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Incoherence, Misogyny & ‘God Loves Gays’

Incoherence of Progressivism

Dear TIA,

Re: Francis encourages Pantheistic Religions

I can't help but wonder if Francis also encouraged the pagan religious leaders to update and modernize their religions. (Imagine a Buddhist temple with a "praise band"!) After all, if tradition is bad for Catholicism, how can it be good for other religions?

Seriously, I often wonder why the one true religion "has to" modernize, while all the false religions don't. My answer is that the faith of the modernizers is lacking and that Satan is happy with his false religions as they are.

     Keep up the good work.



Two Lucy Controversy


No need to answer back...

Has anyone considered looking at the pre-1957 writing of Lucy versus the post-1957 writings? After all, they were able to determine there were multiple scribes for Isaiah and St. Paul...

Would not a similar investigation of 'turns of the phrase' etc in both speech and writing sort out the mystery?

Yes, I write differently now from even ten years ago. But I would add that you could still deduce I am one in the same person across all years...

Well, anyway, I was bored one evening and looked at the Sister Lucia controversy.

It is like JFK; you may be/probably are correct. But we will never know for sure, what the motive was, and what became of the original Lucia if she is in fact not one in the same (which it certainly has the appearance of not being one and the same).

Humor: and I am sure the Vatican will not allow a DNA test against the closest relatives of Sr. Lucia....

Thank you,

     Good bless you,

     Fr. Tim

TIA responds:

Fr. Tim,

Yes, there is a study by Speckin Forensic Laboratories, an expert in graphology. It compared the writing of Lucy II as it appears in the "Third Secret" issued by the Vatican in 2000, with other writings of Lucy I in the past. It concluded the writings came from two different persons as you can read here.

There is also another study by a company specialized in age progression and regression of photos. It made a comparison of the photos of both Sisters Lucy. Its conclusion is that actually there were two persons, as you may read here.


     TIA correspondence desk


200 Years of Karl Marx

Dear TIA staff,

After a longer pause, I posted last week a new article on my blog, titled "Two Hundred Years of Karl Marx - And We Haven't Seen the Worst of It Yet..."

I would be more than grateful if you could share this piece of mine with TIA readers, who might find it interesting.


     O.R., Europe


Horrible Staff

Dear TIA,

Recently it came to my attention these two pictures of a horrible staff used by Pope Francis when he visited Chile in January 17, 2018. Since I did not see them featured on your site, I thought you wanted to highlight them.

He does not lose one opportunity to put down the symbols of the Papacy. Does he?


Francis in Chile 2018


Bastion of Misogyny


Here is a “Catholic” woman, former President of Ireland, who campaigns for homo rights and abortion, and publicly calls the Catholic Church "one of the last great bastions of misogyny. It's an empire of misogyny."

And how did the Vatican respond? It invites her to speak at the annual "Voices of Faith" conference on Catholic women's rights in Rome for International Women's day. See article here.

Go figure that one out...



Vatican Negotiations with China


You have been reporting how delegations have shuffled between Communist China and Rome to reach an accord, primarily on how to appoint Catholic bishops in China. Recent rumors suggest that a deal is closer than ever. How can the true Catholics who have been holding faithful in the Underground Church benefit from this? How can the Vatican who is supposed to uphold the FULLNESS of the Catholic Faith benefit from this? There is simply no way. It would be Rome's full betrayal favoring Communist China.

Catholics in China are required to worship in closely watched, registered churches run by priests chosen by the party. Right now, an atheist ruling party is picking their clergy. The bishops appointed by the Vatican without the consent of the Communists are in the Catholic Underground Church, which maintains the fullness of the faith and fidelity to the Holy Father.

The recent rumor also is that the proposed Vatican-Beijing pact would lead to the re-organization of the church as it presently exists in China: the faithful Underground Bishops will be asked to make way for Communist-approved clergy who had previously been excommunicated by Rome but whom the party has asked the Vatican to forgive.

In effect, this would mean herding their flocks into the state-sanctioned Church system. If they resist, they can be arrested and persecuted. If they comply, they go against everything they stood for in the past. The Communist Party also wants the Vatican to move its embassy from Taiwan to Beijing, i.e., it would be a betrayal of Taiwan.

This so -called "accommodation" with the Communist controlled Church is much more than that - it is a betrayal of the Faith. Why aren't the Church Prelates and authorities seeing this and protesting? It makes me sick to think this could happen.

Thank you for your reporting on this topic.

Our Lady of Sheshan, pray for us and preserve the Church in China in the fullness of the Faith.



‘God Loves Gays’


Please, read the news below.

He doesn't stop...


Francis reportedly tells gay man, 'God made you that way and loves you'

Edmund DeMarche | Fox News
Pope Francis reportedly told a gay man from Chile who was visiting the Vatican that God made him that way and loves him the way he is.

Juan Carlos Cruz, who was reportedly a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a priest, reportedly spent days at the Vatican to talk about his experiences.

Cruz reportedly told El Pais, a Spanish newspaper, that the two had a conversation about his homosexuality and said he was told, “Juan Carlos, I don’t care about you being gay. God made you that way and loves you as you are and I don’t mind. The pope loves you as you are, you have to be happy with who you are.”

Read more here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 22, 2018

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