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Flamenco, Radio in Latin & Impure Talk

Flamenco Dancing

Dear TIA,

I was shocked to learn on your website that the Church actually condemned Waltzing and Polka Dancing (here). Previously, I thought theses dances were an option for Traditional Catholics as an alternative to typical modern nightclub dirty dancing. How come our Trad priests are silent on this matter?

What about Flamenco dancing? I understand that modern Flamenco is too sensual, and is not an option. Isn't there a Traditional (Puro) style Flamenco that is modest and chaste? I understand that Flamenco originated in the late 1700's in Spain.

Thank you.



TIA responds:

Dear S.G.,

We believe that the Flamenco dance originated among the Gitanos (Gypsies) living in southern Spain.

You are right when you stated that modern Flamenco is boldly sensual. As far as we can see, the dance’s spirit, which influences its movements, is to inspire the woman to boldly challenge the man to come and conquer her, if he can.

When you pay attention to the woman’s part of the dance, you see that her steps, the movements of her arms – either moving up and down her dress or lifting her hands above her head playing the castañolas (castanets) – and the movements of her neck, head and eyes are entirely turned toward challenging the man, who is the secondary performer in the Flamenco, to make advances to conquer her. If you want to put words to the woman’s gestures, she is telling the man: “I am bold, I am a fighter, but if you are bolder and stronger than me, then I will be with you.”

If we are correct in this interpretation, we would say that it is very difficult to have a “chaste Flamenco” as you suggested.

Even if the woman were not lifting her dress in a way that shows her legs, even if she were not wearing a sleeveless and low-cut dress, the nature of the dance seems incompatible with the practice of virtue for both dancers, the man and the woman.


     TIA correspondence desk


Communist at Heart

Dear TIA,

As TIA has been saying, Russia is not Christian, let alone Catholic.

Putin is a communist at heart, as his comments here clearly show. When it comes to his supposed orthodox faith vs communism, guess which one wins?



Priest Places Killed Homos in Heaven


A couple of homosexual men went to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a cabin in the Italian mountains of Verona. A snow avalanche came and killed them. The priest from the village gave them a Catholic funeral and commented that both "flew to Heaven."

This progressivist heaven has nothing to do with the Heaven of the Catholic Saints; it rather sounds like Hell.

Read the news in Italian (use Google translator to English) here.



Radio & Website in Latin


Yes, there is a weekly broadcast of the news in spoken Latin, originating from Finland. An outcry from listeners worldwide prevented the show from being closed down by Finnish State radio last month.

Here is the link to the website, where you can listen to the recorded Latin broadcasts. The site includes glossaries of contemporary terms:

A link to an article (in English) about the attempted shutdown and outcry is here.

     Frank Rega


Avoiding Impure Talks

Dear Dr. Marian Horvat,

I am a father of six children and have often been distressed by the libertine talk with which traditional Catholics openly talk about impurity of the vilest sorts in front of children, women, families etc.

I think it should not even be mentioned to men without clear need. Such libertine Catholics seem to think that as long as they indicate they condemn the vice, they can say anything they want, no matter how “hardcore.” This slays the innocent.

I am writing to ask you to please point me to the best material you know of (in your own excellent articles or elsewhere) against this libertine excess.

Thank you very much, in advance!

Please keep up your excellent work!

     In our Infant King,


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Mr. J.P.,

Thank you for your consideration and kind words on my articles.

Indeed, to address delicate moral issues should be restrained to the indispensable minimum with due persons. Such topics can be discussed among men when they need to know the facts for important reasons, These discussions should normally not take place in mixed company. When it is indispensable for a priest, teacher or other party to address these topics with both parents, it should be done with due respect for their privacy and modesty.

These topics should not be dealt with in front of children. It is up to their parents or priests and religious instructors to educate them in these matters at the right time in their adolescence.

Such matters should never be addressed in normal, everyday conversations. As you noticed, they break the necessary modesty of the family. Among friends they favor the establishment of a permissive atmosphere that diminishes their horror for impurity and induces them to lower their guard before sins related to impurity.

You may find a good moral orientation on these and other topics in The Theology of Christian Perfection, written for laypeople, by Fr. Antonio Royo Marin. I add one warning: Although sound in its general lines, you may find some compromises in it because, unfortunately, at the end of his life Fr. Royo Marin was trying to justify Vatican II and its changes. I am not sure how much this tendency influenced the last edition of his book.

I hope this may help you.


     Marian Horvat, Ph.D.


Catholic University Spreads Contraceptives


Please, read the summary below showing a good reaction of students at Notre Dame University.


Alumni threaten Notre Dame with legal investigation
for offering birth control coverage

SOUTH BEND, Indiana, January 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A group of over sixty Notre Dame alumni attorneys has written an open letter to the university’s president, Father William Jenkins, CSC, to protest the university’s decision to continue the dissemination of contraceptives and abortifacients to its staff and students through its healthcare plan.

The Catholic university has allowed contraceptive and abortifacient coverage for staff and students after first unsuccessfully contesting Obama's HHS ‘contraception’ Mandate and then, in a surprise flip-flop, rejecting the offer of a religious exemption to the Mandate by the Trump government.

The Notre Dame alumni state in their letter that by rejecting the exemption and permitting the provision of contraceptives and abortifacients through their medical insurers, the university “is now doing voluntarily precisely what it said it could not do in good conscience and without giving scandal, particularly to its students.”

“This is a serious matter, and we do not believe it should simply be allowed to pass,” they write.

Read more here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 18, 2018

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