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Marijuana, Isabel & Chinese Persecution

Coming Event in San Diego



Could you please post the event announcement below, where we will have Dr. G. C. Dilsaver speaking in our home in San Diego?

I believe that Dr. Dilsaver is a solid Catholic with a sound grasp of Catholic psychology.
  • He promotes the traditional doctrine of the man being the head of household, here.

  • He has addressed the problem with JPII and the Theology of the Body, here.

  • He understands the problems with Vatican II and works to correct them, here.

  • He addresses the crisis of gender from a truly Catholic viewpoint, here.

  • He has spoken in numerous Catholic venues; a partial list can be found here.

  • He has written truly Catholic books and articles, including a textbook that counters the prevailing psychological theories: here
I believe that your readers who would be able to make it to San Diego for this event on 4, 5, 6 May will be truly blessed with what they learn at the event.

Those interested may contact me at this e-mail: triumph.4evr2@gmail.com

God bless you and all those at TIA.


     Bruce De Wit

Viva Cristo Rey!
Dieu, le Roi!


Marijuana Smoke Cloud on April 20


The following images depict an actual haze that emerges as a result of crowds smoking marijuana on the unofficial drug holiday of 4/20


Marijuana party 1

A fog of marijuana smoke over an outdoor 4/20 party in Vancouver, 2017 - source here

Marijuana party 2

Smokers enveloped in a haze of marijuana in Colorado on 4/20/2011 - source here

Marijuana party 3

An unnatural cloud drifts over revelers at the Ottawa 4/30 festival in 2016 - source here

Marijuana party 4

A thick fog over a marijuana party, location unknown

Marijuana party 5

A "smoke-in" protest against the criminalization of marijuana in Ottawa envelops the downtown in a cloud of cannabis smoke, 2014 - source here


External Links

Greeting and God Bless,

I have found your site very helpful in my battles. God has given me a the gift of numbers and I have used them to become adept at the use of computers to earn a living but, at the same time, I have done many horrible things.

The mistakes in my life I have always known in my heart at the time to be wrong yet the forces had been too strong to fight.

In search of guidance I found your site, thank God.

When I came across many insights, I noticed very important links to photos, text and videos are either not found (taken down) or vanished entirely. I know this has been done for obvious reasons as any content of importance to those seeking true knowledge is being removed rapidly.

In the future, please try and make a copy of external links for vital reasons of clarity (I realize the ramifications surrounding this notion) if you have not done so already. I would hope the Grace of God has afforded you this vital knowledge but perhaps not.

Thank you for your very useful site and the truth you are trying to educate the masses with. I hope, with the Grace of God, this message finds the right eyes, and God bless you.

     Your humble servant in God,



Isabel the Catholic


On a day like the others, but in the year 1451, Isabel the Catholic was born. This title was granted to her by Pope Alexander VI through the Bull Si convent of December 19, 1496.

She was Queen of Castile, Princess of Asturias, Queen of Granada, Queen Consort of Aragon, Queen consort of Sicily, Queen consort of Naples, Sovereign Monarch of the Spanish Empire.

     Fr. Paul Alvarez

Isabel la Catolica


Beautiful Resources During Holy Week

Dear TIA,

Thank you for everything you do, especially for the beautiful resources during Holy Week.

Please accept my donation.

     Wishing you a blessed Eastertide!



The Virgin Mary's Hesitancy

Dear TIA,

I would like to add something in support of the response of your editor Atila S. Guimarães, to the accusation that TIA wrote a "lie" by saying that Our Lady had some hesitation before accepting the message of the Archangel Gabriel, at the announcement of the Incarnation of the Lord. Along with many examples from scripture, TIA cites the work of the mystic Mary of Agreda, who wrote that that the Blessed Mother had shown some hesitancy at that moment. Another mystic, Luisa Piccarreta, of whom Padre Pio once said "the world would be astounded at her greatness" [link], wrote the following regarding the Annunciation:

When the “All” wants to operate on the nothingness of a creature, the more she feels her nothingness. She is almost frightened and crushed under the “All,” in learning what It wants to do with her nothing. This happened to the Celestial Mother, when she was hailed by the angel as full of grace and told that she was to conceive the Son of God. She felt the weight of the “All” over her nothing and naturally she was frightened. Even though at first she trembled and was troubled, immediately she became serene again, because she was used to living in the midst of the light and sanctity of her God. Thus she ended up saying, “Be it done do me according to your Will – Fiat Mihi secundum verbum tuum.” ( p. 106, from my book What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace - the Greatness of the Blessed Virgin as Revealed to Luisa Piccarreta)


     Frank M. Rega


Humble Hesitation

Dear TIA,

I just read today's entry where a reader was upset at TIA for saying that Our Lady hesitated at being asked to be the Mother of the Word.

If in fact there was a hesitation, and I think there was, it was a hesitation of humility and not one of doubt. This humble hesitation had to be most pleasing to God.



Communists Persecute Catholics in China


From Independent Catholic News comes this disturbing report of heightened persecution of Catholics in China, especially the Henan Province which has the largest amount of Catholics in all China.

And, even with this new show of power of the State over the Catholic Church, Pope Francis continues with great optimism the negotiations to recognize the Communist controlled government CPA (Catholic Patriotic Association) and abandon the Underground Church.

Please, read the news report below.

China: Churches under pressure in Henan

On 17 April, a Catholic church in Luoyang was demolished along with the priest's residence. According to ucanews.com, the tombstone of Bishop Li Hongye, who was appointed by the Vatican but not recognized by the government, was also demolished.

Two priests from the same diocese were also driven out of their parish. In other areas, authorities have confiscated church property including religious materials, and removed or destroyed crosses. Children under 18 have been prevented from attending churches, and residents have been threatened with expulsion from education and employment if they 'believe in religions'....

In a letter from a Henan Protestant, published by China Aid, the author reports that churches have been told to sing the national anthem and the song 'No Communist Party, No New China' in their services. Banners, posters and tiles with religious messages must be removed and destroyed; authorities have threatened to stop state support to Christians on low-incomes if they do not give up their religious beliefs. There are also numerous reports that under-18s are forbidden from attending churches.

In 2018, a number of developments have resulted in a severe tightening of state control over religious affairs. The revised Regulations on Religious Affairs include further restrictions on religious practice, including online religious expression, and contain special provisions on national security and foreign connections.

Additionally, on 21 March Chinese state media announced that the United Front Work Department, an agency of the Communist Party of China (CPC), will absorb the State Administration of Religious Affairs (SARA), effectively giving the Party direct oversight of religious affairs. The same month, the state-sanctioned China Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement launched a five year plan to 'Sinicize' Christianity, which reportedly includes plans to write a 'secular' version of the Bible, revise other religious materials, and include teaching on socialism and patriotism alongside religious study.

CSW's Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas said: "The crackdown on Christians in Henan Province demonstrates the increasing pressure on religious communities in China. While the authorities claim that religious freedom is protected, the reality is that independent religious communities are subject to harassment, intimidations and other violations. Unregistered churches are being forcibly shut down.

"At the same time, churches registered with the government are being managed more tightly, and forced to show loyalty to the Communist Party. We call on the Chinese authorities to protect the right to freedom of religion or belief for people of all faiths in China, in all parts of the country, and to release those detained in connection with their peaceful religious practice."

Read whole article here.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 24, 2018

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