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Deacon’s Doubts & Fruits of Feminism

No Need for Vaccine


This woman should receive a presidential citation !!!

Hopefully, you will pass this on to everyone, especially parents and newlyweds soon-to-be-parents in hopes that the vaccine dilemma will be acknowledged once and for all.



Doubts of a Deacon

To Atila Sinke Guimarães

Greetings and a Blessed Easter Season.

I am ordained as a Deacon. I am struggling with the new conciliar church. Is the mass valid in the Novus Ordo form, is the diaconate even valid or licit if Vactican II is not valid? Where is the Church?? What do people who live in rural areas like myself that do not have access to Traditional Mass to do?

I realize these are broad questions and addressed in some of your literature which I am attempting to work through, but I am near the point of taking a hiatus from my diaconal duties until I can find the truth.

Are you by any chance going to be near Ohio this year? I would appreciate an opportunity to have counsel with you. Or if know of someone near Ohio who would be a good source for me I would indebted

     God be praised in ALL things

     Deacon D.L.


The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. D.L.,

You are right when you say that these are broad questions. They cannot be answered in a short message.

Your idea to take a sabbatical to evaluate your work seems to me the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, I am not planning to visit Ohio in the near future, but if you want, we can work out a meeting in California, so that we can spend some time discussing these questions.

Let me know if you are available. It would be a pleasure to receive you here.


     Atila S. Guimarães, editor


FSSP Ordinations


I'm attending a Latin Mass church run by FSSP because in my current situation I can't attend SSPX (too far away).

My question is: Do FFSP use the traditional ordination for priests or the new?


TIA responds:


We believe the ordinations of the Fraternity St. Peter are valid, as well as their Masses and Sacraments.

You can find other responses to similar questions here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Bad Fruits of Feminism

Dear TIA,


I reference the section where there is a picture of high school girls in Upper Darby, PA, circa 1958, reproduced below, along with the attached picture taken 60 years later not far from Upper Darby as I live in that area.

There is not one woman pictured in that 1958 photograph who is unattractive and I'm sure that any of them would have been a good wife and mother. I went to the original link and was not entirely surprised to find that young men today actually find those women unattractive.

Feminism, over 60 years, has turned women into the exact opposite of what they should be. It's sad. I compare it with the photo taken in March of 2018 where we see the new modern "family." I can't even say that the young man is dressed like a little boy because little boys in my time didn't dress in athletic wear like that unless we were actively playing the sport.

This, to me, is an expression of our time where there is no distinction of dress by purpose or respect to one's age. I would not be surprised to see this attire worn to an outdoor wedding in the middle of August. She's in skin-tight leggings and boots similar to what upscale prostitutes used to wear decades ago. An animal is now the same as a child because we've disgraced ourselves by lowering ourselves to animals. I say lowering because we have no charity anymore nor do we know what love is. Absence of these two essential elements, or at least confusing them, leads to any of the seven deadly sins, sloth and lust being two shown here.

I could have also taken a picture of a 70-year-old woman nearby who was dressed in an athletic warm-up outfit found on a basketball court for her daily shopping where, as I child, I remember older women out shopping in attractive day dresses appropriate for their age. But, then again, middle-aged women were wearing sweat pants, silk blouses and jackets to events back in the 1980s, so should we be surprised? We said nothing back then. I do notice that the trend is towards athletic wear worn at all times and I'm not surprised that the dominant color for yoga pants and leggings by both sexes is black, that of death and Satan. Think we're being told something?

We have gone back to the beginning of time. Satan's hatred for women knows no bounds and he's done a fine job, though feminism and other means, to bring women to his service and be ministers of his sacrifice of children be it though abortion, contraception, or not having children at all, or replacing children with animals. I don't think we fully understand or appreciate just how dangerous and damaging this animal rights and animal loving business is, especially since I hear of a woman "marrying" an animal over in Great Britain. I have to wonder if bestiality is not far off.

I have seen animals destroy marriages because, sadly, I've experiences these animal-loving wives give far more affection and attention to their dog that their husband or household. Murder a child; just don't harm a dog!

Keep it up! Not too many sites were these topics are addressed.


Girls in 1958

High school girls in Upper Darby, PA, circa 1958

Couple in 2018

A traveling couple in 2018


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 1, 2018

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