for a young wife and husband who want to learn those things that young men and women of old would have been taught by their parents and grandparents.

We millennials seem to be attracted to and trying in various ways to rebuild what our grandparents would have known as children. But these things were all but lost in the last two or three generations.

Where do we begin to learn how to hunt, fish, clean killed animals; garden/raise crops, can, or preserve; sew, knit; raise chickens, cows, goats?

There's so much and it all seems lost!



TIA responds:

Dear R.O.S.,

Thank you for writing to us for reference on different topics.

For general orientation regarding traditional family habits that could and should be restored, we recommend to you Restoring the Family, which is the translation of a book by a very good author – Msgr. Henri Delassus – and is turned to help families become more stable.

If you would like cultural orientation on how young spouses should treat each other and their children, you may read Courtesy Calls Again, which offer Old World guidelines on this matter.

On how to raise your children at different ages, we recommend you to listen to the CDs series by Dr. Marian Horvat, which can be found here.

In case you need to form your boys well, we recommend you A Catholic Manual of Civility.

If you need moral orientation on how to live your married life according to Catholic doctrine, you may read Fr. Royo Marin’s book The Theology of Christian Perfection, , which is, generally speaking, quite secure. To understand the temperaments following his orientation, see here and here.

At this moment, we at TIA still do not have manuals on how to clean killed animals or how to harvest a crop properly. To learn about these lost home skills and arts, we recommend that you search on the Internet under “homesteading.” The results you find might be most pertinent to that particular part of your message. Likely, you will find useful methods to try. We sincerely hope you will be successful.


     TIA correspondence desk


Subverting the Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear TIA,

Fr. James Martin, who raised a lot of dust with his support for homosexuals and Satan-inspired rock bands, now is promoting irreverent depictions of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Among the displays he reproduced on his page there is one that is particularly blasphemous, which I reproduce below.

modern parody of Our Lady of Guadalupe by Yolanda Lopez

Please note that the woman – supposedly the Most Holy Virgin – is presented in a swirling short dress that allows the upper part of her thigh to be seen, suggesting the viewer to question whether or not she is wearing any underwear. The fact that the woman is in tennis shoes and running – another inappropriate behavior to attribute to Our Lady – explains the movement of her dress.

If you pay attention to her face, you find an ambiguous expression that reflects either a hypocritical joy expressed by a toothy fake smile or a revolted woman who could be shouting hate-filled slogans in a Liberation Theology street protest.

In her left hand she holds her starry mantle as if it were a blanket or completely unnecessary piece of cloth, which she throws over her back like a tourist clutching his unused raincoat as he runs to catch a train. In her right hand she carries a serpent, not as if she were strangling it, but like an athlete carrying a baton to pass on to his running mate in a competition.

Her right foot is stepping on an angel who is lying on the ground/cloud face down. The colors of the angel’s wings – red, white and blue – remind one of the colors of the American flag: the message can easily be that this new liberated woman hates the United States. In any case, the fact that she amicably carries the serpent and crushes the angel under her foot is a clear sign of the artist's revolt against the traditional depiction of Or Lady of Guadalupe. This new version of Mary is favorable to Satan and against the good angels.

This is my immediate take on this blasphemous painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I leave the consequences of this offense to the reader. I analyzed this depiction just to extract its poison from it and to offer an act of reparation to Our Lady for this outrage.

Keep up the good work, TIA.

     I follow your website every day.



Vatican Indecent Nativity


This article was posted on the blog Adelante la Fe analyzing the new Vatican Nativity scene placed on Saint Peter's Square a couple of days ago. This is an automatic English translation by Google. This article is a good first reaction against one more extravagant/immoral novelty of Pope Jorge Bergoglio.

This Nativity scene displays a naked man and a dead person. It represents a new climax of the Bergoglian church...


A manger of darkness (in the Vatican)
12/14/17 12:04

In the Vatican Square they have put up a creche, but it is a creche of darkness, with a dead person and naked man included. What are a dead person and naked man doing in a manger scene? What kind of twisted minds are the authors of such a desecration of the mystery of the birth of the Child God?

Vatican Nativity 2017 depicting a naked man

Nowhere less than in the heart of Christianity this offensive and blasphemous manger is put up. We are before an example of the new evangelization, whose banner is blasphemy, sacrilege and apostasy.

It is a mockery of the manger.

It is an offensive and blasphemous creche.

It is a creche that completely abandons tradition.

It is a nightmare creche, which deprives one of sleep.

It is a creche without tenderness.

It is a creche that is the fruit of twisted and dirty minds.

It is a crib infused with and inspired by Satan himself.

It is a manger scene that destroys the truth of the Catholic faith.

It is a manger scene that offends the deepest Catholic sensibility.

It is an ugly manger scene, without taste, to run away from.

It is a creche that shows a false scene to confuse persons and induce error.

It is a creche that deserves the rejection of the faithful throughout the universal Church.

We are before a work of the human mind, but one without Catholic faith; it is the twisted mind of a mocking and burlesque man, a charlatan and reveler, a sacrilegious and perverted soul; it is the mind of a desecrator of the sacred, who laughs at the unchanging faith of tradition; It is the mind of a man who plays at being a little god, who imposes his miserable ideas as an object of worship and belief.

Vatican Nativity 2017 depicting a dead body
Where is the joy of that moment with a dead man in the manger scene? Where is the sanctity? Where is the immaculate purity of the scene of the Holy Family with the naked man present? Where is the mystery of the birth of the Child God? Where is the mystery of the Redemptive Work? God becomes man to redeem man from sin, so what does a naked man have to do with this? Where is the modesty, the innocence, the purity, the chastity, the modesty, the honesty that inspires the crèche scene?

We are facing an inadmissible offense to the foundations of the faith.

All the faithful should flood the Vatican with letters and emails rejecting such an offense to the Child God, to the purity of Mary and to the chastity of Saint Joseph.

We cannot remain silent any longer. The Vatican is offended by our faith. From the head of the Church flows this mud that dirties the face of the Church.

Let us move, not to support heresy and sacrilege, but to oppose it. Let us begin by making our most vigorous rejection of the Vatican to the Papal Nuncio in each country.

Catholics must say: ENOUGH! Do not offend our faith anymore!

     Carlos María Rey

Full view of the Vatican Nativity 2017


England Becoming Muslim


Check below, please.

Fr. P.A.

A ist of reasons why England is becoming Muslim


Homos Pray for Prince George to Be One of Them


Look at this!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 14, 2017

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