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Italian Folkdance & Underground Church

Italian Immigration in Brazil


I hope you and your readers will enjoy, as I did, this commemoration of the 143 years of Italian immigration in the town of Santa Tereza in the State of Espirito Santo (Holy Spirit) in Brazil.

It is an example of the organic society that Dr. Plinio spoke about often.

Click on the play button to watch.



Fr. Paul Alvarez on Resistance

To our readers,

We invite you to a short class that Fr. Paul Alvarez gives on the topic of how Catholics should resist the religious authority who teaches error. He regularly addresses a group of youth in Italy. He speaks in Italian, but there are English subtitles.

Presently Fr. Alvarez is the chaplain of TIA.

You may click here to watch the video (class starts at 1:27).


      TIA correspondence desk


Clementine Masses

Dear TIA,

Clementine Masses, also called "Passion Masses," were approved by Pope Clement XII (1730-1740) in a prayer book entitled "Prayer with Promises" from Anton Schmid publishers.

They are 6 masses for repose of any soul living or dead. Like the Gregorian Masses, they are said 6 days in a row. (Gregorian masses are 30 days in a row, as we all know.)

Thank you for answering my email. I just discovered this info in the past 2 weeks.

     God bless,



Shingles Are a Gift from a God

Hello TIA,

Your friend JJE should realize that the shingles can only be a gift from God, not Satan! What a terrible misunderstanding of our Catholic Faith!

And (s)he can give up this cross for the benefit of the Holy Souls. They will pray for her, yes, but she should give up this suffering for them first!

I know how horrible the shingles are, tell your friend to hang in there, and use this time to seek complete humility before God Almighty! Reviewing the Book of Job could help too!


     A.P.L., Spain


Communist China & Progressivism


Re: China Red Flag at the Vatican

The intentions of China to dominate Asia/Pacific hemisphere are well-known. The intentions of post-modernists / progressivists in the Catholic Church are more subversive. However, there has been little attempt to hide this anti-Catholic cult in the Vatican since the Francis papacy.

The modernist heresy (“the synthesis of all heresies”) was always present in America, but was hidden from American Catholics by the bishops, although widely discussed in ecclesial circles in Europe since the French Revolution. It was called “Americanism” before 1800, and America was a test-bed for introducing this new heresy. It was in America that Protestants were first called Christians, and all aspects and doctrine of militancy were stripped from new church.

Apparently China is a new test-bed for introducing Marxism into the Church. It will be interesting to watch how the Vatican integrates “mercy” and other perversion of Catholic doctrine into an accord with Marxist Communism.

As for me, I am more curious how the Communist China accord in the Vatican will be used to bring China’s domination into South Korea, as Trump tries to de-nuke North Korea. The Chinese want to dominate South Korea through unifying the country.

Sister Lucia predicted the ‘Final Battle’ to be over marriage and family. Today, our families in California suffer the attack in terms of homo-promo and sexualization of our children with the complicit aid of the diocese. There is bad law forcing gender confusion, changing the meaning of words, and sexualization of our children into public schools.

What parents and Catholics don’t realize is that these are also tools of Marxist/Communist agenda. There is a common thread between what the Francis Church is doing in China, and what the progressivist bishop is doing in the diocese of San Diego. The communists and progressivists have the same goal – to destroy the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church and the family.

If there is only one thing EMSD [Ecclesia Militans of San Diego] can do – I would suggest that we train San Diego Catholics (both parents and children) to recognize indoctrination and propaganda. Those families who have never lived under communist dictators are not able to even recognize the progressivist/modernist agenda, whether in the schools or in the church or in politics.

After a long break, talks have resumed in recent weeks between China and the Vatican over a deal to normalize the appointment of bishops, according to reports coming out of Rome, with Pope Francis saying he remains committed to dialogue with the ruling Communist Party.



China's Government against 'Underground' Catholics


Re: China Red Flag at the Vatican

Here are results of the Vatican-Beijing dialogue: a stronger crackdown on the Catholic Underground Church. Since the Pope is negotiating with the Patriotic Church (communist controlled), then what recourse do these heroic Catholic have? Where can they turn?

Rome will tell them to cooperate with the communists, to act contrary to what they have been doing for more than a half century to be faithful to Rome. What a contradiction. What a sadness!

China’s ‘Underground’ Churches Told to
‘Seek Guidance’ from State-Approved Bodies

A newly implemented directive from the Chinese government forces Protestant ‘house churches’ and Catholic ‘underground’ communities to seek ‘guidance’ from recognized religious organizations.

A notification from the State Administration for Religious Affairs, issued earlier this month, requires organizers of religious activities at temporary sites to also apply for a permit that is valid for three years, Catholic news website UCAN reported.

According to Professor Ying Fuk-tsang, director of the Divinity School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, these recognized religious organizations include the China Christian Council and the national committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, which are known in China as the “two organizations”. The directive has caused fear among the ‘underground’ communities that they will come under greater control, according to UCAN.

“It is well known that many ‘house churches’ are reluctant to register and are willing to be an illegal organization because they do not want to be under the two organizations,” Professor Fuk-tsang wrote on his Facebook page.

The notification follows revised religious regulations in February, which spelled out criteria that religious organizations have to meet in order to be registered or to establish a place for religious activities.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 28, 2018

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